April 9th, 2011



keeping this short & sweet because i am exhausted.

sara. 26. massachusetts.
graphic/web designer - run my own website w/a friend from college (link is in my profile).
i read, i blog, i photograph everything in sight.
i had an lj years ago, grew out of it, but now that i'm trying to get my name out there w/designing, i decided to give it another try. so far so good, but i have no friends' entries to read! so looking for fellow night owls.
i'm on facebook, tumblr & wordpress (again, links are all over my profile).
add me if you'd like.

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Hello Livejournal

Hello LJ!
Music: Florence and the Machine, Little Boots, Santigold, Adele, and the list goes on forever. :)
Movies: The Runaways is my #1 right now.
Books: I'll read pretty much anything that's good. Don't really keep track of authors or titles. I love Harry Potter, but I never post about it.
Shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer! 
Hobbies: I write a lot of fanfics, mostly Spangel or Fuffy, and I write some poems too. Nothing as good as buffy_writer... but alright, I'd say!
I'd love to be friends, so please leave me a comment! :D
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(no subject)

I am old to LJ but this is a new journal.
I need entertainment and I need fun, this is my main purpose for being here. I talk about anything, nothing is too taboo. I am not such a fan of long entries, I got to use to Facebook.

I do often give advice to people. I want to joke and screw around with me, if you can do that, we can connect.

I have all of the usual interests, music, games, movies. All of that stuff is in my profile.

If we like each great, if we don't, well life goes on.

I am older than the average person, I am married and have two kids. I do however have a very young mind.

Life is serious, LJ should be fun.

Ello poppets. :)

 This isn't my first post on this community, but the friend activity has been getting pretty slow, so this is me reaching out to fresh faces! :)

Breaking Benjamin
Lady Gaga (sometimes)
Group 1 Crew
All American RejectsDef Lep
Vitamin String Quartet
Forever the Sickest Kids
...and many more. That's a gist of the genres.

Kay, this is where I go into paragraph form. Music toats deserved a list cause music is awesome, good for the soul, and best played during moments of silence. "An artist paints their pictures on canvas, a musician paints their pictures on silence." -Stokowski

I hate drama and find myself living in it. I just went through a breakup and I'm a wreck, yeah. But I'm trying to love life because I know it will get better and I know God (God's my homeboy) is looking after me. I'm not close with my family but I'm working on it. I'm an 18 year old freshman at TSU...I'm majoring in biomedical science (premed) to become a pediatric surgeon with a side job of video game designing. Yeah I'm a chick, and yeah I love video games, food, baseball (Go Yankees), sports, laser tag, motorcycles, and other "dude stuff." I'm planning on getting my motorcycle this year but for now, I drive an '05 Nissan Altima named Maxxie. I reeaaally want to play paintball.

I love having fun. I love dancing. I love music. I love playing flute. I love playing guitar. I love playing drums. I love playing the sousaphone. I have a trusting nature so after a while, I'll probably love YOU. 

I love meeting new people and I'm very open minded. I'll comment a bunch. Yes, I'm blunt. Yes, I can be a bitch. No, I'm not heartless. I've just been through a bunch of shite in my 18 short years of life so I can probably relate to different situations. 

That's all I can think of saying right now. Any questions, just ask and comment and add. :)

Oh, PS my name is Stephanie. :)
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Pants down

Hiya people~!

I'll try to not talk a lot but it's way hard for me. xD
I'm a 15 year old girl from Italy who has came back here after a while of inactivity and now wants to find some other new friends to find also more amusement. You know, more the people more the fun, don't you? I don't have many interests except videogames (especially Nintendo and some amateur visual novels), anime/manga, few telefilms (Criminal Minds, Cold Case, NCIS, Ghost Whisperer because of Jennifer Love, etc), the violin and books.
And animals, to say it all I have two beautiful cats, a grey one plus a orange one.
In my journal I mostly post about this things, with sometimes Italian recipes and even few personal posts which I place under friends cut. Because they are, ehrm, personal for a reason. But I love to talk about everything, from history to sex changes, and even if as every teenager I still have all to discover and I'm pretty stubborn, I always also try to be open minded and understand things. Currently trying to learn modesty.
I hope I'll find interesting people as the previous time, but I'm quite sure about it.
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(no subject)

 I have been a member of livejournal for many years, but needed a new start.

New York.

I love to post pictures when I get the chance.
Italian and Mexican Food are my favorites.
Graduating next month with a bachelors in Childhood Education. However, I am taking a year off before grad school to really figure things out.
My friends and family are my everything.
I love my sister more than anything. She is on the autism spectrum.
People who do not signal before changing lanes is a pet peeve of mine.
I enjoy meeting and learning about new people. I have met some of the most wonderful people on livejournal. One of them is currently one of my best friends.
Pittsburgh Penguins fan. Nothing can compare to the moment a goal is scored and everyone jumps from their seat and cheers.
I enjoy tea and coffe, but coffee can sometimes upset my stomach.

Let's be friends?

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I go by the nicknames Yolanee, Thassaka or in this journal's case Tee_sama. My real name is Anna and I'm currently living in Czech republic.

I mostly post my art and sketches, but occasionally there's a rant and/or me squeeing about fandom stuff. I comment on other people's journals nearly daily. :)

I'd like to meet new people, since it seems my friend's list is not active anymore. :)

I'm interested in:
  • Music (folk, rock and metal) - I play flute and guitar myself
  • History, geography, linguistics
  • Art (very wide range)
  • comic books (Western, European and Asian)
  • sci-fi and fantasy
  • Sport: Hockey (Don't really watch NHL though), Figure skating, Football (Soccer)
  • Wide range of TV shows (my favorite ongoing shows right now: Merlin, Doctor Who, Castle; my all time favorites: Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Star Trek: TNG, My name is Earl)

I'd like to talk to anyone, really. It's always nice to meet people!