March 20th, 2011

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Hi, I'm Julia. I'm looking to make some new LJ friends. I've become close with a lot of the ones that I have now and I'm looking for new people to get to know! :)

I'm 20 (21 next month) and I'm a Junior at UCF in Orlando, Florida. I'm majoring in Graphic Design and I'm also taking classes on teaching English as a foreign language. After I graduate I plan on traveling around the world wherever I can get a job and teaching English in various countries. Once I decide to come back to the US for good, I'll probably either try to work at an advertising agency, becoming a graphic design teacher, or continue teaching English as a foreign language in US schools.

I usually update about once a week. I like to post pictures as often as I remember (actually my last entry is a day in my life so there's tons of photos). Things I talk about usually include: school/art classes, things I did, things I need to do/am planning to do, things I want to buy or find interesting, and my dating life (which I talk about a lot). So if you're interested in reading about dates gone wrong and other random things, you will like me. haha

Things you should know: I am sarcastic. I curse frequently. Some of my posts may be TMI (sex, girl problems, ect) and I treat my LJ as if it were my diary so some of the things on there are really personal. I try to comment on everyone's entries, but sometimes I get really busy with school and I am not able to. I always read them though. I try not to complain too much, and if I do there is usually a humorous up-side to it.

Other hobbies/interests: videogames, disc golf, bowling, laser tag, board games, goofing around, internet memes, staying up late and regretting it the next morning, singing and dancing in the car, sour candy, rollercoasters ( I have a year pass to Universal), shopping, makeup, fashion, guys, arts and crafts, road trips, print making (specifically etching), funny accents, and spending way too much time watching things on netflix.

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If you're interested in being friends, leave a comment here or on my page saying you added me so I know to add you back! :)
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I've been on livejournal for years. I remember the days you used to have to have a code to make a journal. I've had this particular journal since 2006. I've recently started writing in it again, and I've noticed my friends list is rather quiet.

I'm pretty girly. I like the color pink. I wear high heels most of the time. I love makeup, baking, painting, and yes- cleaning. No seriously, I love to clean. I have more nailpolish than I will ever use in a lifetime. I read voraciously. I like comic books. I like manga. I read literature for fun. I listen to classical music because I like it. I go to metal shows while wearing pearls and mosh until I'm sore. I have curly hair. Faux redhead. Loves candles and fire.

Scared of the dark, but I can't stop watching Destination Truth. I find Josh Gates to be extremely attractive. I like Japanese metal. I like Finnish metal. My favorite color is green. I'm searching for employment. I love taking pictures. Sometimes Metallica lyrics say exactly what I can't. I have a pretend farm. And bakery. I overuse emoticons and smileys; it's okay though, they like it. Learning Japanese. Wants to travel.

Watching: House, Weeds, Off the Map, Top Chef, NCIS, Law and Order Criminal Intent, Destination Truth, trashy reality tv (Bad girls club, Real Housewives of...., Rachel Zoe Project, Project Runway ect), Big Bang Theory, Bones, Leverage, Supernatural, various anime.

Music: I listen to lots of different things, but if you need a general list... Avenged Sevenfold, Old Atreyu, Bullet for My Valentine, Senses Fail, MUCC, D'espairsray, Alice Nine, Rammstein, KMFDM, SKOLD, Linkin Park, Rob Zombie, T.I., Ludacris, Lamb of God, AFI, Dr. Dre, Killswitch Engage.

I'm looking for friends who update pretty regularly, and comment as well. I like to comment and get into conversations through the comments. Either comment here or on my friends only post. I'm currently not adding anyone under the age of 18, only because I'm quite a bit older than that.

Hope to talk to you soon!
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need more friends!

My name is Tabitha.
I used to be tabby_renee.
I'm 21 years old.
I'm originally from Missouri.
I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, back in September 2008.
I'm dating a nice guy and trying to make it last :)

I love to read and libraries seem to calm my nerves.
I crave laughter and conversation
I can't sit still for anything.
I have a lot of drama in my life.
Not by choice, but maybe it is...

I post about everything in my life.
I've been told that is complicated, and sometimes confusing, so that's a warning.
I have anxiety and paranoia, so sometimes I'm all over the place!
I especially post a lot when I'm having an episode, be it depression or extreme happiness.

I am not too picky about friends, as long as you write in your journal and we can become some type of friends :)

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For all the TL;DR people, I've bolded a few basic things...

I've LJed on and off since I was in high school, which was about seven years ago...which is just crazy. I move around and travel a lot, so many of my friends, save, of course, the nearest and dearest, are people I only talk to regularly when we're in the same geographic vicinity. I seriously enjoy reading and learning about others' daily lives; it's enriching and thought-provoking. Or, maybe I should say, it has the potential to be, depending on whose life you're reading. In any case, I need some fresh blood on my flist, since I'm job-searching right now and reading about other people's crap on the internet while I procrastinate on dealing with my own is pretty much essential to the whole process.

So, who am I? In answer to that question...

If I were in position to allocate money to different programs, I' serious research into progressive, thorough education methods that would completely restructure the way we think of school; tackle pharmaceutical companies with avaricious motivations; and give all the money in the world to people studying the brain.

The one thing I hope for more than anything else is amnesty from student loans.

I graduated from college in December 2007, and I'm starting a speech pathology masters program this fall. When I grow up, I want to treat disadvantaged members of the community who normally wouldn't have access to good health services and write about their cases.

I'm obsessed right now with working on a story I call "The Congregation", about an island where the government discovers what seems to be a miracle drug, but there are a number of unexpected side-effects (e.g. transformation into a hyper-intelligent demon). A war breaks out between the drug-users/pushers and the other members of the society, who are led by a part-time pastor. It's fairly crazy and I occasionally post snippets of what I'm working on in my journal...always hungry for feedback!

As regards the essentials, I'm 24, from Kentucky, but I live in Pennsylvania now. In the past, I lived in Nashville, Aix-en-Provence (France), DC, and Vernon (also France). I'm married to a wonderful curly-haired physicist who makes computational models of bird neurons, and I'm trying to adjust to this idea of "settling down".

I have two journals---one I update, and one I use for my flist. So to get both my entries and my comments, you'd need to add both erinfondue and recalcitrancies. I know, two clicks there...major pain in the ass.

Hello C:

Well, I joined LiveJournal and I have absolutely no idea what to do. It was suggested by a friend that I make an account here because I really love writing, but now that I've actually made an account, I am completely lost XD It would be nice if somebody were patient enough to explain things to me. (PLEASE? D:)

I'm a girl who lives in Southern California, near L.A. I read Mandarin Chinese rather well, and I speak Mandarin quite fluently. However, my grammar isn't that great XD

I'm not really what one would call "productive." In fact, I acknowledge that I'm really quite lazy :'D I also really like correct grammar, although at times I neglect to apply it. However, I'm quite easy to get along with, so long as you know not to take me too seriously. This is, after all, the Internet. I readily accept people of any age, sex, race, religion, sexual orientation, and any other kind of social grouping that I may have neglected to mention. But if you're a malicious racist or sexist, or homophobic or whatever, I...dunno ._. I mean, I'm full Asian and proud, blahblahblah, racist stereotypes run rampant at my school and community in general, but I'm okay with that. Most are actually mostly true or at least based on truth, and have humorous potential, IMO. But if you're going to say that people are inferior for any reason, please do not share that with me.

I like to write poetry, mostly, but I also enjoy fanfiction. ...Actually, most kinds of writing are enjoyable to me, really XD Even essays aren't exactly terrible, in my opinion.

I also like to read, but mostly things I find on the Internet, and manga. Also, I am not exactly fond of Twilight, and I despise its fangirls. They are tied for worst breed of rabid fangirl with Justin Bieber fangirls and Naruto fangirls. They're almost kind of frightening.

I really enjoy the Phoenix Wright/Apollo Justice games, as well as Pokemon C: Manga I adore include APH, Kuroshitsuji, Pandora Hearts, KHR, and Bakuman. I also know enough about Bleach and Naruto to carry a decent conversation, and keep up to date with them. Some book series I like are the Artemis Fowl books, The Hunger Games trilogy, and Harry Potter. I also love most books by John Grisham.

I love music, and I play the piano. I also love to sing, but unfortunately I can't sing well at all XD I like K-pop a lot C: As well as some Mandopop, but I like classic Chinese music much better. I can also tolerate trashy mainstream American pop quite well :'D And Glee seems interesting, although I've never exactly gotten around to watching it OTL

Add me if you wish :'D I am currently alone ;A; But comment here first, please? Thank you very much.

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Let's be friends.

My name is Rebecca. I'm from Philadelphia and just turned 30 last week. (Hating it!)

I'm kinda quiet, brutally honest, and that sometimes comes off as me being an asshole. But actually I'm pretty nice.

I dig photography.

I have a 10yr old daughter, but I don't really like children except for mine. I do secretly love babies though.

I like Bobby Long and beer. (If you don't know who Bobby Long is, google him. ;])

I don't get offended easily. I'm pretty sarcastic. And I can talk about the hot chick with the huge boobs at the end of the bar with all the guys.

I rarely post about my personal life, unless its something I find amusing or awesome. My posts are more random thoughts about various topics, funny conversations I have with the people in my life, and experiences I encounter that are entertaining. (To me at least.)

I'll comment your posts, but only if I actually have something to say. Meaning I'm not going to fill up your posts every day with bullshit.
I love my bed more than most people.
I like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural.
And I really like beards.


"A cheerful friend is like a sunny day spreading brightness all around..."

Name: Kath
Age: 29
Occupation: Secretary + College Student
Sexuality: Bisexual
Starsign: Capricorn
Pets: 2 adorable cats named Felix (Russian Blue) and Ginger (Exotic Shorthair)

What I'm Looking For:
Ideally, I'm looking to find some friendly, open-minded, and just plain fun people to be friends with. I'd especially like to friend others who share similar interests to myself so that we'll be guaranteed to have plenty of things to talk about. Also, someone who wouldn't mind commenting occasionally just to let me know they remember I exist would be really great - even if it's just to drop in and say "Hi!"

Why I Would Make a Good Friend:
Because, first of all, I love meeting new people and reading about their lives. In fact, once we become friends you might find me hanging around your journal a lot and just generally commenting like crazy. ;D And I'm a very non-judgmental,  honest and compassionate person and I have no problem accepting all kinds of points of view and opinions. So you wouldn't have to worry about offending me or  having me go off on you like some kind of crazy person just because I might not agree with everything you say. And, hey, I personally think that's a pretty big plus. LOL!

Fandoms I'm Currently Involved In:
Star Trek (TOS & XI), Supernatural, True Blood, Tron, The Vampire Diaries, Transformers, Kyou Kara Maou, Bleach, Loveless, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Death Note, Hikaru no Go, Harry Potter, Twilight, etc.

Words to the Wise:
As I am bisexual myself, it is quite possible that topics related to this might appear in my journal. If you think you might have a problem with that I really don't think we'd make very good friends. Additionally, I am a big/huge slash fan and love to read/write about boys with boys and girls with girls - if you don't like that you might want to also rethink friending me. So just in general, please be aware that my journal may contain some pretty adult subject matter (and foul language) so if you're very young or just don't think you can handle that then please don't try to friend me. Other than that, I look forward to hearing from you! <3

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