September 20th, 2011

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I'm John, I'm new to this site. Im 19, I work... A lot, idk what I want to do withmylife still, I'm very indecisive, I cabbages think straight, Im always on my phone.. It's my life. My main reason for starting to use this site is to just talk like I actually have someone to talk to. I'm a bit delirious right now, so just add me, I'm sure I'll use this site often. Also, how can I upload a userpic from my phone?


Heya everyone!

I'm here to find new friends! (Aren't we all?!?!)
A few things about me
28, Male
Video Gamer
Relates better to women than men....I just don't generally agree with the male mentality
Loves Animals (owns too many)
Loves Cartoons
Employed as a professional gamer (and paid for it!)
Probably a bit perverted, but generally in a humorous way
Enjoys trying new foods (Asian cuisine is a personal favorite)
Posts about working out occasionally (working on getting toned/muscle)
Posts random stuff, sometimes participation posts
Generally shy, but never shuts up once you know me
I rarely drink and do not use drugs, but to each their own, I won't judge you based off it
Studies Tao practices and traditions

My requirements for you:
Have a sense of humor

I like getting to know people so expect me to post/comment fairly often (Esp on week days)
I don't add absolutely everyone that comments, but I do add most.  I only do this to save some of us time as we may not relate!  No harm in trying though. :)
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Let's Be Friends!

I tried this a little while back, and I'm doing it again...

I'm 24 years old and currently live in a small town in western Kentucky. I graduated with a degree in music education back in May and am currently finding myself in that awkward adult stage where I'm out of school but can't yet find a job in my degree. So, I'm working at my job as a shift supervisor at cvs, where I've been for over three years now. I'm looking at moving and getting a fresh start within the next year. My social life is pretty dead these days, which I hope will change once I move to a bigger city and meet new people. I haven't updated as much as I would like to lately, but I hope to change that soon, with some more readers. I usually write about my day or whatever is on my mind at the time, while trying to be somewhat interesting. If you'd like to add me, just let me know and I'll be sure to add you back.