July 23rd, 2011

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add me?

broken hearted
brit rock fanatic


[Name]: Nico
[Nicknames]: Kim,nico,bean,leetle
[Gender]: girl
[Sexuality]: straight/ish
[Relationship]: single (I.E not attached)
[Occupation]: POET/dreamer/music journalist/assistant poetry editor/vocalist/lyricist
[Language]: american English (we ruined the damn language)
[Eyes]: Blue/green/grey
[Hair]: Blonde is my birth color..but i bleached it platinum
[Height]: 5'5"
[Styles]: punk/mod/grunge/indie
[Piercings]: took them all out
[Tattoos]: trying decide on one!!
[Posse]: im a loner/cyber friends/shadows and B-rated rockstars

[Bands]: (types of bands) shoegaze,britpop,indie,grunge,old punk,industrial,electro,dream pop,spacerock,glam rock
[Concerts]: millions of shows! big ones? soundgarden,screaming trees,jim carroll,the dandy warhols,mudhoney,7-year bitch,sky cries mary,modest mouse,jarvis cocker,blake lewis,charlatans u.k,sondre lerche


[Books]:memoirs/fantasy,beat and french poetry
[Films]:indie,cult,horror,drama,foreign and musicals
[TV I Watch]: true blood,Dexter,lost,strangers with candy,scrubs,dead like me,the mighty boosh
[Videogames]: second life


[Personality]: goofy yet sad...moody and dark...childlike
[Life Mission]: to find peace of mind and publish a book.
[Religion]: agnostic,art as religion.
[Hobbies]:music,acting,photography,writing,smoking,film,live shows
[People I Admire]:jim morrison,richey edwards,jim carroll,jarvis cocker,brett anderson,richard ashcroft
+Current Obsessions+

[1] pulp
[2] britpop
[4] film
[5] reading
[6] the mighty boosh/noel fielding
[7] lastfm
[8] writing
[9] suede


Ok, let's see here...Thought I'd do this again.

Name: Wendy
Nicknames: Mimi Ninja Ukyo, Wendy-Girl, Wendalu
Age: 33
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Satus: In a relationship to the most beautiful and awesome girl.
Before we get started, my girlfriend is the first girl I've dated. We've been best friends for 6 years and been a couple for 11 months as of July, 24, 2011. A friend of mine stop being my friend over that, because she told me we can't date (me and my girl), because we're not fully gay. If you think that way too don't friend me.

I support Same Sex Marriage...Just so we're all clear...If you don't don't friend me.

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♥→About Me
Name: Katt
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Sexuality: Pansexual
Religion: Theist
Politics: Uhhhh, I honestly don't care much for them at all.
Hobbies: Baking, Cooking, Greek Mythology, Reading

Anime/Manga: Ah! My Goddess, Cowboy Bebop, Haruhi Suzumiya, Hetalia, Higurashi, Ouran Host Club, Pokemon Special, Sailor Moon, Trigun
Books: Dean Koontz, Edgar Allen Poe, Harry Potter, Of Mice And Men, Stephen King
Films: Harry Potter, The Ring, The Room
Games: Disgaea, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Rune Factory, Suikoden, Tales of Legendia
Music: CKY, Classical Music, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Some J-Pop
Shows: American Dad, Futurama, Glee, My Little Pony, My Strange Addiction, The Soup
Other: Mermaids and Zombies~ (even better, a combination of the two) Ship Manifestos, Fandom Secrets (I'm not even gonna lie, I've become addicted to the two) And Homestuck, yes, Homestuck. <3

♥→Add Me
∟If you like any of the things I've mentioned.
∟If your a fellow cook.
∟If your an overall nice, drama-free person.

♥→Don't Add Me
∟If your an arrogant person who likes stroking/having their ego stroked.
∟You ABSOLUTELY want me to comment on EVERY journal entry of yours. I'll pretty much will comment on them all, unless they don't appeal to my interests.
∟You often make journals in which you'll bash on certain anime/manga/books/films/games/music/shows/characters/pairings/etc or other LJ users.

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I just started a new journal. I am not new to livejournal at all. I think I have been on here since 1999? I want to start a new journal because on my old journal it seems like everyone knew about it and I couldn't put my real thoughts into it. So, here it is. A brand new journal... and I want some new friends.. ones I don't know in everyday life :) I'm 26 and single. So, I write about being single a lot. I have a love hate relationship with it. I love music.. it keeps me going in life. I have a strong love for Weezer. I'm really open minded too! Check out my journal and feel free to add me!
outweird - strange


I love monkeys. That’s probably the most important thing you need to know about me, but I guess some of you will need a titch more to go on. I normally have a standard shpeel to sell myself, but I figure I’ll wing it, not like the drought on LJ is giving you much to choose from anyway. I have a permanent account. I plan on being here awhile. I love FB and I’m sure other sites will come and go, but I can always come to my LJ and find a sense of myself and community that can’t be found elsewhere.

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Hello! My name is Alla, I will be happy to read your diaries, and I hope you will read mine one. I live in Russia but speak English a little, so can chat with you in English.
My diary is about my language, travels and tourism.
Add me, please!