June 2nd, 2011

Disney - Agrabah


I'm looking for active LJ users who want someone new to get to know and communicate with. A couple of common interests would be awesome, because I hate forcing out comments on things I have no opinion on.

I guess I should write a little about myself~ ( ... by the way, I'm terrible at self-introduction posts)

I'm a 25 year old Norwegian girl. I work as a translator at a translating firm in Oslo, I try not to write too much about my job because I know "augh wooork"-posts can be annoying as hell, but it's difficult when work takes up most of my time. The rest of my time is spent playing video games and watching films. These are just about my only addictions and I will babble about films I've seen and games I play.

Favourite games include: Terranigma, Super Mario World, Phoenix Wright, Dragon Quest IX, Kingdom Hearts, Disney's Aladdin (SNES), Bayonetta, Portal ++

Favourite films include: The Godfather, Moulin Rouge!, Dawn of the Dead, Velvet Goldmine, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Good Bye Lenin!, Reservoir Dogs, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ++

I'm a language geek and quite interested in politics, but this is rarely reflected in my posts. I do like to talk about it if you write posts relating to that, though. I have a BA in languages, I studied Japanese and English. My studies made it possible for me to live in Japan for a while, and it's an experience I still draw from. Tokyo is my favourite place in the world. I love Japanese culture, but I'm not into anime/manga and I don't follow many Japanese celebrities/idols. That said, I have been a Hello!Project fan since 2005, and though I'm not as obsessive as I used to be, I still follow them quite closely.

My favourite bands are Kaizers Orchestra and Gacharic Spin. I don't expect you to have heard about either, but you'll get +10 friend points if you have ;D I rarely actually listen to new music, but I'm not ashamed to say that I have fallen madly in love with Lady Gaga.

Other interests include: Photography, history, Disney and Imagineering, singing, theatre, culture differences, food (plus a whole bunch of things I'm probably forgetting).

I'm not into fandom, I will not read your fanfics.

My journal is mostly public, so feel free to take a look around before you comment/add.

Please do leave a comment either here or over at my journal if you do add me. :)
This has been cross posted, very sorry if you've seen this before <,<;;;