May 26th, 2011

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 Hey everyone!

I hope this isn't against the rules, but I'm actually hoping to get a couple of followers on my blog.  I posted in my LJ a little bit, so if you'd like a little taste of what my writing is like please check that out.

Here's a little about myself, and my blog.
I'm a 21 year old college student that's never been in a serious long term relationship, by choice.  I have a lot of issues when it comes to my friends and the guys I choose, so I have a blog to get out all of the confusion and stuff that fills my head so I can try to get a decent night of sleep.  My blog is uninhibited, and will cover everything from friends, to sex, to school.  I'd really appreciate it if I could get a few followers on there, or if a few of you would just go check it out because as helpful as it is to write down my thoughts, I think that knowing that someone is reading my stuff would help me as well.  [You don't have to have a blog to comment on mine - you can just use your LJ username.]

I know that was a long rambling paragraph, so here's a quick list:
My blog is about my life - love, hate, sex, friends, etc.
I'd like people to read/comment on it.

The link is

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!

Hi there!

My name's Alannah. Nice to meet you!

I'm 18 years old, and I live in Canada. First of all, traveling is my passion - I don't get to do it often, but I've been to France, Italy, and Switzerland, as well as Kentucky and Washington D.C. I love learning about other cultures and their history!

After I graduate high school this year, I'd like to go back to take a co-op placement before going to college for culinary arts.

I work a lot, and spare time is usually taken up by drawing, reading, internet, going on long walks with my mp3 player, dancing when no one's watching... so yeah!

I love the Harry Patter movies (and books!), Forrest Gump, Arsenic and Old Lace, Ironman... not a big movie person! Some favourite shows are The Big Bang Theory, House M.D, 30 Rock, M*A*S*H, and all the CSIs. Usually, I have to watch them on DVD because I never have control of the remote, so I'm behind on some of them, haha! I'm also into a few anime series; Hetalia, Baccano! and Madoka are my favourites right now.

So, um, that's it! Feel free to talk to me anytime. :D
pride & prejudice

Add Me!


So I’m looking for fandom friends cos to be honest that’s all I use lj for, I don’t have an issue with slash or femslash, so if you do then please know that I will respect the fact that you do and I ask that you do the same for me.

In my journal you will find, fan-fiction, fan-art, reviews, fan-girlish stuff, the odd personal post here and there and some Writer’s Block.

I like meeting new people and having fandom discussions on what people think and their opinions. I have a list of the main fandom(s) that I watch and love but sadly I’m not all that active in some of them but I’m still happy to have conversations about them.

The list is as so:

Chuck, Merlin, Supernatural, Doctor who, How I meet your mother, Big bang theory, happy endings, no ordinary family, glee, The mentalist, Sherlock, house, psych, the vampire diaries, Desperate Housewives, Firefly/Serenity, Harry Potter, Misfits, The Sarah Jane Adventures, True Blood, Being human.

And those are the main ones, I also have a few other well know TV shows and a few Animations and other stuff that I need to catch up on and for those reasons it’s not on the list.

Add me if you think we could be friends but please don’t add me for the sake of having another friend and before I add you back I’d like to know what it is we have in common so that I can start a random conversation with you and hopefully get to know you  =)


Tryin to find new people to converse with... <--- final warning

So i started a new journal... so im not LJ New. My first one wasnt updated for almost 2 years and figured it was time for a change.

The name is Chris (or Jester, since lets face it, Chris is so rare and uncommon). Im a 33 y/o dude just gettin back to Florida after 10 years of military service. I always seem to have SOMETHING to say, tho most dont want to hear it. I find it amusing. I am as geeky as they come so this seemed to be a logical step ($10 says you find this on other "hey add me because i have no friends" communities lol). I geek to some video games, cars, electronics, Facebook (yea sad, i know...) and random bits of sarcasm and humor. Not a moment goes by where im not listening to some kind of music which varies but you will NEVER hear my play country. I would rather listen to polka while cutting an onion with a rusty spoon than play country. Basically, im looking to find new people, new opinions and humor... new friends. Or hell... new ideas of dumb things to write lol.

Anyhow... all are welcome to hit up my page.
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me: audrey. mississippi. pisces. 21. college student. smoker. drinker. single. pro-choice. chronic illness (uc). heart breaker. one tattoo. venom piercing.
i used to journal way back in the day on greatestjournal. but then that shut down. and i decided to get back into this...years later.
likes: pictures. tattoos/piercings. variety of music. cats. conversation. beer. religion. the sims. metal shows. friends and family.
dislikes: anime. ignorance. food. druggies. humidity. uber-bros. indifference.
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