August 10th, 2011

maybe we should be friends :)

im 26, i just moved to las vegas nevada from rockland county new york....its the biggest change ever, i made this journal to just talk to people who i don't yet know, sometimes i just need to vent and its hard being out here with no one but my boyfriend. my life is overwhelming sometimes to say the least.

A little more about me:
i love music, art, tattoos and piercings, road trips, animals, everything pink. I went to college for graphic design after i graduated. im all over the plase, very random and i have adhd which is fun, ill always keep you on your toes. i talk about a lot of things in my journal, my day, my boyfriend, drugs, plans, sex, what im doing.....basicly EVERY AND ANYTHING.

So yeah, i suck at this.....but add me if your cool and not a judgmental creep lol
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I'll make this short and sweet.

The Basics:
  • Name: Alyson
  • Age: 22
  • Sex: Female
  • Location: Florida, US
  • Interests: Art, fashion, video games, photography, blogging, web design, world of warcraft, baking, cake decoration,.
  • Music: VERY varied. I'm not picky at all. 
  • TV shows: American Dad, Cake Boss, Psych, Face Off (series), Chopped, and various anime. 
  • Major: Nursing (working on ITE degree on the side)
Random Facts:
  • Shy, more like social anxiety
  • Personality color code blue
  • Gemini
  • Afraid of escalators
  • Somewhat vain
  • Daydreams too much
  • Graphic design wannabe
  • Has a never ending "to-do" list
What to expect:
My journal posts are typically short and range from a variety of topics and moods. One post might be about depression and the next might be about World of Warcraft. This journal is about anything ME. I like to post random pictures, photographs, self photography, and illustrations that I work on. I like to rant and whine about life. I like to ramble about technology, video games, fashion and beauty.

I do not expect anyone to comment on all my entries, but at least comment every once in awhile. :)
Add me, I'll add back. 

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Rebecca Black: Awkward Girl

You wanna make a memory?

I've made some great friends on here, but some people think they're right for each other, when they actually aren't. But here I am again, looking for the right friends, people who I want to make a memory with and who want to make one too.

I'm a person known by different names. I'm known as Megan on my birth certificate, Megatron online, and Shit Head by friends and family alike. Winning since '95, I have sole custody of my Mom and live in apartment that I'm pretty sure is haunted. When not wishing for holy water by my side at night, I spend a lot of time playing on my DS Lite, making up silly songs to entertain myself, eating, crying over my loss of Harry Potter (a.k.a childhood), eating, applying lotion on constantly, watching cartoons, busing around the city, and nagging. My dream is to see a ballet in person and cry from happiness the whole time. Like Ron Swanson, I have something similar to his pyramid of greatness, but instead is a shape that's so obscure you've probably never heard of it. Pokemon, Bath & Body works products, beards, hockey, Andrew Garfield, The Regular Show, and being streets ahead are on the obscure-shape-of-greatness-but-less-awesome-then-Ron-Swanson's-pyramid-of greatness.

I'm a very sensitive person who loves to comment and loves making friends. I've become better at not making angsty posts and trying to make this journal something that's positive. So if you have found that you read this whole plea for friend and want to make a memory, just comment, cause I'm really paranoid, and let's live our lives like a Bon Jovi song.
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Friends Please

Hello lovely community~

I posted here once before, a long while back, on my old account saelethil. However; I've moved to this account to start anew, since my life is going in a new direction and starting a new chapter, I felt I needed something new for a journal too!

I'm challenging myself to update every single day as I'm soon moving into a new place with my boyfriend (we're a same-sex couple so if you don't like that, please steer clear or just no negative comments). I want to record my days even if it's totally mundane and boring to most others. You never know!

Anyway, I'm looking for some cool friends who wouldn't mind reading about my boring life and letting me into theirs as well (boring or not so boring, it doesn't matter to me!) I'll list a few basics about myself but in the end I don't mind who adds me, we can have tons in common or nothing at all, it never hurts to get to know someone who's outside what you normally are interested in.

My name's Christian.
I'm Male (but rather feminine, I get mistaken all the time and not just on the internet).
I'm twenty-something.
I'm engaged to my boyfriend of three (going on four) years.
I love cats.
I love pretty much everything cute (I have a box literally full of cute things that I packed up recently...)
I can listen to just about any music but my itunes is full of Korean.
I love languages and different cultures.
I'm a Ravenclaw.
I love to read and watch movies.
Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments ♥
All of my friends are artists but I'm not.
Capybara, Axolotl, Bumblebees and Giraffes are my favourite animals (in that order)
I'm Irish and proud!
My boyfriend is Italian and proud.
I have Bipolar so some of my posts may be depressing but it's not very frequent and hopefully will be less so now that I'm moving in with my boyfriend.

I feel like I'm not doing myself justice in the interests I have or what I'm like but I'm open and friendly and enjoy meeting new people and answering questions and getting to know someone. So if you'd like, feel free to add me! I'd prefer if you commented here first to let me know but it's not necessary. Either way, nice meeting you ;D
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