April 21st, 2011



Hello everybody. My name is Lily. I'm 21 years old and from Turkey. I'm at my final year at engineering faculty but I'm also doing a minor on animation since that is what I really want to do in the future.

I'm a very open-minded person so I'm always willing to meet new people and learn their outlook on life.I really don't judge people by their religion or sexual orientation but if they want to talk about it I will always listen. I always think that the more different the people are, the more I can learn about life.I also like suggestions about shows, songs or movies, just discovering new things basically.

I'm interested in art and drawing and you can find pictures (under lj-cut) on my journal.Sometimes I post doodles I did during class and sometimes finished colored pictures.These days I've returned to the Harry Potter fandom so expect some fanart.I also love literature and I'm always willing to discuss it. I will be glad to comment on your writing (poetry,prose,lyrics doesn't matter) or pictures or photographs. I sometimes write about my life too and try not to rant but I may do it occasionally. :)

I also like manga/anime.I like CLAMP works, Hetalia, Sailor Moon, Code Geass,Avatar the Last Airbender and probably a lot more things I can't remember right now but Fullmetal Alchemist is my ultimate favourite. Since I want to be an animator I can talk about cartoons all the time! I really love Disney movies and some of the cartoons but I really dislike those sitcom series.

The book series I like are Harry Potter, Dragonlance, Lord of the Rings, Artemist Fowl, The Vampire Chronicles and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Other than that I'm a fan of Neil Gaiman, Diana Wynne Jones (even if I've read just one book), Virginia Woolf and Charles Dickens.

I love Sims games and I'm a bit too obsessive over The Monkey Island Series. I also have a dream of finishing all the old-school adventure games. :)

I usually watch Glee, House M.D.,Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons. Yes, I don't watch TV much. ^^;

I especially like songs with interesting lyrics. I'm not that into pop music even though I like some of the songs. Jazz and musicals are among my favourite types.

Oh and I like slash so be warned :) I try to comment as much as possible when the exams and assignments and projects are not piling up. I'll gladly add you if you think we can be friends.

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Hi :) I'm Sam, female, 20! I'm always looking for someone new to talk to. I'm a happy kid and I'm looking to volunteer somewhere so I can cheer up people that need cheering up. I get a long best with people who allow for an exchange of ideas and can empathize. People don't have to agree all the time, but I respect having open communication and finding a medium where both parties can get what they want.

You'll find in my journal a lot of fun stuff. I make videos of spoofs occasionally, I share creative writing that floats in my head or passages/lyrics/post poetry that I enjoy. I thrift, I plan on opening an Etsy store in the summer. And I love weekend road-trips so I do that as much as possible.

I study English and Philosophy but I have a conversational vibe when I type. There may be some content that is deliciously dark humored but I have a soul. You could call me a quilt, there's a lot of patches of things that wouldn't be found side by side but I make it work. I'm bisexual and I'll give the same open mindedness to you.


Here are some my interests...

Music: The Strokes, The White Stripes, Eminem, Pete Yorn, RHCP, Jazz in general

Authors: Chuck Palahniuk (drool), Oscar Wilde, Michael Ondaatje

If I had to say something I geek about-- the way girls feel about Mister Darcy is the way I feel about Patrick Lewis if you know what I mean. And if you do, you should def add me.
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Hello again!!!

So I'm going to try this again and see If I can make some more friends. My name is Melissa but everyone calls me Missy or Mel. I'm 24 years old, I'm a little nutty, and a lot geeky. I have one son who I adore more than anything in this world, a Husband that drives me up the wall but love him none the less, two pit bull that love to destroy my house and make my life hell but at the same time are the best dogs I have ever had, and lastly a roommate that I cant get to move out. I dont judge people and dont care what you believe in because thats your choice. I am not a christian but I dont care if you are. I sometimes post random on lined things and sometimes I cant stop ranting and raving about everything that has happened during my day. I'm not going to list all the things I like because I want to meet people no matter what they like or what I like!! Hope to have some more friends soon!!
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