April 28th, 2011


Hello World...

Hey I'm James, from the UK.
Anime addict.
Definite Gaming addict.
Music Lover.
US TV Show obsessive.

Almost definite Nerd/Geek.

I guess I'm looking for friends to connect with, not just someone who never posts or comments. That said I comment/post only when I feel like I have something to say so I can seem to vanish for long hiatus like sessions, Just because I don't post to my journal doesn't mean I never read yours :)

I can be random or funny, sometimes even both which is always fun.
I'm not religious in the least, though I do know some folk who are.

Fun fact: I've been working on this post for hours because I sometimes really lack any sort of motivation.

I do like to post youtube links of things that amuse me but I will mostly hide these behind a cut, not always but mostly.
I will also sometimes post pictures of myself and other cool things (not that I'm saying I'm cool :P)
but these follow the same rules as my youtube posts.

In summary then, I want to meet new people who will actually take an interest in my life and want to be a friend.

I hope you enjoyed reading and I look forward to meeting you.
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Hi there. I go by Nikki and I'm from the Midwest. I've never done anything like this before so forgive if it sounds awkward.

So be warned I'm walking contradiction. I'm a closet bookworm and geek. I am huge fan of british lit. especially if it was written in the 1800s. I love fashion and shopping.  I am always on the look out for the newest trend.  I'm also a health nut that really likes candy.  I  work in the legal field. Sarcasm is my normal defult mode. I tend to vent a lot about things I feel that are just plain wrong in society.  

I'm pretty good with comments...but sometimes I lack on the posts.  I hope to hear from you soon! 
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Swim Bike Run


Current City: Atlanta

Everybody loves music, sunsets, and traveling, so I'll try not to bore you with my list:

- Happy hour on a patio
- Running without a shirt on
- Buying expensive things for really cheap on eBay

Everybody hates racism, ignorance, and liars, so I'll try not to bore you with my list:

- My inability to maintain a comfortable body temperature in my sleep. (It's a real problem.)
- Getting on the elevator after a stinky person.
- People who go out of their way to make sure you're aware of your sunburn.

I have successfully wasted the last hour of work on a non-productive task. I hope you're happy. I better get some adds for my effort.
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sort of new here

I'm 30 something.
I live on the west coast of B.C. and love it here.
I'm a Dad
I'm a photographer (looking for other amateur photographers)
I have a great sense of humour
I'm proud to be Canadian.
I love food
I love my family
I love beer
I love myself
I love the people in my life.
I love the Simpsons
I love the internet.
I'm cute
(edit) apparently I'm supposed to post a picture of myself
so here ya go...

My Mom says I'm cute

I plan on writing about lot's of things, mostly photography though, but knowing myself I will probably blog about what is going on in my life good and bad.

Don't know what else to say, I hate doing these things, but maybe this will bump up my friends list a little bit. (BTW) if you are a negative person and very judgmental or get offended easily you might want to move on.
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How Do You Do?

Or Howdy. Whichever you prefer.

Well, then, I'm posting this in the 'add_me' community so y'all can safely assume, I'm here to meet and greet some potential friends. I suppose next I toss out some tid-bits 'bout me to see if I get a bite then.

Young Justice is a cartoon show that's taking the place where X Men Evolution and Avatar: the Last Airbender used to reside. They still have their place if my fanfic stories are any indication. But there's only so much to do when the shows end. The Mentalist is my new favorite because of Simon Baker basically. It's also beyond funny. If Jane died, I'd watch just for Cho. I also love the show/movie SyFy Alice.

I'm attempting to learn how to play guitar once Finals are over. Finals are fun, carrots are candy...almost over.
With music, I'll listen to very near everything and find something I like. I usually don't though. Switchfoot, Jimmy Needham, Smokie Norful, Chris August, Paramore, Skillet, John Mayer, Needtobreathe, Brooke Fraser, other people I don't remember at the moment. It's a long list.
I'm female, 18, and Christian. From time to period, you can expect me to talk about God or the Bible and things pertaining to my faith. There also might be coffee-induced rambles and rants about...almost anything. And college crap too. Seriously, I'm only going so I can get enough money together to buy a Camaro.
What else?
There will probably be non-coffee induced rants.

I love old movies, adore Cary Grant, Irene Dunn, and Katharine Hepburn. They need to make movies like that. Humor without vulgarity. Try it some time. I also have an appreciation for old music - Frank Sinatra type things.
I like Anime. Ouran High School was actually very funny, and I choose to believe the Twins over-exaggerated...a lot. Naruto has kinda lost my interest, but that's more because we don't have cable anymore.
I used to read books, now I read and write fanfiction mostly. I'll still pick up a book every now and again, like Ted Dekker. Even if you don't friend me, you must read this man's books. All of them. If you have read them, I need someone to geek with over them. Seriously.
I love babies, from just here to 2. After that, they usually have their own little attitudes that there's just no dealing with. I know. I have over 20 little 'brothers and sisters'. I never want any of my own, but I have the name of a son picked out. Oh, yeah. Don't want girls. We're expensive.
Fun fact: My birthday and Daddy's are one and the same. Honestly, I should just get a T-shirt with that.
If you're not gonna post or comment, I don't see the point. Not trying to be mean, I'm just sayin'. Oh, yeah. Most times, I'm blunt and that may come off as mean. I don't mean it that way though.
Any takers?
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I need some adds.

I'm dealing with a lot right now and need some people to hear me out.
I love venting to strangers and I have the most hectic crazy life. My journal is full of scandal.
23. Happiest person with the deepest darkest secrets gnawing on my heart.

Try it, you may like it.