April 17th, 2011

Well Hello Everybody...

I am old to LJ.... but kinda just renewed, haven't been on in a long time. I would like to make some friends who write poetry like me and have messy lives... lol. Cause I know that mine is... but eh it's all good. So about me:
I am 23, Female, I live in Kansas City, MO. I am currently attending college. I am originally from Indiana so I pretty much have no friends in Missouri... so thats about it..

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Hiya. I've been on LJ for a couple of years but this current account is still fairly new so I'd like to meet some new people.

My journal is a lot of things for me. It's a place to vent, a place to share random thoughts and opinions on various topics. I plan to utilize it more often, especially since I'm going to be starting therapy for the first time pretty soon. I'm also going to be able to use my library card for the first time in years so you'll probably be seeing some book reviews pop up sooner or later.

I'm very opinionated, blunt, and I don't mince words. I can be crude, lewd, and un-PC. I guess this is my Enter with Caution warning sign. I really do try my best not to offend but y'know what they say, you can't please everybody.

My general likes are simple. I'm not currently active in any fandoms. My TV shows are Supernatural, Buffy, Angel, Dexter, Veronica Mars, Dead Like Me, Law and Order SVU (sometimes), and Battlestar Galactica. I love reviewing stuff so be prepared to see reviews for at least some of these in the future. I'll also probably get into reviewing more movies. Other random interests of mine is photography, memes (but not exessively), cooking, scrapbooking, and history (both world and American - I'm from Oregon, USA, btw).

You will also probably hear a lot about my family. My best friend is my older sister and she's on an incredible life journey right now so you'll definitely hear about that. I'll also probably rant about my parents being asshats so beware of parent bashing (hey, it's what us kids do best). Our pets (or should I say pests?) are also a big part of our lives so you'll be hearing about them too.

In a nutshell, this is just a collection of random shit from my random life and I hope to have new people to share it with. xD

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hello everyone.

  im looking for some new friends.  i keep my flist pretty small so i can read and comment (when necessary) as much as possible.  but now my flist has shrunk down tremendously since people seem to be jumping off the lj wagon and on to facebook and whatever else.  this is the only online thing i am a part of and it'll probably stay that way. 

im 28f and live in california.  i usually post whatever is on my mind and i dont edit it.  i am totally honest on lj since that is the whole reason i have it.  i usually write about my day to day life.  but i dont write everyday.  3 or 4 times a week on a normal basis.  things i love is anime, knitting, video games, traveling and my fish tank.  im also getting a turtle so ill probably be posting about that.  my favorite tv shows are 90s sitcoms, House MD and the Big Bang Theory.  i watch others but not so much.   feel free to check out my page and add me if you like =).
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My name is Rachel. I'm 24-years-old. I live in Rhode Island and work in Massachusetts. I've been on LJ for several years now, but I went through some years without much updating. I graduated from college in 2009 with a B.A. in History. Currently I'm working, but I don't really like my job and am looking for another job (and hopefully career) and want to return to school. I also speak Spanish and studied Portuguese and French.

My interests include working out (I've lost about 60 pounds, so a lot my entries are about weight loss), drinking wine, watching sports, TV, books, and music. My favorite TV shows are Real Housewives, Golden Girls, and Glee. I love all kinds of music (rock, hip-hop, merengue, reggaeton, salsa, samba, pop, etc.), but my favorite has always been classic rock.

I update my LJ almost every day. A lot of my entries are really personal and are friends only. I always manage to have guy drama and complain a lot about my financial problems. I suffer from anxiety (sometimes it's really bad), and I used to have depression as a teenager. I'm pretty lax with my journal writing, so it's rather casual, but I try to be as grammatically correct as possible.

Most of my LJ friends have stopped using the site. I don't care about commenting, I just want to meet new people on LJ.

Feel free to add me. If your account looks legit, I will add you back. :)

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 Hey my name is Haley Ive been on lj for a long time now but kinda took a break for a while. Im back now and looking for friends since I lost most of mine on here due to lack of updates and comments. Im laid back and easy going recently engaged. In my entries you will find stuff about my day to day life and prolly wedding stuff and I may unwind here as well. I do read all entries on my friends list and comment. Im not here looking for numbers just looking for some friends.
Just some info on me
-live in Va
-going back to school to be an RN
-music is my life
-love to read
-greys anatomy is my favorite show
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hey my name is Brittany i am new to lj i am learnin and probably will keep learning all this lol sorry! but add me if you would like :) a little about myself: I'm 17 I'm planning on going to college next year im in show choir and a band manager i absolutely love music and i love reading books! so far my favorite book series is def.! the mortal instruments I'm not judgmental so you can add me and i probably wont write much until i get a hang of this but i will try to write on your posts! :D  and if you wanna no more just send a message im nice!
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Hello everyone!

I am posting to this community (for the third or fourth time) because people will add me and then never post anything and/or never read my entries. So, I am looking for those who are fairly active users and also willing to comment every once and awhile on my entries. I will try to do the same. And even if I don't leave a comment, I will take the time to read what you have to say unless it's poorly written. Or just mundane.

Sorry, I am just being honest. I get bored easily. :-)

Though I must warn you that my entries do not have a lot of depth to them most of the time. They usually are a brief synopsis of my day or something that is bothering me at the time.  And actually, 90% of my journal discusses the soap opera that is my current love life. I am single but still somewhat involved with my ex so I mention him quite frequently as this journal is a means for me to vent out my frustrations as well as my uncertainties about the whole thing.

Other useful information:

I am a 23 year old female.
I live in Maryland.
I am the youngest in my family.
I graduated four months ago with a BA degree in Geography.
I work for a bank and I've been there for 3 1/2 years.
I have a cat named Maddie.
I love being outside, but I've never been camping before. I've also never been off the east coast. It's pretty ridiculous.

If I don't sound like a total drag at this point, go ahead and add me and I will add you back. :)

-the end-