August 31st, 2011

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Hello :) My name's Christina, I'm 23 years old, and I'm from Long Island, New York currently living in San Diego, California for graduate school. I've been with my boyfriend John for 5 and half years and he lives back home in NY.

I spend my time: Yoga, psychology, spending time with my boyfriend, spending time with friends and family, partying, studying, graduate school, working out, dancing.

I listen to: Lil Wayne, Drake, Taking Back Sunday, Kanye West, T.I., DJ Khaled, Kid Cudi, Adele, Something Corporate, Fabolous, Wiz Khalifa, Usher, Dashboard Confessional, Anya Marina, Frou Frou, A Fine Frenzy, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Flyleaf, Norah Jones, Brandi Carlile, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Brand New, The Color Fred, Damien Rice, Blink-182.

On tv, I watch: Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Private Practice, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Obsessed, The Sopranos, Khloe & Lamar, Weeds, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, The Wendy Williams Show, Mob Wives, Dexter, Intervention , Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Mentalist, House, Lie to Me, Covert Affairs, Bones, Real Housewives of New Jersey, Detroit 1-8-7, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Jimmy Kimmel Live.

As far as movies go, I love: Hannibal, The Silence Of The Lambs, Red Dragon, The Hangover, Pineapple Express, Analyze This, The Godfather, Fight Club, Hide and Seek, 88 Minutes, Shutter Island, Superbad, Righteous Kill, Blow, No Country For Old Men, Bundy: A Legacy of Evil, Insomnia, Inception, Legally Blonde, Zodiac, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Fracture, White Chicks, Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

If interested, please go to my journal, read more about me, and comment and ask :)
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24. Florida. Married. Mommy

My daughter is almost 4 months and currently I'm a stay at home mom while I go to school online and study Web Design. It's a pain in the ass but something I've always wanted to do and make a career out of.

I'm an open person and love my friends. I don't like fake people, people who need to put up a front as though their life is perfect when it's not, people who think everything is all about them and people who always play the victim.

I'm actually pretty easy to get along with as long as you're real with me. I'm looking for new online friends that may be able to expand past lj and in to chat, fb...etc. I'm always home so having friends on here to interact with would be nice :) I don't like adding people just to let them sit there.

I like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paramore, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Celtic Woman, 30 Seconds to Mars, the Beatles, Disturbed, and foreign music I can't understand: german metal, german hip hop, japanese rock and pop etc. I like to listen to a lot of music that not many people know, not big on the main stream.

I don't like Tom Cruise, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears.

I like to draw, write and dance to let lose. Not that I'm any good haha. I spend lots of time with my daughter just being goofy and trying to get passed the teething and baby stages gaaah!

I love cosmetology, photography, learning about other states and towns, make up and hippies.
Though I still have a hint of darkness in that free spirit of mine :P

There's a picture in my info and more about me there, feel free to comment here or on my friends only post. I'm looking for people who may be interested in REAL friends!

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Hey there!
I've literally grown up on LJ. I've had this journal for like 5 years or smething crazy. I tend to go through phases where I write all the time and then I just stop being interested. I find that have friends keeps me interested though so I'm looking for some new ones!

About me:
Name: Katie
Age: 24 (as of last week!)
Location: (moved to NW Indiana 2 months ago) Portage, IN
Occupation: Nanny
For more, see my profile (including a picture)!

About my journal:
I just started writting again. I post about the kids I watch and their family (I live with them), my daily life, boys, and I'll probably whine about missing my friends. I take lots of pictures so I'll include those and maybe a sample of my creative writting and graphic design skills here and there. Sometimes my posts will be of medium length, sometimes they will be short. I imagine posting about 3-5 times a week.

What I'm Looking For:
I'm looking for ew friends... younger or older than me, I just need some new reading material (I have like 5 friends)!! I tend to comment only if I have something to contribute. Rarely do I say something meaningless, so I comment more when I'm able to think better. But know that I always read your entries.

If you're going to add me please tell me!! Send me a message, comment here or on my mostly friends only post.


I've posted here before, but now I have a steady internet so I can actually read your entries.

I'm almost 20, psych major at U of A, learning German on the side. SO IF ANYONE KNOWS GERMAN AND WANTS TO HELP JUST SAYIN.

I'm really sarcastic about a lot of stuff, and don't take myself very seriously besides school.

You can find out more stuff

I don't have "rules" for people to add me.

I'm a big video game/LOST/Potter/Traveling/A few animes (no one suggests good stuff :(/ nerd so yeaaaah.

Read that YEEAAAAH like the beginning of CSI Miami

antique street

don't i know you?

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hi everyone. recently my friends list has been pretty dead and so i'm looking for some new people to get to know : ) my name is angela and i have a wide variety of interests: photography, reading, writing, learning new languages, psychology, medicine, biology, volunteering, child development, etc. 

my journal mainly consists of my photography, favorite quotes, life plans, some things about my every day life, and my a lot about longing, longing, longing.

i don't really have "rules" about people adding me, but i do ask that you are open and accepting, and do read and comment fairly often (and i will do the same).

i'm looking forward to getting to know some of you : )