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my name is jen & i live in FL with my awesome fiance, and my 3 year old son. i post as often as i can or am feeling antsy, i've got hardcore anxiety and manic-depressive. i've got a very torrid past that haunts me often, and i post about it as often as i can. i'm an unusually nice girl for the kind of life i've lived and i'm pretty proud. my love is my jersey doll, sean and i'm from ny. i guess you could say we're a little stereotypical; loud, accents, belligerent, and hate florida. we're not the jersey shore types (those kids arent even from jersey), seans a freckled blue eyed italian and i'm lightskin mixed hispanic/black. our lives revolve around our son (as should any parent) but once the kid goes to sleep, we're 16 again. i rant and ramble alot, i have hardcore ADHD, the type where it's difficult to get through an entire sentence without forgetting what you were going with this, but i smoke "incense" aka fake reefer, to keep me steady. i'm a true soccer mom at heart.

ps. i don't add new journals or anyone under 18. other than that, i try to be as open as i can to people.
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Add me if you like cats and food. But not as the same thing.

My journal is a photo eccentric showcase of what involves my daily life.
Basically, I just want people to look at my pictures.
My name is catsandmangoes  because I have 10+ cats at any given time, and I love mangoes.
I am not new to LJ - I've had a separate journal for several years, but i've realized that the details of my life translate across better in pictures than they do in words.

I am (unfortunately) from Arizona, i'm 18 years old, and currently wondering what type of career I should pursue after working at Petsmart and developing deeper hatred for mankind while employed there. I'm in general a very angry, grumpy person, which makes the fact that my journal is strictly visual a very good thing.

In a nutshell, i'm an animal rescuer and volunteer with far too many pets, a fascination for food (vegetarian mind you), an excessively feminine obsession for beauty and fashion, and what you could call a militant Atheist.
I love Nintendo and anything with spikes and / or glitter. My tastes in pop culture, fashion, beauty and foods are very Panasia orientated  If you add my journal, these are the type of things you will be able to find.

I always read my friend list and I always comment when I have something to say. My only requirements for those who add me are as follows:

•I am very, very touchy when it comes to discrimination. Racist jokes don't fly with me, nor does anything else that could be considered ~*~edgy~*~ but is actually just hipster racism. Same with sexism (including those with irrational body standards), homophobia, and so on.

•If you talk about God, i'll laugh at you. Sorry.

•No one who hunts. No one who fishes and posts about it in their journal. This shouldn't be a problem, as I don't know of many LJers who do.

•I don't mind fangirling, usually, but if it gets too creepy. Well. It will be creepy.

•If you post alot about American / European television, movies or music, I probably won't know what you're talking about. You can still add me, but i'm just saying, i'll probably be clueless.

•You have to like cats.

I'd really like to have some new LJ friends who, perhaps in the future, I could get to know better and add to FaceBook and what not. I made some of my best friends here in the past, so it'd be nice to meet more. Either way, feel free to send me an add. Leave me a comment.
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Add me! NOW! :D

Who am I?
I'm a high school girl from Italy. I love books, manga, comics... in short, anything I can read! I want to become a writer, and sooner or later I will! But I also like movies, telefilms, anime and drama. I enjoy any kind of music (rock, classic, j-music, celtic, metal) and any kind of art (Klimt, Caravaggio, manga art, Art Nouveau). I am a fan of Japanese stuff!

What can you find in my blog?

You can find a lot of things. First of all, my life and my thoughts. They're open to everyone, because my journal is not "friend-only". So, if you are curious, you can stop by and leave a comment. It's always something I appreciate. You can also find a lot of Japanese stuff, like I said before: anime, manga, drama, news related to Japan. I'm a yaoi fan, so if you like it too I'll be pleased to chat with you! If you don't like it, don't worry! My blog is under the limit of the decent, and I won't post anything unpleasant.

Why should you add me?
Because I'm wonderful, of course! Well, the truth is... why not? I'm nice with people nice to me, and I comment journals whose people comment mine. With me you can talk about anything: manga and anime, art, music, gossip. So... stay tuned :D
Jenn-Mommy of 3-Picture

I did this once; a week or so ago.

I did this once a week or so ago, and loved the turnout :]
I have met some fantastic people, and hope to meet some more! A little about myself:

My Name is Auraofmyself, Aura to you ^^
I am 23 years young.
Mom of two, with one on the way. Due in August.
I am married.
I like to game :]
I love to read :]
I love love  TV. :]

No long speech needed! Just looking for friends, add away!


Hi, I came across this community and it seemed like a good idea to leave a post.  Like so many others (or so it would seem) I'm back on LiveJournal after a break and have no idea where my previous LJ friends have gone and have decided it could be time to see if there are any other friends out there. 

I'm a 27 year old male and I live in
Northern Ireland, however at the beginning of Autumn I will be packing my trusty rucksack for Canada.  At present I work as a clerical assistant and still have absolutely no idea what career path I would like to follow.  At this stage I want to travel as much as possible and that is about all I’m sure of.

My main interests are reading (Barbara Kingsolver and Carlos Ruiz Zafon are two of my favourite authors), music (I'm into artists such as Death Cab For Cutie, The Tragically Hip,
Regina Spektor to name a few).  I also follow a few sports, in particular the NHL, Rugby League and tennis.  Another interest is comedy TV shows, with Ray Romano being one of my favourite comedians/actors.  I only wish I was that talented/funny. 

I haven't really posted much on my own private journal at the minute because without friends it would be like talking to myself and I don't need LiveJournal for that ;)  I have been making a (small) effort with some of the other communities.  The above are my interests but that does not necessarily mean you have to like the same things to be friends but it gives you an idea as to what I enjoy.  If you do think you'd like to become LiveJournal friends then by all means tell me about yourself. 

Thanks for reading and take care.