July 15th, 2011


y o u a r e m y s u n s h i n e

{"so pull me under your weather patterns
your cold fronts and the rain don't matter
'cause the sun burns when I need it" }

Hi, I’m Natalie, or Day. Nice to meetcha.
-I’m seventeen, going into my senior year of high school.
-I live in a small town in Texas, and dream of someday traveling the world with a high-techy camera at hand.
-I consider myself an introvert, so feel free to add me if you’re one too. ; ] It’s always nice to talk to people with similar interests but I’m also very accepting toward just about anyone.
-I'm looking for friends who actually want to be FRIENDS. I like posting on other people's journals so I hope my journals won't be ignored.
-Lately my interests have been centered around undiscovered bands, fashion, Rilke poetry, and cooking. I still burn a lot of things because I typically have the attention span of a mayfly when it comes to checking up on oven contents, but I enjoy any sort of DIY projects that I can busy myself with. xD

{  Favorite Bands: DeathCab, Adele, Young The Giant, Owl City, Nada Surf, Modest Mouse, Taylor Swift, Skillet, Fall Out Boy, Copeland, The Killers, Foster The People, Breathe Carolina, Kelly Clarkson, and I also love to listen to instrumentals such as piano and violin music. :]
Livejournal Content: Just random things that have been collecting in my mind, or updates about my day. I really like posting on other’s journals more than my own, but that’s not to say I’m inactive. I try to post at least every other day so I don’t flood anyone’s inbox too much. cx
Interests:  Painting, drawing, (I do some digital drawing too, but I can’t say I’m the greatest)  anime,  photography, traveling, striking up a silly/bubbly/or serious conversation with someone. :3
Movies: Anything with comedy or action. Johnny Depp and Morghan Freeman are my absolute favorite actors. }


Well, I hope we can become good friends, so don't hesitate to add me!
 Have a nice day~   : ]♥




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Hello my name is Elizabeth and I'm about to be 23 years old. I'm married ( for two and a half years ) and he's my best friend. We're epic nerds together.

I'm really in to reading, mostly Fantasy, Urban Fantasy and PNR. I have a goodreads account so you are more than free to add me on there as well. Some of my favorite authors are Diana Wynne Jones, J.K. Rowling, Kim Harrison, Karen Chance and Karen Marie Moning.

Some facts about me:

I don't work. Between depression and medicine that makes me feel crappy all the time. I wont accept any shit about this.

Oh, I swear sometimes.

I had cancer and now I don't. The upkeep for me not to have cancer is life long and a daily thing. It sucks but I'm still breathing right?

I have 3 cats and a doggie. I really love my animals, they are my furchildren. I post a lot about them and love taking their pictures.

I'm interested in photography. My dream job would be taking photos for those awesome kitten calendars.

I have...a bunch of hobbies. Not that I do them all at once, I switch it around a lot depending on my mood.

I find that just about everything depends on my mood.

Um... my Father died when I was very young and my Mother raised me. I know what it's like to not have a lot of money and go hungry. I'm an only child and sometimes that got kind of lonely but at the same time I don't like being around a lot of people.

Some things I like are: David Bowie, Gnomes, my Kindle, Masterpiece Theater, Cats,....

Okay I can't think of anymore stuff. I like TV a lot, some of the TV shows I like are Doctor Who, Battlestar Galatica, X-files, Glee, King of the hill Adventure Time, Daria. Most of the TV shows I like get canceled. I'm in to Korean Dramas, my favorite one ever was Coffee Prince.

I like reading about peoples lives, I like commenting on peoples lives. I like having LJ friends for a long, long time. I'd rather have a few friends I'm really close with then a bunch I know nothing about.

Comment if you want to be friends!


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My name is Jekka, I'm 24 year old college student. I live a life of a large feuding family, the love of my life, being honest with myself and knowing when to let go.

I need more livejournal friends to read, comment on and receive comments from. I try to keep my entries short and neat so there's no eye rape involved.

I get busy and I know people do as well so in that belief I do not do LJ cuts. Everyone is welcomed to be my friend, there's no silly frequenting requirement.

Add me? :)
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Image and video hosting by TinyPicI'm Katie, I'm 20 and I'm from England. I am random, a tiny bit vain and friendly...sometimes a bitch and I moan about a few things. I have an addiction to Pixie Lott and Lady Gaga. I am in love with Ayumi Hamasaki and all things Japanese. :) Fall Out Boy are STILL my favourtie band and I have a love for Twilight and Harry Potter.

When it comes to reading journals, I don't like ready long entries...I do apologise about that. I comment when I have something to say otherwise you won't hear from me. I don't expect people to comment to me but it is a nice gesture :) also, for a girl from England, my grammer sucks. I make many spelling mistakes and I don't use grammer properly XD

I am a dork btw. I still play Pokemon and I still watch Spongebob...I'm quite childish.

Comment here or on my FO page if you are interested in me at all...and please don't add me because I posted a picture of myself.

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Looking for some new awesome people!

Why hello there!

My name is Tina, I am 23 years old and live in Bonn,Germany.
I hope to find some new friends here (obvs. xD).

I am not overly picky, just a few things:
- please be at least 16. I don't really "click" with most younger people, sorry :)
- absolutely NO conservative, pro-life, anti-feminist people. I have kind of a strong opinion on women's issues and reproductive rights.
- be open-minded and accepting of other people's lifestyles/problems. Especially eating disorders and mental illnesses, seeing as I am recovering from bulimia and depression.
- I have a "Safe Space Policy" which describes a few things that trigger me and should not be mentioned in my journal. I am aware that this sounds like I am taking myself way too seriously, but please do me a favour and read it (it's linked in my user-info and also the sidebar of my journal) before adding :) Thanks in advance!

Don't let the above scare you away, I am really nice if you are nice to me aswell :)
My user info has quite a bit about me in it, so check it out and if you like what you are reading, add me :)
(but please leave a comment here or in my Friends Only post first, so that I know you're from here :) )
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