September 2nd, 2011

I write, therefore I am

I would be lost, if were not for the ability to write down that which swims around in my head. One thought, connecting to another as if building a mystery.

I am because I write

And perhaps this is even greater than the gift of speech, for my speech is made weak, by insecurities, or life's simple distractions.


My new journal is a gateway for me to experience life and release the words that are trapped like so many fireflies within my head. I will not say that I am "finding myself" rather I am trying to become comfortable.


I love soundtracks
I am guilty for liking hip-hop
I am even more guilty for liking some country

I adore rock


I don't have time to read anything but the internet
I used to adore books.


I don't have much time to indulge in them
But I love photography and writing.

I would love to create something wonderful...and very soon I will accomplish that goal.

*add me if you will*

Hello :)

I've just come back to Livejournal after a break of about a year, I created a completely fresh new journal and I'm hoping to make a few new friends too!

About Me
I'm 22, I live in Scotland with my boyfriend James and I work part time as a night shift lab assistant at the local hospital. A lot of my journal posts are written while I'm there, so I do have an awful lot of posts about what I get up to in the lab :3

My interests include music - my 3 favourite bands of all time are Nightwish, InMe, and Motley Crue. I also listen to a lot of Shinedown, Hinder and Good Charlotte. My music taste is quite varied, I listen to a little bit of everything depending on what mood I'm in. I read a lot, especially when I'm at work, and at the moment I'm loving everything written by Tess Gerritsen. I don't watch an awful lot of TV, my boyfriend and I just Sky+ shows like True Blood, The Sopranos and The Borgias and watch them whenever we have time together :) We're both a tad movie obsessed, a few favourites are the Rocky films, pretty much anything with Sylvester Stallone, Johnny Depp or Garrett Hedlund, and my personal favourite is 10 Things I Hate About You.
I'm also a pretty dedicated World of Warcraft player, I've been playing for around 5 years and it happens to be where I met my boyfriend, and several of my closest friends.

What I Post About
Since it's a relatively new journal, there's not a whole lot in there yet. I'll pretty much just have day to day updates, chats, thoughts and points of interest. I'll likely be posting quite a few photos, my boyfriend is English so I have intentions of subjecting him to the Scottish wilderness soon, numerous pictures will be taken as proof for his mum ;)
My job can be stressful at times, so there will probably be the odd rant about something or other, though I'll always try to keep negativity to a minimum.
I'm a pretty private person when it comes to my personal life, so I doubt I'll post anything sex-related, and if I do it will be rarely, and it will always be behind a cut :)

I do try and comment on posts that I have something constructive/interesting to say, but I'm unlikely to comment just for the sake of it :) I'm definitely looking to make some long term friendships, hopefully that will eventually extend to facebook at least!

Feel free to add me if you fancy it, I'll never decline/ignore anyone :) Hope to meet some of you soon!

(no subject)

My name is Jackie and I am 23 years old. I live in New York City and I am currently going to College. I am bisexual and my relationship with Ashley just came to an end after 4 years. I use to be on greatestjournal, blurty, scribbld and livejournal but I took a long hiatus. I just recently decided that I need a place to start posting my life again so I rejoined LJ under a new username, Sexualhug. I will be as active on here as possible and I hope to meet alot of new people through blogs.


Call me Rose (it's my favorite flower), I'm a girl, I joined the Army once upon a time and my Drill Sergeant screwed up my paperwork so I was stuck there for almost 7 months. I still miss it. I wish I never left.

My friend is a marine we were planning on getting married but it may not happen depending on if I actually get to see him before he goes to Okinawa.

Oh yeah, I'm 19 almost 20. I came home from Fort Leonard Wood Missouri back to my parents house (which sucks) to be told I can't go to school for art (my parents have to co-sign my student loans) so I'm thinking about nursing so that I can take care of myself faster and get on my feet and then go into the Navy as an officer.

I use Xanga more but I really prefer livejournal better it's just a matter of inactivity of the site and of myself. If people aren't reading what I'm writing an giving me feedback then I won't stay.

I guess I just want to be heard.

I also use dA but my dA is lame right now I don't have much up there.

Collecting things
Rock/Pop Music

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I'm new to livejournal and I'd love some friends! I'm open to everyone. I'm very easy going and non-judgemental. I can get along with pretty much anyone! I'm a gal, in my early twenties, in college, have a great boyfriend, great friends, a cute kitty, all that stuff. I'm a silly, spunky, spontaneous, easy going girl.

I'm really into music, art, photography, the beach, shopping, the occasional party, tennis, hockey, horseback riding, longboarding, snowboarding, summer, shoes, etc...

My journal will mostly consist of the usual life ramblings and rantings as well as photos of all kinds, but it may also contain some sexually oriented material including slightly risque photos so please don't add me if you're not into that.

Friends list is too quiet...

Things about me:

  • I'm Jessica

  • 24 years old

  • Working in retail

  • on the job hunt

  • in a relationship

  • living with my parents

  • agnostic

My journal is about my life, as I see it, day in and day out. I want to make friends with people who write about the same stuff. I do prefer people who are over the age of 20 and under the age of 30. I prefer people who do not talk in text speak ("u" instead of "you") or write about their fandoms (really, if nine out of ten of your posts are about how you ship Dean/Castiel, I will probably skip over them.) Otherwise I am open to all sorts of new friends.

I like reading, photography, animals (cats and dogs especially), tattoos, video games, crafting, and tv. My favorite shows are Bones, Grey's Anatomy, House, Psych, and In Plain Sight.

One thing you should note is, my SO is currently in prison. (Though at the moment he'll be home in four months, three weeks, and five days!) I am a firm believer people can change and that not all cases are as cut and dry as they seem to be. I talk about him a lot, so if my decision offends you, I'm sorry.

Add me and leave me a comment here if you think we can be friends.

And a photo for those curious:

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Hi! I'm Heather!

 I'm 23 years old, and a senior in college, getting my bachelors in Psychology. 

 I love cats. Dogs are okay, but cats just have something about them that says "Eff you, I don't care if you like me or not, I'm ABOVE that."

 I am suddenly single. I broke up with my verbally abusive boyfriend after five and a half years. I'm trying not to concern myself with boys,'s hard.

 I plan on getting my master's in criminal justice. I hate the way our justice system works, mostly how our prison system works. I plan on working in the prison system when I graduate. I believe in second chances.

 I write mostly about my life and random things that may happen. I'm not big on philosophical posts, that's not to say I won't read them, I just generally write more about my daily life. I'm kind of a nerd, I love fantasy novels, and playing D&D-esque computer games. My favorite TV shows are Eureka, Hell's Kitchen, Jersey Shore, Mythbusters, and Ninja Warrior. There's more, those are the one's that I've watched today. I love horror movies (even dumb, bloody-for-the-sake-of-being-bloody ones) and documentaries. 

 I adore reading most anything, although, like I said, I'm recently into fantasy novels (A Song of Ice and Fire to be exact). I just finished reading Eat, Pray, Love and adored the message. Since I'm going through a fairly identity seeking time in my life right now it resonated with me. 

Comment if you'd like to be my friend and I'll add you!
Any questions, ask!
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Hello world :D

I'm looking for friends who share similar music tastes with me and occasionally write about said music.

The music in question is mainly electronic, and some Asian music, too. Some of my favourite bands are:

A Blue Ocean Dream, And One, Apoptygma Berzerk, Ashbury Heights, Assemblage 23, Auto-Auto, Beborn Beton, Buck-Tick, Blank & Jones, Camouflage, Client, Covenant, Combichrist, Deine Lakaien, Depeche Mode, De/Vision, Denki Groove, Diorama, Diary of Dreams, Does, Elegant Machinery, Fad Gadget, Frozen Plasma, Faderhead, Fukkk Offf, Grendel, The Horrorist, Hurts, IAMX, Iris, In Strict Confidence, Joe Inoue, Kat-Tun, Kent, Kloq, Kraftwerk, The Knife, L’Arc – en –Ciel, Ladytron, Liquid Divine, Lola Angst, Melotron, MBLAQ, Moonbootica, Northborne, Pet Shop Boys, Perfume, Rammstein, Royksopp, Shinee, Sono, Soman, Spyair, Syrian, VNV Nation, Welle Erdball, Wolfsheim, X-Rx, X-Fusion

So, if you like at least 60% of those, we could totally talk about it ;D

My other interests include anime, manga, and sci-fi, but I already have people to talk with about those, my flist is only lacking in music lovers.

So, any of them around? )