August 3rd, 2011

dentelle noire

About me....

I'm a 19 year old Capricorn female and a complete LJ idiot. I'll get fancier with my posts as I gain some more LJ knowledge. (The days of any html knowledge that I had acquired through myspace when it was the "it" form of social networking have completely left me.)

I'd like to get to know some of you! Reading about other people's lives and interests is completely fascinating to me. I love learning through observation, and LJ to me, is a place where I can spill all of my dirty little secrets without fear of being judged because you'll never know who I am. I can be completely balls out honest with you. ;] My first post really tells you everything you basically need to know about me.

Other things I did not mention in my post but might be of some interest to you:
*I'm not artsy :[ oh how I wish I were, but I can only seem to use my head, not my hands. I doodle here and there and did enjoy finger painting as a child...does that count? haha I do appreciate all the arts though. Especially since I can't create like some of you here can. I do, however, write. All kinds of things; poetry, short stories, little phrases that pop into my head. I might share some of these things in the future...

*I'm not a vegetarian or a vegan. I tried, oh how I tried. It's just difficult to live in a household where the mentality is that it isn't a meal without meat. Instead I abstain from eating red meat and am slowly starting to ease back into it. Anyone want to be my support system on this??

*I LOVE all kinds of tea, and only drink my coffee black with sugar in it.

*I don't really watch T.V. because I get frustrated being at home for too long. When I do sit and watch the tube, you'll find me enthralled with whatever is on the history channel (Ancient Aliens or Top Gear, anyone?) You might also find me too enthusiastic about what the Gossip Girl gang is up's a guilty pleasure! I also enjoy funny satirical shows like American Dad and the like. Oh and I'm in love with Colbert. We're eloping. He doesn't know it yet.

*My taste in music- most alternative/indie rock. I also LOVE older rock; think David Bowie, Queen, Led Zepplin, G'n R and the like. I listen to a lot of Oasis, The Strokes, The Cure, and of course the Beatles. Just a few of my favorites. I don't agree with most of the shoddy mainstream music "artists" put out nowadays...but it's fun to wiggle your bum to while tipsy on a Friday night....

*This is all I can think of...

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Infinite X's and O's,
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-insert witty comment here-

I'm fucking awful at this kind of thing, so please don't be put off by how pretentious/boring/annoying I sound. I promise I'm a nice person really!

Paragraphs about myself never turn out well, so I'm just going to list random points of 'interest' and hope for the best.
-clears throat awkwardly-

- I'm 17 years old.
- I live in Northwest England.
- I adore writing, reading and watching movies; anything that involves the exploration of different worlds and people.
- I'm fascinated by people in general (probably the main reason why I come on Livejournal).
- I'm unhealthily obsessed with Skins and, to some extent, Harry Potter.
- I'm currently studying Combined English, Psychology, Classical Civilisation and Early Modern History at college.
- I'm sadly not even slightly artistic, but I do adore anything artistic (not just painting; photography, fashion, even baking...) so if your blog includes that kind of thing I'd love to see it!
- I want to be a writer. It's all I've ever seriously wanted to do, and it's always just seemed like such an inevitability that I don't know what I'll do if I don't end up being a writer of some kind (preferably fiction, but the idea of journalism seems increasingly appealing these days).
- I'm a climbing fanatic (though I don't do it nearly enough nowadays) and I love swimming and cycling.
- Kate Atkinson is my God. She's incredibly underrated, so if you've even read anything by her I automatically like you.
- I'm trying to get involved in charity work; I've done very little so far, but hopefully I'll keep on doing more and more and get seriously involved when I'm older. It's something that means a huge deal to me.
- I'm a vegetarian and an atheist (thought I may as well group these together as they're the two things about me that could potentially be considered ~controversial). I'm happy to discuss my opinions on meat eating and/or religion, but it's unlikely that you're going to change my mind on either issue.
- I'm a magazine addict.
- I'm honestly more interesting than these shitty little points make me out to be.

Currently my journal consists soley of personal 'diary entry' style posts, but hopefully I'll find the motivation to start writing again soon and post some fanfiction/general stories (: I have very little readership at the moment and it's always lovely having new people to talk to and journals to read, so please comment if you'd like me to add you!

Thankyou for sitting through this, and apologies for being so socially awkward that it transfers through a damn computer screen. ♥
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