July 7th, 2011

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hello, everyone! i'm ashley. i'm 23 years old and i live with my boyfriend of 3 years and work at wal-mart. i have no children unless you count my cats and my hermit crabs but i do have a niece that i love like my own. i do not claim to be interesting or extraordinary so don't add me hoping to be inspired or swept off your feet in awe. ;] i do love making friends though so if you're interested in actual friendships i just may be your gal. i'm friendly and easy going but i can be a real bitch sometimes. (who can't, really?) i'm not into sports or politics or religion but i enjoy reading, watching movies/tv and playing video games. i have a serious lack of creativity but i love icon making. i hate drama and i'm all about keeping the peace. you can read more in my friends only and/or userinfo.

some favorites:
☇ harry potter.
☇ graphic/icons.
☇ pretty little liars.
☇ glee.
☇ leonardo dicaprio.
☇ disney.
☇ peguins.
☇ anything cute & cuddly.

feel free to add me if:
☇ we have similar interests.
☇ we can actually be friends.
☇ you actually comment now & then.

do not add me if:
☇ you expect a comment on every entry.
☇ you are rude.
☇ you're close-minded, racist, homophobic, etc.
☇ post a ridiculous amount about drinking/partying/drugs.
☇ only every update about your drama.

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Hihihi. My name is Briana Danielle. I'm 24 years young. I reside in Orlando, FL. (Yes, I went to school with Casey Anthony) I'm a cosmetology student who should've graduated in March (now it's august5th) but never go to school because I'm already working in the field doing hair and makeup and styling on photo shoots, fashion shows, music videos, movies, and more (Yes, I post pictures!). I love it more than anything in the world except singing&dancing. I was once in a pop group! Nothing famous, just local fun. I have a boyfriend named Justin, I met him in middle school. I'm obsessed with Los Angeles, Fashion, Beauty, Music, Facebook, TV, Movies, The Beach, Weight/Fitness/Health/Food, Photography, Reading, and Video Games. Sophia Bush is like my favorite person. It's hard to find a song, band, movie, show, etc that I don't like. I have too many favorites to name.

Those are just some FF's. Add me so we can be friends<3.
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Hey there folks!

My name’s Kay, I’m a 22 year old from Oz. Also known as Australia, just so there’s no confusion there.

I’ve been part of LJ for yeeeeears but have just started a new journal. My old one was kinda depressing and I fell out of contact with my friends there so wanted a fresh start!

I love Harry Potter, hate Twilight. Love cooking, hate bananas. Love photography and writing, hate condescending people and religious nuts.

Books are most of my life – no, seriously, I work in a library – and movies are another huge part. Then there’s my boyfriend (whom I live with) and friends. I’m a Tupperware rep and am planning to begin studying part-time in August.

So I have a lot going on, but that doesn’t mean I’ll neglect my creative outlet. :D

My journal is going to have icons, movie/book reviews, bits and pieces of my life, fiction, photography, recipes, a few rants (I do like a good rant), and whatever I feel like at the time, basically. I’m a good commenter and I’m definitely interested in other people’s lives (must be the writer in me!).

I also like:
- Grey’s Anatomy
- Supernatural
- RPGs
- Gilmore Girls
- How I Met Your Mother
- Polaroid cameras
- Decorating
- Elvis
- Costume parties

So... who wants to be friends? :D

Boredom=Reposting. :)

This is probably the bajillionth time I've posted here on the hunt for new friends. But I'm sitting here at work (last day!!) and I figured I'd see who else I could collect. ;)

My name's Stephanie. I'm 18 years young. I am currently a pre-med sophomore at Tarleton State, but I'm switching to undecided shortly so I can finish up my basics. Plan A is to transfer to UT Dallas and get my degree in game design. Plan B is to stay at Tarleton, get a business degree, and open up a bakery (I currently have a self-run cheesecake business). Plan C is to forget school for now and join the army.

Born in the Philippines, grew up in New York, currently residing in Texas.

I have issues with my family. We don't get along much. I'll be posting about that a bunch, most likely. I also post a lot about stupid mistakes I've made. You'll learn that I'm very impulsive...which usually doesn't lead to good things. 

I love giving/receiving advice!

I practically worship My Chemical Romance. this band changed my life.

I'm getting my first tattoo sometime this month. I'm uber excited and nervous. I'm scared it's gonna hurt like a mo'fo'.

I love to have fun. I love being random and that "crazy asian chick that you thought would be super smart and quiet." I'm freakishly sarcastic and I have a quirky sense of humor and style. I would like to consider myself unique, but so does everyone else, so maybe i'm secretly just ordinary? If there is such a thing.

I'm freaking ready for Harry Potter part 2 to come out.

I play guitar in my spare time. I have a Fender Squier Stratocaster and just got myself a Starcaster. Kurt Cobain is one of my musical heroes.

I really don't know what else to say. That should be enough to get ya started. :) Add me and we'll get to know each other! :)
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sunny skies and introductions

hello, my name is priscilla. i'd like to think of myself as a princess, because i like tiaras, big fluffy dresses, cupcakes, lip gloss, heels and pink things, particularly pink things with bows. even more specifically, pink satin peep-toe heels with bows. if i wasn't typing, my hands will be clapping right now. clap clap clap. but generally, i'm a nice girl in university/college in her last year and looking forward for summmmmer to arrive. it's winter here in sydney, australia and i'm all the rage for wearing tiny miniskirts (despite the weather), big black over-the-knee boots, cute camel coloured jackets and capes and drinking lots of authentic hot chocolate. there's nothing like a thick vienna hot chocolate sitting between your cold hands.

i ♥ shopping, grocery shopping, boy bands, coffeeeeeeeeee (iced and otherwise), audrey hepurn because she's classic and awesome and awesome and awesome ('nuff said), audrey tautou because she's the sexiest french girl i know, making out in the backseat with the boy you heart, glossy magazines, picture books, world history (i did a bachelor of arts in history! surprised? yeah, me too), fairy tales, writing love poems and stories and vampires. heart heart vamps.

musically, i'm inclined to cute things, well i like cute things. cute cakes, cute boys, cute shoes, clean books, and food that makes you want to go munch munch munch!! owl city is my love, and so is kina grannis. if they could marry and have children, i'd be their godmother. although at the moment, i'm a poor advocate, i'm actually listening to ze:a, a singing, dancing troupe of tall korean boys :/ there's nothing like a fetish on watching cute boys dance in a synchronised fashion to dandy pop tunes.

i used to have a journal at husssylove, but i've sort of outgrown my time there, so maybe if you like, we can exchange, you know.....(nooooo i'm not trying to pick you up!) hugs and become awesome awesome livejournal friends! ♥

i'm being nice, i'll put a picture of myself up! don't laugh, i cry easy.

recipe for happiness

Let's be friends?

Hello! I am an 18 year old American female and soon-to-be college freshman. My dreams are to someday own a bookshop and live in a hobbit house in the Shire. I am quiet and snarky. I spend far too much time daydreaming. My biggest fannish obsessions are Doctor Who and Harry Potter. I am an Anglophile, a bookworm, an atheist, and a vegetarian. Sharing recipes is awesome. Sharing super delicious muffin recipes is especially awesome (hint). Cheesy SyFy Channel monster movies make me happy. LGBT issues are important to me. I like to think of myself as open minded. I love art, fashion, and beauty in general. I struggle with anxiety and depression. I'm a grumpy old man at heart. Like this A Softer World comic, I believe that a life needs secret plans.

Add me if we have something in common. Also add me if we have absolutely nothing in common but you find me interesting anyway. Either way, please leave a comment here or at my journal introducing yourself. 
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LJ Newbie

Wondering if there are any older people on here (35+) interested in mental health, parenting, healing from crazy families, supporting oneanother. I am a partnered lesbian but most of my close friends happen to be straight--maybe because straights ARE the majority, after all, lol. I am interested in ideas and learning from the lives and experiences of others. Not against younger people, but just think they may not have the same interests and concerns and I may be boring to them :-). I'm 51, live in Texas, grew up in Maine, deal with the family curse of depression mostly successfully, have young kids (9 & 12), and enjoy criminal fiction and understanding the minds of the truly disturbed. Would love friends if any of this sounds interesting to you. Thanks!
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Alex Vause, ointb

take two:

 Hi all,
My name is Paige, I'm 21 and from California. I posted in this group a couple months ago and started following a few journals that I really enjoyed, but it seems like everyone has stopped posting lately and I'm looking for some new stuff to read.

I have had my LJ for more than 4 years and have never failed to post at least once a week. I like to write about drinking, parties, friends, romantic escapades (I'm bisexual), work, places, and everyday life. I find people incredibly fascinating, so I always end up writing about all of the best ones that I meet, even if I only speak to them for a brief moment. I just finished my third year in college and will get my degree in Literature& Creative Writing (with a minor in Spanish) next year- but am currently living at home for the summer (in the desert). At the end of August I'm going to study abroad in Spain for six months, and I travel excessively in general (I spent last summer living in England, and all of that's in here too) so I always write about my travels as well.

What I really want in an LJ friend is their life: the excitement, accomplishments, and bad times too; I'm really partial to crazy partiers (because I'm one myself) and people who aren't afraid to bare it all-- bring on the vulgar, the sex stories,  the grotesque, I love it. I don't add fanfic writers, people who write about politics, or people who only focus on the negative. I thrive on humor and never take anything too seriously, and I hope to find people who feel the same.

I'm first and foremost a fiction writer but I never post my fiction here. This is strictly autobiographical. I do post poetry from time to time and sometimes introspective shit but mostly it's just me trying to remember everything that happens in order to spin it into something more coherent later. 

I have an eclectic taste. I love pop music: Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, anything with a great beat. I love all kinds of rock and am currently addicted to the Black Keys. The only TV show I watch is True Blood. I read just about everything but have a soft place in my heart for young adult novels: anything by John Green, Harry Potter of course, Phillip Pullman's Dark Materials trilogy, and I'm just now finishing the Hunger Games series. I also love Neil Gaiman and random sci-fi stuff.
As far as movies, my favorites are Repo! the Genetic Opera, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Let the Right One In (the Swedish version), Labyrinth (and I'm a huge Bowie fan in general), Ghost World, Moulin Rouge, and Clueless (sort of a wild card, but I love it.) I guess you could say I'm into goth/macabre stuff, but I'm also annoyingly optimistic and happy most of the time.

Overall I'm just an ambitious girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and falls in love with too many things. And possibly drinks too much. But if you let me into your life you get all of mine back!

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