September 26th, 2011

Mr. Hobbes
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The New/Old Guy

Hello. My name is Samuel and I've recently dumped my inactive friends and changed my username (The other name was also quite awesome). I am a video game "journalist" by day, and a cell phone technician by night, currently enrolled in college after a ten year hiatus. I'm from the great state of (confusion) Texas, and my hobbies include going to the theatre to watch old movies, doing things with "the hang out crew", watching wrestling, playing video games, and of course, spending time with my girlfriend, whose name and face I will never publish without her consent.

I'm looking for new friends. Add me at your leisure!
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G'day folks.

Here looking for some new people's lives to poke around in.

I'm a 29yr old dude in Florida.

In this Journal you can expect:

* My observations and analysis on the mating habits of the common female
* Detailed rants on how money apparently does NOT buy happiness... but makes life easier non-the-less
* Random music video playlists
* An atheist's search for, no, not meaning in life, but fulfillment
* Funny stories from a Karaoke DJ's perspective
* Random life observations and musings which are never rhetorical
* Ramblings of one on the cusp of 30 in a city which breeds and rewards immaturity and stupidity

I don't ask much of people who add me other than PLEASE have a pair of brain cells to knock together once in a while.
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i am not very good usually at filling out 'getting to know me' types of things - but i am going to give it a shot.

i am old. thirty two years to be exact, and a lady. i am no stranger to LJ - so please don't take my journal being so new as a red flag warning. i promise i am not here to troll anyone. i am simply looking for new friends - and especially new friends that can lend an ear as i am on a legit roller coaster ride of life right now.

i currently live in illinois. i am originally from new york.

i am funny. at least all my friends tell me that i am.

i am semi-heavily tattooed.

i like love harry potter and have been sorted by the pottermore gods as a slytherin.

i love all the things disney. i am one of those girls who secretly wants to be a princess, but i won't kill you with glitter and squees.

i like when i make posts and every new sentence/paragraph starts with the letter i. but then i get self conscious about it like i am talking about myself too much.

i watch entirely too much tv - this i am sure of. a few of those shows are antm, gangland, pretty much any show about cults or prison, top chef, project runway, ru pauls drag race/u, sons of anarchy, jersey shore, party down, arrested development, a-list ny - etc. etc. etc.

i really love food. i try cooking fancy food and i would say about 7/10 times i do a pretty decent job.

i am married. to a man. who knows that i am questioning my sexuality. he is extremely supportive of me - but i am very very scared. i have not shared this information with many people at all - 4 to be exact - and i am looking for other females (but i am not ONLY looking for female friends) who may have gone through something similar to what i am going through right now. which is another explanation for the newness of this lj.

what i look for in a lj friend:
• be 21+
• comment on my entries - i don't expect this ALL the time - but on important ones its nice to know you are there and reading - basically don't be a lurk.
• be open minded.

thanks for taking the time to read.
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Hello :) My name's Christina, I'm 23 years old, and I'm from Long Island, New York currently living in San Diego, California for graduate school. I've been with my boyfriend John for 5 and half years and he lives back home in NY.

I spend my time: Yoga, psychology, spending time with my boyfriend, spending time with friends and family, partying, studying, graduate school, working out, dancing.

I listen to: Lil Wayne, Drake, Taking Back Sunday, Kanye West, T.I., DJ Khaled, Kid Cudi, Adele, Something Corporate, Fabolous, Wiz Khalifa, Usher, Dashboard Confessional, Anya Marina, Frou Frou, A Fine Frenzy, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Flyleaf, Norah Jones, Brandi Carlile, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Brand New, The Color Fred, Damien Rice, Blink-182.

On tv, I watch: Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Private Practice, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Obsessed, The Sopranos, Khloe & Lamar, Weeds, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, The Wendy Williams Show, Mob Wives, Dexter, Intervention , Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Mentalist, House, Lie to Me, Covert Affairs, Bones, Real Housewives of New Jersey, Detroit 1-8-7, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Jimmy Kimmel Live.

As far as movies go, I love: Hannibal, The Silence Of The Lambs, Red Dragon, The Hangover, Pineapple Express, Analyze This, The Godfather, Fight Club, Hide and Seek, 88 Minutes, Shutter Island, Superbad, Righteous Kill, Blow, No Country For Old Men, Bundy: A Legacy of Evil, Insomnia, Inception, Legally Blonde, Zodiac, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Fracture, White Chicks, Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

If interested, please go to my journal, read more about me, and comment and ask :)

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Hi :) I'm Amz. I'm looking for a few new LJ friends. Ive been on livejournal for quite a few years.

Im 28 yrs old, I feel and act younger. I live on a lil Island caled the Isle of Wight in the UK.
I live in a lovely caravan with my boyfriend and our kitty.
I'm self employed.
I love reading and playing computer games (badly)
Im addicted to drinking tea
I watch a lot of films, mainly comdey and horror
My favourite bands are Alice Cooper, Mushroomhead, Whale, Terrorvision, (hed)pe, Amen, Horrorpops, Prince, Outkast, Twiztid, 12 stone toddler, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, Nirvana, Chris Cornell, Rob Zombie and loads more.
I dye my hair a lot
I update about everyday stuff and the occaisional random things and photos Ive taken.

So yeh :) Let me know if you wanna be friends