September 30th, 2011

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Hi. I'm S.

I had an older journal, but I gave it up for this one. Needed a clean slate. I want to be more comprehensive, analytical and thorough with my life. I'm a lifelong diarist and that's what I've always wanted for myself. So here's hoping.

I'm almost 25. I work an almost-full-time job in healthcare tech. I hardly ever talk about it. It pays the bills, but I do other better and bigger things on my own. Most of my life I've kept secrets -- and I doubt that will change -- so my journal is strictly Friends Only. If I know you IRL I won't add you. But that's highly unlikely; nobody I know in real life keeps a diary.

I have crazy parents, a younger brother, and a significant other of six years. No pets. I want a cat.

I want to add people who write well, are thoughtful, and have interesting things to say about themselves and the world around them. I prefer people (over 21, please) who are passionate writers. I want to have wonderful things to read on my friends' page. I don't want to add more than eight friends. I intend to read and comment, and I can't do justice to more than that.

I like classical music (Beethoven, Bach and Mozart) with an emphasis on the keyboard. I also like fiction, television mini-series, writing, playing the piano, cooking, and very very fast driving.
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Back to steal some more.

I'm Snake, but friends around here just call me Machina.
I'm 21 and newly seperated, and living with my ex husband in Florida.
I've made some great LJ friends since I last posted, but i've decided to take on a few more.

What I write about:
Right now, due to everything thats happened in the last month, i've been writing a lot about the lulzy drama with ex-husband. Don't worry, I try to make everything funny and cut out the boring stuff. (I don't always succeed.) I write a lot about my weird fetishes and wanting to explore the BDSM world. I write about the quest of finding a non-crazy boy to hang out with (and I tell all about the crazies), and if I ever have a sex life again, i'll certainly write about that. That's your warning. I sometimes write about the plan to move out of state. I post pictures a lot, both of myself and my drawings. I occasionally write about songs I like, I mainly listen to EBM, aggrotech, and futurepop, but that doesn't mean I don't get down to Bloodhound Gang, Dir en Grey, and Yelawolf once in a while. I think i've made entries about gaming..if not, i'll get on that eventually. Promise.

What i'm looking for:
People who don't take themselves too seriously, 18+. Not really picky outside of that. I'm not going to hunt you down if you don't comment, and i'd expect you to also be flexible on that. If you write dirty stuff, i'll definitely dig you, but its not a requirement.

Oh, and this is me:

Most days I dress pretty boring, though.

That's about all. :3

I'm Back!

My name is Thomas. I was a frequent user of LJ until I dropped off of the map about 2 years ago but now I'm back and looking fr some new friends. I'm 22 years old. I live in Boynton Beach, Florida. I'm a graduate of Santaluces High School and attended Florida Culinary institute. Cooking has always been my passion and I hope to be opening a restaraunt in the near future. I have a 6 year old daughter who I love very much. I'm a country boy at heart but I love all things rock. I'm funny, smart, and a people person; as long as you dont piss me off.

Books: Harry Potter series; Southern Vampire Mysteries (True Blood) series; anything written by Michael Crichton, Issac Asimov, Dan Brown, Tom Clancy, etc; Generation Kill; 1984; Animal Farm; Dexter series; Farenheit 451; etc

Movies: Pulp Fiction; Kill Bill; Knocked Up; Transformers; Pineapple Express; 40 Year Old Virgin; Gran Torino; Step Brothers; Anchorman; Tropic Thunder; Anything based on a comic book; etc

Hobbies: Reading; Writing; Camping; Canoeing; Sailing; Rifle Shooting; Archery; Hiking; etc

T.V.:  House; Castle; Bones; CSI; CSI Miami; Misfits; Alphas; Warehouse 13; Dexter; True Blood; etc.

Music: AC/DC; Aerosmith; Alice in Chains; Asher Roth; Atreyu; Audioslave; Authority Zero; Avenged Sevenfold; Bad Company; Black Sabath; Bon Jovi; Brad Paisley; The Bravery; Breaking Benjamin; Brooks and Dunn; Buckcherry; Cage the Elephant; Carolina Liar; CCR; Chevelle; Danzig; Daughtry; The Distillers; Disturbed; Dropkick Murphys; Eminem; Finger Eleven; Flobots; Flogging Molly; Foo Fighters; Godsmack; Hank Williams Jr.; Hinder; Hollywood Undead; Hurt; Incbus; Jethro Tull; Jimi Hendrix; Keith Urban; Kenny Chesney; Kid Rock; Kings of Leon; Kiss; Korn; Limp Bizkit; Linkin Park; Lynyrd Skynyrd; Mad Caddies; Maroon 5; Matchbox Twenty; METALLICA; Mighty Mighty Bostones; MSI; Movits!; My Chemical Romance; Nickelback; Nirvana; Papa Roach; Pearl Jam; Pepper; Pink Floyd; Puddle of Mudd; Rage Against the Machine; Reel Big Fish; Saliva; Saving Abel; Seether; Shinedown; Sick Puppies; Skindred; Smashing Pumpkins; Soundgarden; STP; Sum 41; The Supervillains; System of a Down; Tenacious D; Theory of a Deadman; Three Days Grace; Toby Keith; Trapt; Weezer; The White Stripes; The Who; Wolfmother

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On more peaceful and happy notes...

Hi everyone! I am looking for friends age 30 and over that have a positive outlook to share.

A little about me:

I am female. Self employed. I turned 35 at the end of January. I have been on LJ for nine years - since 2002. When work isn't consuming, I average writing 3-5 entries per week.

I am engaged to be married to my partner of nearly nine years. He is age 45. He and I recently relocated to another state. Before our move I had exotic fish in a saltwater aquarium as my pets. I am also a cat-lover and recently acquired two adult cats. ♥ I assemble jigsaw puzzles, have a rock tumbler and keep myself busy with other random crafts, novice gardening and other projects. :)

My journal is: Partially friends-only / Partially public entries.

I write most about domestic life, my cooking "experiments", and my hobbies. Those entries are complimented by life's silly other adventures. I post TONS of photos under an LJ-cut. Most every time you see an entry from me, I've got pics to show you complete with a story!

I hope to meet some new people on LJ who think they are interesting enough to read and keep up with regularly. I don't expect a comment on everything, but I would like for the connection on LJ to be at least somewhat interactive. I am not into the 'silent lurker' thing.

~~I'll be honest, I do not friend everyone back. Generally people with a hundred friends and communities to sift through and keep up with are not the type of connections I'm looking to be a part of.

♥ My interest keywords summarize my hobbies, general thoughts, beliefs, and my life's perspectives.

For as long as this post is visible, if it's 2 weeks or 5 years, I am open to adding.

My profile is located here. If what you read on my profile page resonates with you, please send a message to my inbox to introduce yourself and add me. You can reach my PM inbox ---> here.

Thanks for reading!


Hi there! My name's Alannah. Nice to meet you!

-Just an average 18 year old, I think!
-I'm Canadian! Travelling is my passion, though, and I love seeing places all over the world and hearing about other people's adventures.
-I'm out of school right now, but planning to go to college for culinary arts.
-I work A LOT. Spare time is usually taken up by drawing, reading, internet, going on long walks with my mp3 player, dancing when no one's watching... and yeah!
-I'm into a few anime series; Hetalia, Baccano! and Madoka are my favourites.

I already post at least once or twice a week, but I'm planning to post more often now that I've just left school. Follow me as I try to make my way in the world and find out who I am as a person... or something like that, anyway! I'll be writing a lot about life in my hometown and my travelling experiences.

That's it! Feel free to talk to me anytime. :D
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I've been on lj as well as plenty of other similar sites for ten years now, so I'm no stranger to blogging although I did take a nice hiatus and recently decided to start back up again.

My updates are usually my day to day life, so nothing too deep.  I can't say I have some incredibly fun life, but while updating I usually DO keep in mind that I have an audience, so I try to be entertaining here and there.  Basically right now my life is working two jobs, one in a retail setting and another in a local body piercing shop, and I'm tryna get shit together with my boyfriend so we can get a nice place together and etc.  I used to be pretty wild and crazy and went out every night, but I've stopped that lifestyle and sometimes I miss it, and I'm struggling to be a sober, alert, responsible adult.  So far, so good :]

I don't really mind who my friends are on here and I don't have any requirements, but I will say that if you're looking for someone to be up your ass, it isn't me.  I do read and comment, but not because I feel obligated to - if I have something to say, I'll say it.  If I don't feel the need to, I won't.  I also have better things to do than worry if people are commenting me x times a week, so don't worry about being cut!

So if you don't mind random ramblings, sarcasm, a filthy mouth with not much of a filter, bouts of prissiness and airheadedness, I'm your go to girl :]
And if for whatever reason you don't wanna keep me around - delete me, no questions asked.  No drama needed, babes!

visual, if it really matters: