May 2nd, 2011


hi there

hi, my name is lena, I'm 22 and currently live in vienna. I used to be in lj for years but took a hiatus until a few days ago.
I'm a screenplay-writer and spent the last year in berlin where I hope to get a college spot this coming fall...
I love to travel and get around a lot, it's hard for me to stand still...
I love movies, obviously, I sing and play the guitar, I'm politically active and my life alltogether is a huge chaos.
I'm romantically confused above all and stuck in a pretty weird phase of my life now anyway... you can read all that on my journal if you decide to add me ;)

I post a lot, about everything really... sometimes photos, film-, book- or music reviews, lyrics, texts, scene-drafts but also about stuff from my day.
I also read and comment, and I'm not here to get my friendscount to 1000 but to get to know a few people who really read what I write and vice versa...

dunno, reasons why you maybe don't want to add me, and if they bother you probably really shouldn't:
I'm not religious, I'm sort of a socialist, I don't have any problem whatsoever with gays and I don't judge you by where you are from or what you look like...
I also don't have a problem if you are religious yourself, good for you, as long as you don't care that I'm not. ;)

for further information please see my profile ;)
If you want to add me, just do, and comment either here or on my journal :)
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Looking to Refresh My Friends list

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-My name is Meigz
-I work in a bookstore
-I live in a small town
-I have two cats, a rat, and a mouse.
-I drive with two feet
-I don't eat meat but I don't judge those who do
-I have a niece sleeping on my couch for 4 more weeks
-I am the youngest of 7; aunt 14 times; great aunt 5 times
-I ad♥re horror movies and Japanese gore
-I make silly faces
-I make an awesome friend (LJ) though I believe I am a great one in person too !
-I still pen pal
-I love roadtrips.
-I love comic books though I am a total Vertigo fan.
-I love zombies so if I come back as one I might bite ya.

So add me and I will add you and it will be a fun place to be!
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Hi, my name is Swan. You may have seen me around here before. I've found a lot of great LJ friends on here, and I am hoping to meet some more :)

I'm 23, live in Canada, and recently graduated with my B.A (Hons) in Psychology. I am an amateur hobbyist photographer (to know more about that, visit my photography blog here), film buff, cat lover, and gamer in the making.

I post mostly about my life (should it be interesting enough to warrant an entry), but I also post photos fairly frequently. I try my best to keep it interesting :)

I try to comment as much as I can, but even if I don't comment, I do read everything on my Friends' page. I'm not looking to add people who just want more comments on their entries. I'm looking to make more awesome LJ friends :)

If I sound remotely interesting and you would like to be LJ friends, please leave a comment on my "FRIENDS ONLY" post on my journal. I will not add anyone who doesn't leave me a comment, as I do not know where they found me from.

Hope to hear from you!

♥ Swan

Hi, I'm Becca.

Hey guys! I've been on here before as nevershoutbecca. but i decided to start completely over.
Anyways,I'm Becca - and I'm twenty years old.
I go to the community college here in my town -
I was going in for Psychology, but recently switched my major to Journalism.
I want to get into the Fashion World.
I absolutely LOVE conversation - and would enjoy getting to know my LJ friends on a personal note.
So, let's be friends?
Read my userinfo for more information.