September 12th, 2011


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In a nutshell.

I'm a LJ veteran. I've been around for years.
I write about life and love a lot. Call me a philosopher.
Sometimes I write a lot, sometimes I don't have much to say.
I won't blog about things that'll put you to sleep (I hope).

I don't care if you never comment. I just want to share what I have to say with you.
I don't always comment friend's entries. I do if I feel compelled enough to.

If you're just looking for something to read, I'm your guy.
Anyway, I'm a pretty interesting emotional timebomb. Add me.

.. I posted this very same entry three years ago as of yesterday. I met some very interesting people. Some of them I still interact with regularly. One of those people I ended up falling in love with and today is the last time I will ever see her. I wonder what will happen with the next lot of you... :)

Looking for new online friends

(x-posting to other communities)

Hello everyone!

I just created a new livejournal account specifically because I want to be able to post more in detail about the goings on in my life without the people I know personally finding out and to get feed back from people who aren't personally involved. Also, I want to have a way to keep my mind off of all the craziness in my life, that being reading posts by total strangers! :)

Right now I'm on the road full time, which is a fancy way of saying I'm homeless wandering America. No, it wasn't by choice. No, it's no the same as when you/your friend did it before college for a couple of months. I'll be posting from different libraries across the country!

For the most part my posts might be pretty tame, several of them won't. On the road all kinds of stuff happens, and I'm going to post about it. NC17 type of life-style.

More basic stuff, I'm a 22 year old female. I don't like to classify my sexual orientation, but bi-sexual is the closest way of labeling it. For the most part I'm in love with life, but I do suffer from depression and other medical problems so it's up and down. But what isn't? I'm a great big geek. I love me some sci-fi and some D&D. Reading has been keeping me sane on the road, and I do it often. I enjoy fighting, muay thai is my favorite style but I'm not that experienced.

If you wanna be friends, shoot me a comment saying so, add me, and I'll add you back :)


Crazy cat lady seeks non-feline friends for social interaction and borderline stalking

(X-posting to a couple of communities.)

Greetings, everyone. I am Mau -- yes, like the sound a cat makes and yes, it's my real name -- and for five more days, I'm 26 years old. I'm a natural born gamer nerdling, having been planted in front of a PC with a short love affair with Commodore 64 at the age of four. As a child, I didn't take interest in anything else but learning new things, especially on the computer front, and my first-to-third grade teacher dubbed me a future genius. I'm not entirely sure what happened along the way, but that whole genius aspect got dropped and was replaced by insanity, although some claim those two go hand-in-hand. While I'm still eager to learn and do so with relative ease, I started having concentration issues at the age of 13. A bit later on in life I was diagnosed with Bipolar I disorder (although it's not "correct" as I'm constantly in a mixed episode, rapid cycling between depression and mania) and in my early adulthood, my brain decided to adopt a new nuisance in the form of mild OCD (meaning I'm not obsessive as such, but I'm highly neurotic and driven by routines) and EDNOS followed by an anxiety disorder that occasionally peaks into panic attacks. Asperger's and ADHD have also been thrown around in theory but they've yet to say yay or nay on those. I stopped caring a little while ago about what my paperwork says and like to just dub myself as "quite crazy" if anyone asks. :P

I love World of Warcraft. I'm a role-player so I've situated myself in a RP server (Argent Dawn EU). I live for my cats (proud owner of slave to four currently), their fuzzy wickedness is what keeps me afloat when depression takes a stranglehold. I write poetry and short stories, sometimes fictional, sometimes factual, and occasionally draw and paint. I'm a Simsaholic as well as a Harvest Moon addict and I also love the Silent Hill universe. You can also often catch me playing old Sierra adventure games, the Gabriel Knight trilogy being my ultimate favorite. I also love photography although I won't claim to be in particularly talented at it. :3 I love bodymodding but due to owning a body that rejects everything (including its own internal organs from time to time), I've sadly have to wean myself off my piercing addiction. I adore Game of Thrones, Spartacus, Rome, Xena... that type of entertainment, and I'm a 2NE1 Blackjack.

What will I write about in my journal? Bipolarism, occasionally, because even if I don't live for the illness, it plays a massive part in my life. My cats. Video games. Life in general. I'll post photos and just generally share my life. Occasionally I will post something high as a kite because of my evening meds, although I generally delete or at least spell-check those entries the next morning. I will also write about my search for The One whom I believe I've already found, he just doesn't realize it yet. Travelling, when I have the money for it and the petsitters to take care of my little meow-horde, will also be talked about as well as dreams of travel. I'm an avid commenter and also appreciate a comment here, another there in my journal as well. I might also occasionally touch some painful topics as I've not lived a very easy life and continue to struggle with some aspects, but you won't have to worry about pointless whining too much. :D

What kind of people do I look for? Real people. People who are not putting on a role. I'm interested in peoples' lives, real lives, no matter how much they might differ from my own. Everyone who is not faking it are welcome to join me as I trod through life's ups and downs. <3

Hello! :3
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