October 3rd, 2011


New Journal, New Friends ;)

How's everybody doing?

My name's Paul.  I'm 21 years old, formerly from Boston, now living in Brooklyn NYC and working in Manhattan (Chelsea to be exact!).  I study fine arts/painting but I am also a former bike messenger, spa receptionist, aspiring DJ and runway model.

I had a greatestjournal that I used to troll anon journals when I was 15, so former GJ people, hit me up!  This journal's just a documentation of my life in the city.  Weather you deem it interesting or not is up to you.  I'm pretty active and I'm interested in a lot of different things.  I work as a receptionist at a day spa, staring at a computer screen pretending like I'm doing useful things while getting my nails done.  When I'm not at work I'm making art, going to class, or straight chillin'.  I love a little... well I guess a lot of 420 in my life. (Ha!)  I love to mix, listen to & DJ a diverse spectrum of hardcore electronic music from drum & bass to gabber to breakcore.  Personally, I can't stand the EDM scene in the good ol' USA.  To me it sounds like a pissing contest of bullshit music.  (Please do not mention Skrillex, Datsik, Bassnectar or any more of that commercial dubshit to me ;) I also model in runway shows for a few Japanese designers, and have a deep rooted passion for fixed gear street biking. 

Looking forward to getting to know you!  Pics of me under the cut ^_~

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I am looking for some new friends. I posted a quick "get-to-know-me" in my journal so if youre interested take a look. In short I am 23, 2 kids, I work full time in insurance and I am married. I post mainly about my kids, and I complain quite a bit about work. I'd like some friends on my list that are moms (but that is not a must!)

take a quick peek at my journal for more :)

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Hi guys --

This is a new journal, so you won't find many entries/communities/interests yet. However, I'm 22 and independent for the first time...finally...and I can honestly say I feel life harder than I ever have. So, this journal probably won't be about the trivial things...cause I'm not having many trivial thoughts. I'm an intense person with intense feelings, and increasingly intense experiences.

Just the one entry for now, feel free to read, it's public for now.



Need moar friends

I'm 21 and play music for a living (am I lucky or what?!) in Northern Cali. I grew up in NY (represent!) and miss it a lot. If it wasn't for my choice to move in with my SO (a native Californian) I would totes be living in Brooklyn. Can I abuse parenthesis any more?

I play classical guitar at wineries and fancy restaurants because they pay well, but I would KILL to make it big as a guitarist in an alternative band (anyone else with that dream, raise j00r hands!)

I'm pretty intense. It goes both ways, because when I'm happy I'm elated and when I'm sad, ohhhh it's nasty. ngl, I'm kinda hoping to find "supportive" people. I'm recovering from really shitty years filled with depression, self-mutilation, thoughts of suicide, all the bad stuff. Boo bad times. :(

Hmm, what else?

  • I ride my neighbors wild mustangs (okay, technically feral horses) twice a week

  • I'm on an insane workout routine right now. Every day until Christmas motherafuckas!

  • I come from a long line of bakers, so I'm always baking crazy shit. I have freshly made peanut butter truffles sitting in my fridge right now. Thus my need to work out. xD

  • My SO is significantly older than me. Like, 20somethingsomething years older. But we're happy, so everyone else can STFU.

  • I love all music from Al Di Meola, to Bach, to 30 Seconds to Mars. (...and Anberlin, and Tommy Emmanuel, and Switchfoot, and Scott Joplin, and Steve Vai, and Benny Goodman, and Jack's Mannequin, and Modest Mouse, and My Chemical Romance, and Andres Segovia, and TATU, and the list goes on.)

  • So if you can put up with my negative side, I'm pretty cool. Don't update often; I probably average once every ten days. Friends?
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    The music of our good friend, Ludwig Van

oh man, i am just going to say it...

I am pathetic. yup

long story short: I use to be an avid poster of livejournal. then i found facebook and wow...just got hooked. i guess that is the story for a lot of people. but i LOVE livejournal. it was my first "social media" love. 

i always found myself missing it. anyway, lately....i find myself trying to update more, but without a lot of friends, i didn't have a lot of.....fuel to go on

so many of my previous LJ friends have left, so....i dont have that many people on my friends list....but i dont mind new people. new thoughts, etc. it's part of the fun. I remember being excited when i would make a new friend

anyway, about me? well, if you add me, i may post some youtube clips of old movies...old singers....i love the 1940's...i love frank sinatra....i love the dean martin show...

I will also post about my day or my week. I may not post everyday, but that may change. It's been so long since i've talked about myself like this. i am sure some of you are rolling your eyes at how lame i sound. pft, i'll try again if i need to. 

I am just trying to get back in the game. if you're interested...add me. i will add you back. i would love more friends. :-)