September 25th, 2011

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hey there :D

my name is sam, i'm twenty, born, raised and probably will always be in waynesboro, tennessee. it's a disgusting place, but it's a blackhole. i live with my fiance and my best friend, and they're also best friends...which is pretty much the best thing that could ever happen. i love video games, music, nature, cooking, and writing. i cuss like a sailor and i say some really stupid things. i have an odd sense of humor. i am a real person and i write about real things that happen in my life. some things aren't pretty. and some things won't make any sense. but i love my chaotic life, it's pretty epic.

so i love meeting new chill people, add me?

The Letter

Can you remember the excitement you feel when you hear the sound of a letter dropping through the letter box?

As you stoop to lift it off the mat you feel the thickness of the crisp, fresh envelop in your hand. The neatly handwritten name and address means it is a personal letter, you pause for a moment before opening it attempting to recognise the handwriting or guess who it might be from. Yet the mystery remains as you carefully open it. Taking care not to rip the envelope and unfolding the letter within.

As your fingertips caress the rich warmth of the paper, taking care not to smudge the ink in letter. As you take the letter somewhere private to read and digest you lean back into a chair, sofa or bed. You allow each word, sentence and paragraph to draw you in deeper and deeper. Causing you to feel things, imagine things, dream and remember. The knowledge that each letter, each word has been scribed with love and affection. All of it just for you.

After you have finished reading it you can fold it up and store it somewhere safe and sound, knowing that whenever you want to recover those feelings you can get it out and reread it. Always knowing that this person took the time to create something just for you.

Like many people I love photos and the convenience that Facebook offers in that regard. But equally I have always loved words and the way livejournal offers a way into the life, soul and mind of other people that a few pictures or a 140 characters can never hope to.

I am a British, a father and husband whose friends list has slowed down somewhat of late.
wolf moon

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My LJ's been pretty dead recently, so I thought it time to try here again for some new friends :) Copied and pasted from my user info:

My name is Richard, I’m 20, and an Anatomy student at University of Glasgow, Scotland. I graduate in 2012. Some people think I’m a bit of a nerd (the studying and goody-goody type, not comics and video games type) and I act about 40 instead of 20 (though occasionally it’s 3 :P).

I’m mainly interested in learning things: I really enjoy uni, and in my spare time like reading about most sciences. I teach myself foreign languages (fluent in German and English, and trying to learn various others such as Russian, but I’ve not got much time for it). Other interests include religion (Christianity mainly) although I consider myself an atheist; faith is a very important concept to me and religion forms a large basis in my writing. I love mythology, especially Greek, and also geography (learning capital cities, flags, etc.).

My biggest hobby is writing; I’m currently working on my first novel (“Andromeda”) and I write lyrics and some poetry. As often goes hand in hand with writing, I also love to read, but I don’t do it that often. I’d call Stephen King my favorite author, although some of his characters and most of his endings frustrate me!

In my journal, I tend to write mostly about my day and go off on tangents about things that are a bit more abstract and serious. I’m highly opinionated and keep meaning to add more posts about my thoughts on controversial subjects. However, I’m very accepting of others’ opinions too. Even if I think you’re wrong, I like to hear others out and offer my viewpoint on things, although I never think I can “change” someone, only offer them insights to another side and hope they can do the same for me. I have a Day Zero project (attaining 101 goals in 1001 days) so I occasionally post my progress for that. Also, I sometimes post huge photo posts - these are always under a cut.

What I’m looking for in LiveJournal friends is anyone who is open-minded and kind. I like people to comment on my entries, but I’m not a comment whore. I only comment on entries when I have something to say and I wouldn’t expect anything different in return. I’m always interested to get to know people better via email, Facebook, or MSN Messenger, as sometimes the posts we put up don’t allow for optimum communication with each other!

I tend not to mind what people post about, as long as it’s different. It doesn’t matter whether it’s something I like reading about - if it’s ALL you post, then it may get a bit monotonous. I should mention as well that I’m teetotal and am against drugs and smoking; also I’m a virgin, so if all your posts are about getting drunk and having sex, I’m probably not going to be very interested! Again, posting about these things is o.k., just not for me if it’s ALL the time. I only remove people after a long time of us not communicating pretty much at all, and if I’m honestly not interested to read their pages again. I like to give people a chance though!

As evidenced by this info, I tend to go OTT in my posts. :P Still, if you want to add me, just let me know where you found my journal and I’ll more than likely be happy to add you back!

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Hej there! I'm a boring twenty-years-old from little Austria. I've been writing LiveJournal since 2002 or something, but recently started this English journal as I want to improve my English to become superinternational und uberawesome. A bit at least.

I've graduaded in Fashion Design about a year ago, but definitely don't want to stay in the fashion business, because I can't stand the superficiality I experienced in this branche. After a year of self-discovery I came to the conclusion that I totally want to work at the theatre.

My big love is my little cat that I have for three months now and soon another one will move in. I seem to take major steps into the direction of becoming a cat lady. I'm a vegetarian on my way to veganism, love 70's/80's music, old cartoons (especially unintentionally trashy ones), comics, video games (Super Mario! Metal Gear Solid!! Legend of Zelda!) ... and, uhm, literature and art and analogue photography.

In my journal I mostly talk about reallife, so there's hardly any fangirling. Sometimes I try to be funny but fail miserably. Uhm, what else? English isn't my first language, I don't post regularly and I only comment here and there, but I read everything on my friendslist!

So, I hope to find interesting people! ♥
brothers in arms

Insert witty title here...

Hi everyone! I'm a 24 year old Aussie girl who is perhaps more than slightly insane.

I used to use LJ all the time, I had my old one for years and years and years! Then I instead moved on to try things like IJ, DW, Facebook and Twitter... I no longer have the latter 2 and am rarely on the other 2. My flist here is super quiet though, so I'm looking for more people to become friends with :)

As far as interests go, I love writing, reading, art, and music. I play the clarinet and I used to play the bass guitar, when my asthma isn't killing me or my stupidly weak respitory system isn't infected, I can also sing. I'm actually stupidly excited, because although I prefer the aesthetic of real books, I just got myself a Kindle the other day, now at least if I have to go to the hospital yet again for my stupid lungs, I know I'll have something to keep me occupied. I'm currently reading The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson (it's really good in case you were wondering), but other favourites of mine are the Gemma Doyle trilogy and the Harry Potter series.

My favourite bands are My Chemical Romance, Nightwish and Evanescence, but I love a lot of music.

I love Cardcaptor Sakura! Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles as well! Anything by CLAMP really to be honest...

At the moment, I'm feeling thoroughly snowed under between working full time, and studying full time! Yet somehow, I manage to do it... I work at an autism specific special school as a classroom assistant and I'm studying to get my Bachelor of Education (Primary).

My journal is friends only! Please let me know if you're adding me! :)
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