March 14th, 2011

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I'm Nadine, recently turned twenty-one and from Aldershot in Hampshire, South-East England.

I've been on and off livejournal for a few years now but I really love this journal, so I don't think I'll be going anywhere.

Most of my life revolves around university - I'm a second year undergrad studying Criminology and Sociology and hell, the workload this year is the biggest stress in my life at the moment. Saying that, I love my degree and wouldn't study anything else.

I'm in a relationship with my best friend and it's pretty fantastic. I talk about him a little and I do have my gushy moments but I like to think they're rare. I'm a big family-and-friends kind of girl, they're my entire heart and soul and I'd be nowhere without them.
I work at Blockbuster part-time and absolutely love my job.

I'm a lot of things. I'm random, organised, disorganised, mature, immature, tidy, messy, a daughter, a sister, a godmother, a girlfriend, a student, a friend, happy, tired, stressed, busy, lazy, all depends on when you catch me.
I like to comment and forge actual friendships with the people on my friends list. I'll add pretty much anyone but I like to actually talk to them. 


  My name is Oleg. Im from Ukraine, and I wanna meet some new friends all around the world. I had created my LJ account a few days ago, so Im new here. I hope you'll be interested in some of my entries and find something new and important.

Here's some of my interests:

- Music (prefer Hip-Hop)
- Sports (prefer soccer and tennis)
- Politics
- Psycholigy
- Big Bang Theary, Visitors, Supernatural, Lost, Prison Break, Good Guys, How I Met Your Mother, House M.D., Lie To Me etc
- Computing&programming
- Art
- Everything what's funny and make me laugh

Hello again. :)

This is my second post on this community, but this time, I have more time to actually write more about myself. My name is Stephanie, I'm 18 and a freshman pre-med student at TSU. I want to be a pediatric surgeon when I grow up and doing work with video game designing on the side. I love reading and writing and this journal is a good way to keep up both hobbies. I was born in the Philippines, grew up in New York, and moved to Texas about nine years ago. I am definitely an individual. I have many quirks, habits, and traits that keep me unique. I love people and meeting new people, but I definitely have moments when I want to be alone in my room with an easel and my music. I have been through a lot in my past and I use to it to better myself and to help other people. I love helping people and I love giving advice. :) I'm also extremely opinionated. My mouth has gotten me in trouble before, but if I have something on my mind, I'm going to say it. Free country, right? ;)

Some things I love:
-My Chemical Romance
-Stephen King
-Lady Gaga
-Grey's Anatomy
-American Idol
-playing video games
-playing guitar
-being in love
-movies, especially horror and comedy

Some things I hate:
-the word "panties"
-most reality shows
-stereotypical labels
-the idea of being alone

-small spaces
-rooms with no windows or doors to the outside world
-all bugs

That's just a few things. I definitely left some things out. If you have any questions or just wanna be friends, add/message me. :)
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My name is Kira. I’m looking for some new friends as I have just joined LiveJournal. :)

 Things I adore:
- Psychology
- House M.D
- Sherlock Holmes (Canon Books, T.V Series, ‘09 movie, Russian film, etc...)
- Oscar Wilde
- Hetalia (I’m a history addict, what can I say?)
- Law & Order: SVU
- Criminal Minds
- Lie to Me
- White Collar
- Fandom
- Writing
- History (Particularly Alexander the Great, Victorian Era, Ancient Rome, etc..)
- Actors (Specifically Jude Law, Kelli Williams, Robert Downey Jr, Jeremy Brett, Nathan Fillion, Johnny Depp, etc...)
- Films (My favourites are Inception and Dead Poets Society.)
- Violin
- Music (The Fray, One Republic, Trading Yesterday, Lifehouse)

In my journal you’ll find:
- Fics and Drawings
- Screencaps (From time to time for fun.)
- Lots of fandom. :)
-  The occasional real life ramble.

I post regularly when able and I love interacting with people, like commenting on others journals and such. Reading about others lives is fun too so... :D Feel free to add me and leave a comment if we have any similar interests or just want to be friends~!

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Not new at all to Livejournal, just came back from a lengthy hiatus.

My name is Kim, 24 years old. Fulltime employee and momma of 2 adorable furbabies.
Everything you will need to know is on my profile and my f/o post. Feel free to stop by and add me, don't forget to comment so I know to add you back ;o)
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