May 8th, 2011

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This is my first time posting to this community and I'm excited to hopefully make some more friends!

I was on live journal about a year before I actually joined the website and I'm really glad I did! I've meet so many cool people and I hope I can meet some more! There's some random stuff about me on my page but I'll try and find some random stuff to post on here.

I love travel, it's what I'm working towards. I mainly want to go to the UK/and Ireland, Iceland, France, and every state in America. I'm currently learning some French, and ones I've learned that I'll probably learn some Icelandic.
I take ice skating lessons, and it has become a passion of mine. I love the lessons and just skating when I can. I usually post a lot about my lessons and such.
I have a twin sister whom I love, but she gets my nerves a lot so I'll post about her occasionaly.
I like to post pictures that I've taken around the place.
My favourite band ever is Sigur Ros. It bugs me when people say it like it's spelt and not how it is. I also post about them every once in a while.
I'm a bipolar writer and I try to write everyday but sometimes that doesn't work. I hope to be an author at some point but we'll see how that goes. I'm currently working on a couple "novels" at once. One of them is the most I've ever written at all! :D

Well, I cant think of anything else... maybe in a month or so I'll post another one.

Thanks for reading!
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Looking for some friends

I'm still kind of new to Live Journal and I am looking for some new friends. My name is Seth and I'm a 30 year old gay man. I don't post much at the moment, but I am hoping having some friends will give me reason to post. My interests are pretty basic. Movies, a few TV shows I watch regularly. Anything you want to know, just ask.

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PSST: Its been X-posted, Sorry!

Hello ladies, gentlemen and rogues.   I'm Kris, Kristy..or Winter as you will.  *dips her head in greeting*  Let me get straight to the heart of the matter....

# I'm 33, if that matters to you.
# I'm Bisexual.
# Not looking for any sticky situations or um people.
# Married 
# Mother of two sons One is 12 years old and one is 7 months old) that pretty much have me wrapped around their lil fingers
# I post about all manner of things, although lately its been pretty boring... I mean .... its been exciting! ooo excitement!
# I'm a goth from way back, but more than likely you'll find me in tshirts and jeans these days.  My body piercings as well have gone for the time being to that great piercing graveyard. 
# I'm one silly bint when I've had liquor.
# I'm a gamer geek (world of warcraft, forsaken world...various other mmos)

And because people seem to like visuals
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who i am: my name is yoli, i am 20 years old, i live in stl, mo and i am currently a student in college majoring in english. my goal is to become a librarian (because it's routine and gives me a lot of free time), and i get really tired of people asking me if i want to be a teacher. i'm really plain and my life is average but i'm super content and happy, even. it's probably sad that those are the only things i can think of that describe me, but they are the crux of who i am in the current stage of my life.

my interests: my interests are pretty broad but also somewhat condensed. sometimes i feel terribly boring because i don't have a whole list of them. i enjoy: harry potter, hanging w/ my friends, world war 2, dystopian fiction, reading about serial killers, exploring vegetarianism (i am a new veg but i totally don't care if you meat or something because i'm not really "ethical" about it), my pets, my hair!!! because i am growing dreadlocks, conspiracy theories, and music. the kind of music i like can be found here, it's easier than listing it.

what my journal consists of: i just came back to lj after quitting it ~forever~ a few months ago. however, my journal theme is my life, my friends, my (lack of) love life, my (really random and inconsistent with what i want out of it) sex life, pics from my life, me talking about and posting pics of my hair as i loc it, and stuff like that. a pretty standard journal, yeah?

i hope reading this all wasn't as awkward for you as it was for me to write it.

p.s. if you had me added at lustinforlife or w/e, add me here! if any of you lurk here or something, you were all cool and i miss you in my lonely new journal :'(