April 19th, 2011

Ello, Ello, Elloooo

A new LJ user and have absolutely no friends on here D: I'm a friendly girl looking for some friends that have the same interests.

A bit about me...
  • A senior in highschool (about to graduate....scary!)
  • Been livin' it up in Florida since I was born
  • Open minded and friendly
  • An actress 
  • Will be attending college in the fall to study psychology
  • One of those "rocky horror" people :D
  • Movie FANATIC
  • Love the band HIM (if you couldn't tell by pfile pic) 
  • Into tattoos, piercings, and the people that wear them proudly
  • Half Persian and part French 
  • Like to "nerd it up" on my ps3 but also a typical girly chick that loves shopping :P 
  • Very mellow person that likes to write about whatever random shit my brain churns out
  • Obviously I'm a writer and I read when I can
I think that'll suffice for now. Any more you would like to know then find out and add meeeee 
~It'll be a damn good decision if you did ^.^ ~

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I like interesting and amazing things to do and enjoy.
I like traveling and hope to visit lots of places as soon as it will be possible. I like biking, hiking, swimming, climbing, sleeping and lazing :)
Add me who likes the same one :)

What do you do with a BA in English?

I've posted before with my old username, and gotten some really interesting journals to read. So here I am again :) I'm looking for some variety in my flist. The title of this post is an Avenue Q song which pretty much sums up my life at the moment :3

Who am I? My name is Dasia, and I'm a freelance (read: unemployed) writer trying to find her feet after completing an Honours degree in English Literature. I live in South Africa, mostly because I can't leave (I am a stateless pirate!) and one day I'll live in Japan - not earthquakes nor tsunamis nor toxic waste in the tap water will stop me >:D A proper list of my interests (and a better photo) can be found at my original add_me  post, over yonder.

I like writing in brackets (which you've probably noticed) and I find it difficult to express myself without emoticons :O

Collapse )

My journal is mostly updates or rants about my life (or lack of it) and it will soon be full of photos because I'm about to get a phone that doesn't suck. I'm chubby, single, slightly nuts and I don't drive, so there may be some whining about that. I'm also smart, funny and charming (and HUMBLE) so I try to sex up the emo entries with wit or at least some sarcasm. Often I'll put the longer entries under a cut, so if you don't bother to click through, I'll never forgive you.

What I'm looking for in new friends:
  • Someone who is non-judgmental, has a sense of humour, and doesn't take life too seriously.
  • I'd love another token male on my flist!
  • Probably reaching for the stars here, but a few South African friends would be awesome. I don't mind where you live though :3
  • LGBTQI friends are also on my wishlist :) again, this isn't a prerequisite, but I'm bisexual and it'd be nice to read some non-straight journals.
  • Someone who comments now and then, and posts now and then. No pressure, but I'd like to have some interaction between us.
  • Someone with a decent grasp of the English language (it's okay if it's not your first language, but if you willingly write lYk diS... I'll delete you, and then I'll hunt you down, and I'll find you, and I'll make you apologize to the Chicago Manual of Style.) On this note, paragraph breaks are also good. If you use them, there's a much higher chance I'll read your entries.

And now, for the more interesting list: what I DON'T want xD
  • If you describe yourself as an asshole or a bitch, and you think that makes you interesting, believe me, we won't get along.
  • If you're a compulsive unsolicited advice-giver. Like if I whine about my weight, you'll tell me how many reps of glutoidinal squats to do at 5am every morning. Gee, thanks.
  • If you post more than one picture without an lj cut, it makes my left eye twitch.
  • If your posts go along the lines of "I'm smarter / cooler than everyone else, look what these dumbasses are doing" and then rant about what you saw on the local news. No1curr.
  • If your journal is simply a non-reflective account of your movements throughout the week, like "So then Brad and I went to Jennifer's house and Miley was there and we saw Joanna for like a minute then she left and we went to a movie with Betty and Veronica who said that Jughead couldn't come because he had the flu." 
  • It's fine if you're totally in love with your significant other, but if your entire journal is about this particular relationship, It'll end up boring me.
  • If you have intense issues like an eating disorder or self-harm, (especially if you post pictures related to this) I'm sorry, but I can't handle that. I'll get attached, then I'll stay up nights worrying about you if you don't post in a while. I'd like to avoid that kind of emotional stress.
So basically, I just want someone who enjoys thinking and writing about life, and uses their journal for some measure of introspection. And let's reserve the right to unfriend each other if we're not a good fit, no hard feelings.

So, friends? :)

Odd people wanted:

Hello there, ma wee darlings! 

I'm Dazy and i'm 29 years old from Scotland. I had a pretty active LJ account way back at the beginning of time and decided to come back.

A few facts:
  • I am an Ex graphic designer, now a time-served tattoo artist who also works in a bar - that's a long story!
  • Been with the same guy since i was 14. sometimes he goes to work covered in glitter. We like practical jokes in our house!
  • I'm a tattooed tomboy who wears dresses, drink my tea from a cup and saucer and swears like a salty old sea dog. Nobody's perfect, are they?
  • I had my first business at 19, selling punk clothing in a teeny wee  town. Needless to say, it failed miserably.
  • l love photography, which i did while i was at Uni and then while working as a designer. It was fun and would like to get back to it but tattooing suits me better.
  • Art-wise, am seriously Into Surrealism, lowbrow and realism and am fascinated by anything that can be changed dramatically by the creative touch. Yes, that does include make up. One of my first loves was special effects, working with prosthetics.
  • I believe people should be whoever they want to be and should feel free to express it.
  • Music- wise, i am pretty easy to please. I'm a big punk and metal fan, obsessed with Morrissey and the Smiths (with two tattoos to prove it). I also like jazz, classical... okay, you get the point. I love my music.
  • I read a lot but my books of choice are dystopian novels, rock biographies, classic horror literature and have a healthy obsession with post apocalyptic nonsense.
  • I'm a huge sci-fi, indie and horror fan and my dvd collection is getting a little out of control! - i'm not a chick-flick kind of person.
  • Collect pumpkin and halloween stuff. Yes, halloween is another 'thing' and i'm never happier than when i'm making fake blood.
  • I can't be bothered with drama and i hate biggots. I'm the mum  or auntie of my group of friends, as i'm kind of like a lioness when someone i know gets hurt.
  • I enjoy being around people who are passionate about things. I don't care what it is. I can happily listen to people talk for hours about the things they love.
You'll probably find all sorts of random foolery in my journal and i always reply to posts and try to get round everyone to read theirs. I think i have covered everything but as i said, i don't like drama. It's just pointless to start crap online. I'm straight down the line, honest and a good listener. Any questions, just ask :)

There you go, job done! If you feel like it, go ahead and comment + add me if you wish.
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Mom of two Plus one due in August.
I am basically looking for people i don't know in real life, as an outside look on life :]
So if you are just looking for friends and people to talk to, add me.
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