May 24th, 2011

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I want to be creative and intriguing and sell myself with some snazzy, captivating introduction, but everything I'm thinking of seems either over thought or leaves no room for development. However, I guess this does just the job I need it to in, at least attempting to explain myself, which may be a daunting task to accomplish and may take several years. I am a run on. Inserting commas wherever I see fit, a few exclamations here and there, lots of question marks and ellipses, and even a couple periods every so often (those are actually quite interesting to try and pick out by my journal entries). I use this journal on a spectrum of levels, and, therefore, it has a plethora of meanings and intentions, some of which are meant for you, some for us collectively, others solely for me, and yet others for no one person at all. Enough about my journal for now though as this community is called addME, I should probably explain a bit about myself. I hope the picture above worked and isn't just a line of code like it is on my screen...I am a 22 year old living in the United States, and while I'm not sure for how long, I haven't (wanted?) stayed in one place for more than a year and a half in quite some time. I want to say I enjoy change, but I enjoy everywhere I've been just as much, sometimes more and sometimes less, than a dislike it. I think I just really like to experience as much as possible, see the things I've only thought about, and meet the people I haven't. At heart and in mind, I'm the offspring between Darwin, Magellan, and Camus. In body, I look nothing like anyone in my family and that leads me to feel a bit estranged, then again my whole family is pretty much female, so that might have something to do with it...I have (now) 9 sisters with no brothers, and while it seems like torture sometimes, it really is rather enlightening and I most definitely would not be who I am without being who I've been. I guess that's pretty obvious, huh? I have two of the best cats in the world, Kyau Sasha and King Albert Digweed III, of whom I'll refer to as Pretty and Fat, or a synonym at times. They are direct extensions of myself, and thus, aren't really cats anymore. I also have a phoenix, but he's permanently on my chest and doesn't fly unless I flap my wings. Hmmm lets see, we're gonna do a quick run down because I feel this is getting much much too long, and I'm actually getting a little antsy to go garden and break some rocks.
I believe in everything. Including nothing. I write. With it comes love and hate, and I have likened the two together, as with most antonyms. I am my own god, as I believe you are yours. I love to cook. Pretty much anything. I love to eat. Pretty much a very very select number of things. I smoke, amongst other things. I think I'm part of all of the sports teams which I follow because I think any diehard fan thinks that way. Or at least speaks that way. I want to be remembered for something. Not famous like a movie star or sports star or politician. More like a philosopher, or better yet, something/someone that hasn't even got a title. I will be. I want to die by being blasted off into space, still alive, so I can get farther and see more than any other life form. I thoroughly enjoy music. While I have a rather eclectic range in musical taste, most of whats on my ipod is trance, progressive house, and electro drum& bass. Although I can never deny classic rock, early punk/ska, the ever-so-apparent guilty pleasures that we all have from our earlier days, and even some disney classics! haha but, yeah this is now actually much too long, and I am feeling a little trapped inside on such a lovely day. So to you all, enjoy, my friends!
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Hey you, let's be friends :)

This is me ^

My name is Sam, I'm twenty years old. I live in Alabama. Made the big move from Tennessee (it was only a 45 minute move, but it's like a different world here! I love it!) back in January. At the end of this month I will be moving out of my huge outdated apartment, to a much more smaller modern apartment. I live with my fiance, Caleb & our two pups Zoie (a mini huskey/fiest- she's 6mo) and my rescue boy Drake (half pitbull/half lab- he's 3mo). I work full-time with people that have developmental disabilities & I love it. I don't care about politics. And even though I'm not Christian, I survived the rapture. So I must be doing something right :) Pagan, if you were wondering.

Things I love : hello kitty, livejournal- I've been on here for about 10 years, gardening, animals, MMORPGs, World of Warcraft, Everquest2, Runes of Magic, Magic the Gathering, coffee, reading, painting, makeup, hair, DIY, peppermint tea, anything peppermint, deeeeeeeeep conditioning, tye dye, rainbows, stars,
quirky furniture, herbal remedies/teas/oils, cooking/baking, Discovery channel, Travel channel, Lifetime, Mobwives, ABDC, Trueblood, the New Adventures of Old Christine, candles, penpals, anything lemon scented.

I don't love : ignorance, rude people, racism, homophobes, humidity (maybe it's a love/hate relationship since I've never been anywhere that wasn't humid), fleas, insomnia.

Music : I love all kinds, it just depends on my mood. Some bands I love are : Senses Fail, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Otep, The White Stripes, Hypercrush, Dj Tiesto, Dj Irene, anything techno/industrial, Combichrist, From Autumn To Ashes, The Civil Wars, Adele, + lots more.

Other things you should know : I don't like adding junkies and alcoholics. I've been clean for too long to read about your month-long coke binge or how you failed all your college classes because you decided to get wasted every night. I don't add foreign language journals at all. My journal is & will always be friends only. I write some pretty personal things in my journal, because that's what it's for. I have several journals for different things, this one is a collection of everything I am. I take it seriously, but I write my posts pretty silly. I do friend cuts for inactive users. That is all :)
Sooo..let's be franns?



The name is Kenzie, and I positively suck at writing about me's. I'm 16, soon to be Junior in highschool. I love to sing and write. I'm a pretty carefree person, although I have some mild anxiety issues, but it's not a big deal. I consider myself to be an extremely blessed person, and I love Jesus with all of my heart. Each and every one of my friends are absolutely insane, but I <3 them to death. I'm very mature in my thinking, not so mature in my actions. I get along with all sorts of people, but I'm never anything but myself. It's really complicated for me to describe myself, so I hardly bother trying.

Likes: singing, writing, music, show choir, crazy nights, being with friends, the vampire diaries, summer rain showers, starbucks, shopping, beaches, laughing, in-depth bonding conversations, traveling, tanning, sleeping, running, movie days

Dislikes: flourescent lights, know-it-alls, excessive immaturity, anime/manga, severe weather, couliflower, being cold, anxiety


Sound interesting enough? Add me. I'm so much more than this.


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Hi I'm Hillary. I'm 25 years old from Maryland. I've been chronicling my life on this site since 2004...or since my freshman year of college. I'm out of college now with a Master's in psychology and I'm trying to go back to school either for a Master's in Special Education or School Psychology. Thanks to the lovely economy, I currently work as the 2-5th grade assistant teacher at a school for children with learning disabilities. I do love my job for the most part and I do talk about work and the things that get said in my class. I'm also a Kindergarten Sunday school teacher and Hebrew school teacher on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (which is over now for the school year!).

When I'm not working and overanalyzing my life trying to figure my next steps, you can probably find me with my friends or my boyfriend. I'm in a long distance relationship and have been now for over 4 years. It's quite weird to think how long it's been! I write about him often as well...he's normally referred to as Doofuslove.

I do mention my parents - mostly in the context that I'll talk about my mom's unemployment (stupid economy!) and my father as of last year was deported back to Israel and thus I have not seen him since August of 2010. I do talk to him weekly though and he's a great source for entertainment especially hearing his views of trying to live a normal life in Israel after all that went down here.

Hmm what else...I do like working out though I can't seem to get in a regular schedule. I'm rewatching right now all the seasons of Friends and am currently on season 6 (<3). I love also Glee, Top Chef, Grey's Anatomy, Weeds, Hell's Kitchen, SYTYCD, and Futurama. I'm a big fan of romance novels, driving about randomly, drawing, and the Washington Capitals <3 Yes, I'm a hockey fan and I will occasionally write about it. :)

Anything else - feel free to ask! Looking forward to getting to know some of you!