July 17th, 2011


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Hi I am on my third Livejournal account and need new and active Livejournal friends/users...

Basic info: I am Lenny, 27 from Erie Pennsylvania... Near Cleveland and Buffalo. I am originally from South Florida. I am honest, direct and hold nothing back. I am kinda reckless with my personal opinion and if I have lived an experience, my opinion is of gospel. My posts can be newsy, sports-related or very personal. Sometimes, I will just post a song I like... Maybe a Lacuna Coil song... Maybe Big Daddy Kane... Maybe Eminem... Maybe Paul Oakenfold...

I am a good friend to have. I am experienced in life and am on my 3rd city. There's really nothing I cant say I havent done that I have wanted to.

well, if interested... Shoot me an add.
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Hi everyone!

I've been on Livejournal since I was 18 and have met some very awesome people along the way. Unfortunately, most of those friendships have gravitated to Facebook and no longer write in LJ. I was doing the same thing for a while, but I decided to return after a good year hiatus with a desire to meet new people to add to my circle. I just miss writing.

Who am I? I'm Sabrina. I'm a 28-year old married woman living in the east coast area. My husband is a geek and so am I, so we're just two happy geeks living together! I'm very shy around people I don't know very well hence why I seem to do better making friends online. No license yet since I have a strange phobia of driving but planning to conquer it in the near future. I love the paranormal and a sucker for anything involving or surrounding ghost or ghost mysteries. I have one cat who I absolutely love and a spunky betta fish I named 'Akio'.

I'm a bit of an eccentric person with my own quirks and oddities but very open-minded towards a lot of things. I love photography, cooking, and gaming. Whether it's killing zombies in L4D or trying to pretend I'm cool in Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2, I've been an avid gamer since I was a child and have no intention of stopping. I plan to start a family by 2012 if all goes according to plan. I want to travel to another country at least once in my life, preferably Japan or the Caribbeans. I'm a big fan of Michael Jackson. I love to role playing games (writing and console). And lastly, I love the color pink and cherry blossoms. I think that covers everything?

What do I write about? Day-to-day life, random thoughts on certain aspects of life, anything that generally comes to mind. I try not to write in a manner that's "What I had for breakfast then slept all day" but I don't consider myself terribly entertaining, either. At least I don't think so. I write about being a wife, a woman in this world, and many other things that some people can relate to. I tend to be wordy but not in the annoying sense. Sometimes I just get carried away with my thoughts. I guess I write a little bit of everything!

What am I looking for? People in my general age range who are equally similar. Enjoy the simple things out of life and willing to at least read. I don't expect people to comment and perfectly comfortable with just a quiet friendship. I just enjoy reading what others experience and sharing my own. So as long as you're kind, open-minded, and genuine, I have a feeling we'll get along swimmingly.

A good chunk of my LJ friendships have known me since I was a kid, some who I've had the pleasure of meeting in person. That's how well I tend to connect with certain folks through here. Now that most of them are on Facebook only, I hope to establish similar friendships in the future.
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Here's to Being Social

Hey, I'm Liz.  Like many here, I have been an on-and-off user of LJ (now on again since I've got a new laptop to write on).  I tend not to add many friends, but I am in the mood for more interesting things to read!  I used this community about 6 months ago and found a few good people; I'd like to find a few more.

A bit about me:
  • I am 28 (I think - sometimes I lose track), female, short, fat, and happy.
  • I am from north MN.  I love it here.
  • I am single with no kids, and one cat.  Being a crazy cat lady is my backup plan if life doesn't work out.
  • I enjoy the fact that I'm kinda weird, but I try not to be pretentious about it.  (I like obscure music and have strange hobbies, so what!)
  • Speaking of music - I LOVE music.  I live in a town with a good local music scene and get out to see live music when I can.  I see larger shows when I can afford them (from Broadway musicals to rock concerts).  
  • And speaking of strange hobbies I like to craft things with copper and beach glass.  I also geocache.  Those are the two uncommon ones.
  • I am a novice photographer but really enjoy it; photos will pop in my journal from time to time.
  • I'm also happily nerdy/geeky/dorky.  That covers things like movies,books, and video games.  I was queen of killing zombies, now I've moved on to taking over the world.
  • I'm introspective and mellow - it takes a lot to bother me.
  • I use more parenthesis than Stephen King.

What I like (in journals):
  • Discussions on philosophy and religion, as long as they are respectful.
  • Reading about other people's interesting lives and problems.
  • Artists - if you post original artwork (as long as it's not spammy) it makes me happy.
  • Literacy - too much leetspeak, netspeak, spelling/grammar errors, etc makes me grumpy.

What I dislike (in journals):

  • Kids.  Sorry, but I'm kid-free by choice and I don't much like hearing about other peoples' kids.
  • Fanfic.  It's one thing if you write/enjoy it and post it somewhere else.  But I don't really like it and don't want to see it on my friends list.
  • Fangirling/fanboying (is there a non-gender-specific word for being a rabid fan?) over certain people, movies, actors, or whatever, if it takes up more than 50% of your journal posts.
  • Too much angst and drama-making.  Having drama in your life is one thing but making it is another.
  • Immaturity - I know it's relative, but what can I say?  I expect a certain amount of non-idiocy.
  • I'm not that picky, but I like people that have a bit in common with me.

What you'll find in my journal:

  • Short narrative posts, like "this is what I did today, this is what's on my mind".
  • Musings on the ethics of situations, usually about sex.
  • Occasional photos (I've taken) that I want to share.
  • Memes, only if someone on my friendslist posts one AND I find it interesting.

My journal isn't all that interesting - I'm not looking for people who want to comment on every entry or anything.  I'm more looking for people who have interesting journals that can be my window into someone else's life.  So...leave me a comment here, or a comment on my first journal post (most of my journal is friends-only, due to a creepy ex.)  I'm waiting to hear from you!
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