August 19th, 2011

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New journal, new friends?

Hi, everyone!
I'm a 21 year old American female, just started a brand new journal and would love some other journals to read. My journal will likely contain NSFW entries (words, not pictures) as i've recently discovered an interest in BDSM and writing erotica. You've been warned. At my core, though, i'm secretly a harmless nerdy gal. ;3 PSN, anyone?

Although I welcome others with ideals far different than my own, and see it as an opportunity to learn and grow, I ask that you respect mine, as well. I'm currently saving to move cross-country without my spouse and everyone sees this as a selfish act. I will likely talk about the move and would prefer not to be judged for it.

I dig lots of different stuff, almost everyone can find something in common with me. I love crafting and creating art while listening to Tipper, Android Lust, and Angelspit. I love body modification and alt fashion. I watch a lot of television and love snarky cartoons, Frasier, and How I Met Your Mother. I love animals and have a ton, mostly reptiles. I prefer reading and commenting and insist, you don't have to read my entries if you find them offensive. I'll understand! I'm definitely not into the whole "i'll be mean and bitchy to be cool" attitude, despite how common it is lately. If you see yourself in April from Parks & Rec, i'm not interested. XD I really do value kindness and respect. Sorry for giant block of text! While I doubt anyone's interested enough to add, please do let me know if you are! I'm quite shy but will open up in my journal.
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hawt Drenei
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 My name is Wessley (my friends call me Kriax)

I am 20 years-old 
I am openly gay
I smoke cigarettes
I love technology
I really want to be a game designer
I just recently moved out... again
I have the 2 best friends anyone could ask for
I live in Tennessee
I've moved way too much in my life
I'm glad that my family has finally settled
I am the 3rd child out of 4 (1 older sister, 1 older brother, 1 younger brother)
I am currently Jobless

I've only been on LJ a couple of years but I really love it, I recently had to make a new one because i forgot my old password and what not and I didn't feel like going through all that "Forgot Password?"bullshit so I started a new one. I sometimes post really long Entries and sometimes they're really short random Entries so don't judge me :P I'm VERY random when it comes to my entries as well. I like to rant on here it's just what I do, I am sometimes vulgar in my posts so ~you have been warned~ I love living with my friends they are everything to me and always will be. I love to play World of Warcraft and Mario Kart, I love watching movies but only if they blow my mind, Sucker Punch, V for Vendetta, stuff like that. I don't normally read a whole bunch of books but I've never really found a whole lot that I like either. I'm basically a nerd but a cool nerd? If there ever was a such thing I guess. I really hate getting attached to things but it always happens.  

I'm only looking for people friends not just someone who sits on someone's friends list and they never talk to. Add me if you'd like and I'll talk to you soon :)
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I am a 23 year old misfit living in Ireland. Just finishing up (lol starting) my dissertation for my postgrad in European Studies at TCD. Yeah, its as useless of a degree as it sounds. The plan is to make it sound cool and important so I can get a job.

I haven't been back to the States in over a year. Its been fun. I go back for a month in September before I head back to Ireland for work. Hopefully. I'm a New England gal through and through, but I am perfectly happy across the puddle.

I've been on LJ for ages, but now that I'm out of Uni (finally) I plan on spending more time on fun internet persuits, and LJ is included. It will be nice not to have homework looming. But I might be delusional. I think I've seen movies of people wishing they were in school instead of working. Oh well, I'll learn.

I am dating an amazing German boy. I call him my communist boy because he's all East Berlin like. Its a lie. He's a total capitalist. I love him lots and occassionally gush. Come September we will no longer live in the same country and times will be tough, so I'm sure that will feature a little bit, though I'm not hugely into talking about my relationships in depth on the internet.

Random Facts:
-I just finished The Hunger Games trilogy in 3 days. Partly loved it, partly disappointed  by the last book. Totally addicted.
-I still can't speak in a fake Irish accent. This makes me sad because it means I can't trick the tourists who swarm my Uni. :(
-I play trumpet and sing broadway power ballads badly. :)
-I love to cook, but up until this year I was scared of it. I make a mean chicken parm with homemade sauce.
-I love romance novels and wrote my undergrad thesis on them.
-I know way too much about mental health policy in Bulgaria. Please dissertation, go away.
-I'm learning German in September.
-I am a Slytherin

Current Obsessions:
-Harry Potter (always)
-True Blood, Doctor Who, Top Gear, DS9, TOS, SGA, Northanger Abbey, Upstairs/Downstairs
-Movies. All movies. Ever. 
-Looking at pictures of saucy apartments. Those lucky, stylish people. My apartment just has creepy wallpaper and ugly turquoise paint on the walls.

The next 6 months will involve:
-Finishing dissertation (Aug 31)
-Being hungover from finishing dissertation (Sept 1-3)
-Moving out and going home to Cape Cod for a month (Sept)
-Working on building a website for myself and a blog for my mom. Meaning I'll have to remember how to code. :P Been a while.
-Moving back to Ireland/Getting a job/Finding apartment
-Potentially following the boyfriend to Germany

I'm just looking for some more cool cats to hang out on LJ with. :)

I look forward to meeting you all! Please just leave a comment here or on my friends-only entry and I'll friend you back!

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Finn n Jake

pimping myself out againnnn


-Christie, 26 (though anyone who knows me will tell you I look and act much younger ;(( ), ATLANTA
-I work for an airline and fly for free which is especially good bc...
-I am in a LDR with loll someone who I met on lj!! And it's ok bc she is so incredibly lovely sweet beautiful and without a single flaw and I adore her so much. She's Canadian btw
-Oh yes, as you can probably guess by the sentence above I am gay. I was a late bloomer and self-loathing for a while. I blame no one but myself, though having an extremely religious, conservative and homophobic best friend in high school probably didn't help...
-I am an only child and a spoiled little white bitch ;(
-I have a 'black girl fetish' and my gf is black >:DDDD so im in hog heaven u kno
-I have 2 cats who meet me at the door every night when I'm home from work I love them so much
-I am very sarcastic and often mean to people who are bitches. But usualy very sweet to people who aren't!
-I don't watch much tv but when I do it's usually HGTV (LOL) or The Office. And Jimmy Kimmel every night. I love harry potter and x-men and my playstation 3
-I like nicki minaj, rihanna, girls aloud, honestly just pop music though I don't hate any music (except hardcore country)

I can't think of shit else right now and have to go to work anyway. Please at least one person have mercy and leave a comment so I don't come back to this and feel depressed as fuck ty love u all!
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(no subject)

Kimmi. Twenty one, going on forty, going on four; lifelong Michigander, engaged to the love of my life (who lives 40 miles away), no kids.
Graphic Design student, retail slave.
I'm a bit of a nerd.

<3: Hello Kitty, photography, Glee, Scott Pilgrim, My Little Pony, cosplaying, stickers, thrift stores, squirrels, iced coffee, anime, hoodies, warm summer days, Swedish Fish, thunderstorms, video games (Portal's my favorite :D), makeup
Not-<3: Bad hair days, snow, Comic Sans MS, doing laundry, traffic jams, driving next to semi trucks, long work days
My journal: Rants/raves about aforementioned pseudo-LDR/wedding planning, school, work, and the like. Occasionally photos/surveys/what have you thrown in.
INCEPTION: Is This Real?

In Need of Committed Friends

I’ve tried fishing for some new friends over at the friends_i_want community and I gained some good friends. And now I feel deserted, like no one reads or comments on my entries. So here I go.

My name is Ronnell—I’d like to be called Ronster, my pseudonym—and I am a college-bound student in pursuit of psychology, sociology, and philosophy at this beautiful college in upstate New York. I am 18 years young, male, average weight but kind of short for my age, and I seem to have the mind of a middle-aged man who’s experienced a great deal of things in life, although life hasn’t finished rapping on my door. Is that weird?

I’m interested in the wonderful art of poetry and good short stories. I enjoy writing them more than reading them, and I selectively and privately upload my creations to my journal. Music is my savior. I listen to a lot of alternative metal + rock, hard rock—Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Rise Against, Chevelle, 10 Years (just to name several). I love the innovative nature of technology (I just recently got an Android HTC EVO). I cherish and take good care of my netbook, computer, Xbox 360, iPod Touch, and HTC EVO. I barely let people near them because I’ll go insane if someone breaks or mistreats any of them. I am in love with Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Gears of War, and Halo. As you can see I’m a Shooter person, but I have a heart for RPGs as well.

I’m learning how to be open-minded and how to be a critical thinker. I’m agnostic—NOT ATHEIST—but I don’t mind if people choose to talk about or share their religious ideas either in their journal or directly to me. I have no stance on politics, although I really should as an American citizen. I find humor in things that aren’t necessarily intended to be funny; I think life would be a lot funnier if we stopped taking everything so seriously. But I’m very tactful and empathetic towards people’s feelings. I have a huge heart for people in general, but certain kinds peeve me.

My journal is mostly Friends Only; anyone is allowed to view my public Writer’s Block Responses. My entries are moderately long and thorough, organized, and structured. I’m a big freak when it comes to organization, structure, spelling, proper grammar, etc. I reflect on life, share my deep thoughts and experiences, and post my poetry and short stories. I swear every now and then when I’m in a bad mood. And I frequent LiveJournal every day and post once every two or three days.

I hope to find users that are online very often, comment often, respectful, open-minded, and confident enough to share ideas. I will NOT tolerate:

• Discrimination of any kind
• Disrespect
• Extreme arrogance

Women and men of all ages are welcome!

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