April 15th, 2011


Seeking new friends!!

Hi everyone!

I've had a Livejournal before - but this is a new one! And I plan to stick with it for a while. I'm looking for some new friends that have some similar interests - or anyone who just loves to be friendly!

I'm a wanna-be photographer (which means my posts will occasionally have some photos), I'm left handed (aka creative), I love video games, I love reading, and I love traveling. I spent a total of 6 months down in Central America. <3 I'm 21 years old and still have no clue what I'm going to do with my life. I'm married and expecting a baby this October (don't worry - my posts won't be baby filled).

Shows I love include; Stargate Atlantis, The Office, 30 Rock, Outsourced, Buffy, & all the 90 classics (Rugrats!).
I'm not religious, but don't mind if you are. I love all kinds of music, but mostly indie and rock. 
And most importantly, I'm looking for some new friends! I just started this account today, so I only have one post. But I plan to keep going! Tumblr was starting to bore me (I hated not being able to reply to comments!).

Add me?
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Hello all!

My name is Erin and this journal is brand new, though I did have a previous journal a while ago that I lost touch with. I restarted LJ because it's really good at encouraging me to write, even if it's just a few paragraphs about my life (though I'm usually a rambler, so my entries do get quite long).

I love history, science fiction and fantasy and horror - though quite honestly, I'm so easily scared that people don't usually understand why I like it so much. I'm an avid reader but a really quite terrible writer who still struggles with the basics at times. Austria is probably the one place in the world I want to travel to the most, but Canada is my dream home. Right now, I live in Australia.

My journal will probably mostly have:
  • Really, kind of random observations about myself and the people around me
  • Events/things I find I still remember after the end of the day
  • History/Science fiction/Fantasy/Horror
  • My struggles with writing
  • Axis Powers Hetalia/Supernatural/Stargate Atlantis
  • Current events/politics
  • Horrible puns
I don't know how to lure people into being friends with me, really. I'm a lot more interesting, I swear~

please comment here if you're interested
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Hello! I really love making friends, so, if you want, add me and I'll be happy (*ω*).
Some random things about me:

→ I come from Italy and I can speak Italian, Spanish and English (the last, I'm stil a beginner).
→ I love, love, LOVE anime and manga! So, if you're an otaku, welcome to my journal (*O*).
→ I like shounen, shoujo and yaoi. If you don't like boy's love stuff, don't add me! You've been warned! (ù.ù)
→ If you befriend me, I'll post comments on your journal and, sometimes, you'll have to do the same! Understood?
→ I'm an open-minded person! So, even if you have not my same passions, you can befriend me anyway, and I'll be happy! (^_^)

See ya guys!
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Well I'm totally new on LJ. I joined mere hours ago. When a friend told me about this site I thought how great would it be to meet new people :)

I guess I should say a few things...though only nitwit , blubber, oddment and tweek come to mind lol. I love to read, this includes Harry Potter and Agatha Christie's books. I enjoy the occasional anime, though I have to watch the original Japanese versions, I cant stand how they get hacked to pieces when they get dubbed into english.

I am 22, female, English and married (have been for almost 2 years now) and of course managed to get my Hubby into my favourite program..Stargate SG-1, I can't remember a time when I didn't like it.
I am as open minded as I can be, I live by " to each their own"

At the moment I am unemployed,I left my previous job to move in with my Hubby and I am looking for work, but to keep me entertained during the day I have my pet rabbit. He is a total nugget and I love him to bits he is forever running around, binkying, attacking the hoover and then flopping out in front of the fire place, whether it is on on not.

So that's a bit about me, I tried not to waffle...but think I may have done lol.
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