June 23rd, 2011


My name is Bethany. I'm a 19 year old college student from Louisiana. I used to post in my LJ obsessively, but that's died down. Recently I started a new LJ and I've started to be active again, however I don't have any friends anymore! Also, I'd make this pretty but it's 4 am and I am tired.

Some things about me:
-I'm a Sagittarius obsessed with traveling
-I have anxiety problems/panic disorder. I mention this occasionally.
-I believe that you should be able to post whatever you want in your journal. I'll never judge you for what you do in your life, and I ask you to please not judge me.
-I've been obsessed with the Beatles for as long as I can remember, but I also like every genre of music. Anything that's good.
-I'm a hopeless romantic and talk about love frequently.
-I'm a huge gamer, everything from original Nintendo to xbox. It's a big part of my life.
-I love reading, writing, drawing, painting, sculpting... any form of art.

Basically I'm looking for all types of people. I want my friends list to be very diverse...I love reading about all sorts of different beliefs, ideas, cultures, ways of living life, etc. So anyone and everyone...feel free to add me! Also please be willing to comment on my posts, as I am willing to comment on yours!

(P.S. I promise I have posts! I just don't have a friends only post yet. I really need to get around to that...)

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 My name just so happens to be Regina. I am currently 17 and my birthday is on the 14th of May. I started livejournal in an attempt to keep everything that happens in my life in order. I write down all my thoughts, my feelings, the events taking place in my life. I'm using this as my own little dairy I suppose you could say. 

I live in Florida where I spend most of my life smiling and laughing even when I have to fake it. I'm never one to bring you down and I'm a very positive person. I feel that if you have dreams and hopes you should reach for the stars, even when they seem so far out of reach, because as long as you believe and have faith, you can do anything and everything. 

Recently, I have been very let down and hurt. I've never felt such crushing emotions before in my life and a friend recommended this site to me. She informed me that I could write about everything I felt here and even meet knew friends on the way. Hints, why I'm writing this. 

I live in the country, but I'm far from fitting in here. I love to shop, I'm attracted to anything that shines and sparkles and pink is the color that catches my attention the most. I've been cheering and dancing for four years of my life and writing is my passion. I want to model, act, and sing and someday, when you turn on your radio or flip through your channels on the television screen, I'll be their, stretching my vocal cords or acting out a scene from the latest movie. 

I love to talk and share any advice I can with anyone. Making friends is a huge part of my life that never seems to get boring. People make my day, as long as I can relate and laugh, just have fun and smile, living my life to the fullest. 

Add me, and you surely won't ever regret it. :3

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Hi there! My name is Lauren. I'm a 23 year old Chicago-based graphic designer just starting out in the real world. I've been posting in this livejournal for eight years now.

A little random information for you:
-I am obsessed with cats. We have 7 of them at home.
-I struggle with clinical depression.
-I am an entry level graphic designer just starting out in the real world
-Love is a huge part of what I talk about in my journal.
-I LOVE to help others and am generous when I can be.
-I am OBSESSED with reading. I adore books.
-Obviously, I am an artist. I love designing and photography and anything art related and find inspiration everywhere.

Anyone is welcome to add me... I am very curious about the day to day lives of people in other cultures, communities, professions, locations, etc, and love to read about them.

That's all :]
05. hatsune miku

Hey heyo

The name's Fifi, 18. I'm a Biology major in uni, but I moonlight as an artist and a fashion journalist. I also do photography on the side and I'm an active member of the local vinyl toy collector community. Whoo, that was a handful.

My blog entries usually have something to do with art, Naruto, school, and angsty teenager stuff. I never write about love. I don't have anything against it, but I'm just not the mushy, romantic type. I usually blog on my downtime, so expect sporadic updates. I comment regularly though.

My journal is locked, so if you want to be friends, click here. Or you could comment here. Whichever floats your boat.

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I'm new :)

Hey so I literally JUST got this and I've been trying to figure out how to work it lol so if anyone has any advice on how to do stuff it would be great!

Anyways, of course I want some friends.

Well my name is Kristen.
I'm 20 and from Ontario, Canada.
I went to college last year, hated it and dropped out BUT i'm going again in the fall to a new school :)
I love love love Harry Potter and Rupert Grint mmm.
I have a boyfriend who i've been with for just 6 months but I love him to death.
I have two sisters, one is currently living in Scotland.
I'm so shy but very friendly once you get to know me.
I'm super self concious and critical of myself, but then again who isn't... aha
I'm so terrible at making these things, i feel like I've already said everything I can about myself!

I hope to make some friends, but remember I'm still learning. But any advice on the site would be greatly appreciated, thanks! :D

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