May 18th, 2011

Hey about me

Name is Jamie
I am 5feet three
24 years old

I enjoy reading mystery books with humor
The only romance books I enjoy reading are nicholas sparks

Favorite books I have read
This lullaby by sarah dessen
Sooky stack house books
Twilight series

Interested I'n Clinical massAge therapy
Intrested I'n writing
Interested I'n horror monster makeup beauty makeup

Actvites I enjoy
Running outside on a nice day
Weight training
Going to the gym
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well hey.

The general introduction to I give to most people is, "Hi, I'm Dayle and I'm really weird.  Ignore my random dancing, excessive profanity and sexually explicit stories and sayings.  Don't be offended if I hit on you, because I hit on everybody, or I yell at you when I'm stressed.  I only throw things if you piss me off, so please don't."  So yes, I'm Dayle (pauses for a round of 'Hi Dayle's') and I'm from Montreal.  I'm a slowly coming out of closet 21 year old bisexual who live with her two ferrets, Pythagoras and Sophocles.

I sometimes feel like I have multiple personalities, minus the blacking out between personalities.  Sometimes I'll be the crazy random, sexually-overt, outgoing person at work, or the withdrawn, contemplative, shy female you see at school or even the quiet, curious, oddly sarcastic and bitter girl from online and more.

I work fulltime as a line cook at a resto/nightclub and go to university partime for Cell & Molecular Biology and Classical Languages and Literature. I like books and cooking up some mean steak frite with gravy, what can I say?  Actually steaks aren't my specialty, however I do prefer working grill, my love and specialty is pastries, go figure, pasta, which I don't eat ironically and the occasional sauce (nom nom).

I like to stay up until 5 am finding new music then sleeping 'till noon.  I listen to a little bit of everything, but a lot more of dubstep, chillstep, electro, house, club, party, progressive and drum and bass.  I watch a lot of movies and tv so I'm always looking for recommendations there.  I like to argue politics, philosophy and ethics playfully.  I read quite a bit, the only thing I won't read is romance (online only thanks, secret fetish for hockey player romance stories, shh), click-flicky books, 90% of biographies and anything overly cheesy fiction.

I write about whatever's on my mind, which believe me, ranges from one far corner of the universe to the other.  I focus a lot on a work, so I talk about that all the time.  But honestly, I prefer to listen or hear about other people, I find other people endlessly interesting and I'm an extremely curious person.  So talk away, just please, no Twilight.

If you saw me out and about on other friend-adding communities, hi?

My Secret Account!

This is a new account I created for the sole purpose of venting and sharing my secrets.  Think of it as a bad soap opera on LJ. Add me if you're bored and like to read about scandel and drama. All entries are public but few at the moment. I will likely update often sense it's a form of therapy for me. Have fun with it.
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Hi There!!
I'll just tell you a little bit about me, the rest you'll have to find out yourself :P

I'm a 24 years old girl (...woman... whatever!), I'm mexican, I'm a christian, I speak spanish, english and bad french, I'm a very random person as you'll surely find out; I sometimes feel like Abed from Community as I make pop culture references all the time, so this probably would work best if you have some knowledge of Star Trek, The Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter, StarKid Potter, and that's just from the top of my head I could go on all day:P 

Just check if we have some common interest to start up a conversation and we'll take it from there :D

Favorite Music: BarlowGirl, Needthobreathe, Gregory and the Hawk, Marc Anthony, Kings of Leon, Creed, Superchick, Soundtracks (Phantom of the Opera, Notre Dame de Paris, Starkid Productions I <3 them ;))

Favorite TV Shows: Star Trek, Merlin, Being Human, The Walking Dead, Community, The Big Bang Theory, Scrubs, Friends, Cougar Town.

Favorite Movies: Princes Bride, Willow, The Wrath of Khan, Boondock Saints,  an if the credits have the following combinations I'll surely watch them: Johnny Depp/Tim Burton, Simon Pegg/Nick Frost, Owen Wilson/Ben Stiller

Favorite Actors: Johnny Depp, Owen Wilson, Norman Reedus, Karl Urban, Colin Morgan, Simon Pegg, Joe Moses, Joe Walker, Joey Richter, Brian Holden

Favorite Actresses: Helena Bonham Carter, Lauren Lopez, Anne Hathaway, Rachel McAdams.

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I am probably in need of some new livejournal friends as my friends list has slowed to a crawl.

I am a British male who has relatively recently become a dad and quite a bit of my journal seems to revolve around that. In addition I am interested in history, science, psychology, economics and some politics - I read a lot, mostly it is non-fiction. I also enjoy watching television and playing the PS3.

I have been on livejournal for almost 10 years now and generally post quite regularly. I don't expect comments on every entry and I am not likely to give them. I do read all my friends list entries.

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I don't give much away on my profile, but have a bit more detail on a friends locked post. I am not really offended(much) if you add me and decided to de-friend me if it doesn't work out.
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