September 15th, 2011


I'm so bad at this.

Hey everybody,

I'm Dan, 28, gay and originally from Texas but now living in Wisconsin. 

I've been on LiveJournal off and on for the past several years. No matter how many times I leave I find myself returning. I'm shy, somewhat of an introvert, but also very friendly and open-minded. I like to blog and post so if I'm not on LiveJournal I'm on Facebook,Tumblr, and G+. I'm always online doing something. It's a nice escape.

I'm a tropical fish hobbyist, artist, gardener and pet lover. I'm starting to get into this vegan/healthy eating craze and for the most part I'm enjoying it. I love DIY projects and thinking outside the box. I don't usually follow the leader as I like to be an individual if possible. 

I like making friends and I enjoy meeting new people. All I ask for is respect, understanding and honesty from the friends I make. And since I do like making new friends I do have to make something abundantly clear. I don't want to add people who are just out to collect friends they don't intend on paying attention to. I'm not into that since I want active friends, not just silent faces on my profile. I love having back and forth conversations and commenting. It makes this whole blogging thing fun. If you understand this than thanks.