October 7th, 2011


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Well I am back on LJ after being away for a couple years so I need to have a newly updated friends list! I am 22, happily married. I have a 10yr old stepdaughter. I am going to school to be an administrative assistant in a medical office. I also work full time doing daycare in my house. My life is insanely hectic but I enjoy it!

I love pretty much any kind of music (not so secretly a huge country fan!), movies, photography, spending time with my family/friends, outdoors things (camping, walking, etc), reading... and other awesome things!

I am openminded, caring, and loyal. I LOVE helping people out when they need it. I am a great listener and I like to listen to people when they are having problems and need advice or just an ear. I dont have a ton of super close friends, but I have a few that I really enjoy, but sometimes its nice to talk to someone that isn't right in the middle of things.

I am open to whoever adding me, I am not insanely picky just tell me a little about yourself!

I hate describing myself..

So I left LJ bc I was trying to make my life a little more private. I had had one since practically the beginning. However, I discovered I missed having a place to write stuff out. And I missed having other people's journals to read so here I am!

I'm Ashley Rae. I'm currently 24 and I'm from MI (U.S.) I'm married to my high school sweetheart and we have an adorable 16 month old son. I have my cosmetology license but I've never used it, ha. I've worked at my mom's flower shop for the last 6 years. I'm currently just there part time and mostly just a stay at home mom. We can't afford it but we also can't afford daycare ;) I've always been into punk, classic rock, ska and a little bit of this and that. Social Distortion and Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band are my all time 2 favorites. I dig tattoos and piercings. I'm a huge Detroit Red Wings fan. My life has become a little boring but I wouldn't change it.

If there is anything you want to know, just ask. My journal and profile need a little work, I'm getting there.
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Add me, I'm Santa Claus!!

Hello~ I'm just another random girl who wants to be added by someone she doesn't even know. To be honest I've already posted an entry in this community, but I don't mind having more friends so I thought it wouldn't have been bad to re-post ;D So, shortly, what I'll do if you add me: I'll comment your journal once in a while and I'll expect you to do the same. That's it. Something you should know about me (you've been warned, *lOl*):

I love anime/manga, music, reading and singing, and I want a cat but for now I've only a rabbit.
I'm Italian and my English sucks when I'm not concentrated.
Maybe I should have put this first but, err─ I like a lot boys' love, I hope that's not a problem <__<"
My journal is about anime and manga (public) but I often add personal posts (friends-only).
I'm strange but not that much to be actually dangerous.

So... that's the end. See ya later guys :D
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Hello all, I quit LJ for a time and came back to discover more than half my flist was dead. So~ looking for new and interesting peeps.

My name is Lauryl, I'm 23, going on 24 in a few months, currently unemployed (usually a retail drone), not in school though I'd like to go back at some point, and living with two roommates who drive me up the walls (on of them is my ever frustrating bf). I'm trying to teach myself violin and learn to sing and I love languages, psychology, philosophy, fantasy and some sci-fi, cross-stitching, and an assortment of other things I can't think of at the moment. I'm familiar with some older anime and manga but I kinda fell behind in that sort of thing a few years ago so don't be surprised if you mention a series to me and are greeted with a confused "bwuh?". XD

I post about all sorts of things from how I feel to what's going on in my life to randoms things I find online and want to share. My journal can be a bit depressing at times because I'm at a hard time in my life and I don't sugarcoat what I say. I try to tone down the worst of it and many posts have been made private cus no one needs to see that sort of emo. XP I don't often have a lot to say so I'll likely only comment on your entries when I actually have a response to them, I will READ them, I just won't comment most the time. I do swear and will on occasion talk about TMI stuff, though I'll always provide warning and a cut with the latter.

I'm liberal-ish, and polytheist, though I won't write much of my beliefs. Trying to shove politics or religion down my throat will not end well.
I have little patience for drama, stupidity, or childish whining. That said I try to be open-minded and non-judgemental.

If you'd like to add me, let me know here or on my friends only post so I know to add you back. If you're willing to share, I'm also curious why you're adding me. Gives me an idea where the common ground is between us. :)

EDIT: added some spaces so it's a bit less wall'o'text >.>
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bored but i make up for it in randomness usually

I've been on either livejournal or blurty before but never updates much especially after my past boyfriend passed away... he was the writer in the relationship.. met him on here weird I know but moving on after that I just stopped attempted again but never worked out. I am back and think I'm ready... please be kind for I'm only useing my phone most the time so I may not update as much sometimes.
I don't really write perfect. With that said if you can get over that then this is what I would love.
I'm looking for fellow bloggers to friend, to comment on and be commented on and also just read your randomness as I hope you'd read mine and who knows a perfectly good stranger may become the next good friend you never know.
I'm pretty boring but make up for it in randomness. I try to have fun where ever or whatever I'm doing which is usually in a small cubicel in a office that id rather not be in. I'm looking for another job so that's a good thing.
I'm 26 female from arizona phoenix to be exact. I live with my boyfriend and our five kids....which consistes of three cats..tiger, pitty and meeko. Tiger is the alpha male who hasn't been fixed...have you ever seen a male cat rape a stuff animal? Its pretty highlarious especially when he stares at my boyfriend when he's doing it. Pitty is the female she's very... clumsy/dum.. but she's a sweetheart. Meeko has a way of makeing all pain go away he's the cuddle bug and he likes to drool when he's purring. Our dog moosho he's funny I've never seen a dog back up before... and he loves to whine a lot. then there is vlad vampie our betta fish.
I love art , movies, books... enjoy swimming, cooking, hanging out with friends and family.
I'm very random with stuff that I like... I've been known to like a little of this and that...

Ok so if you want to chat, read or comment add me and ill be glad to get to know read and comment you.
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Hello. It's actually the second time I'm posting here but the first was long time ago and I don't have any contact with the people who added me then anymore. So, it will be a short speech. I look for friends who like Girugamesh. Anyone here? For those who don't know - it's a jrock band.
About me: I'm a 18-year-old girl, bored and looking for new friends on the internet cause people I know personally doesn't like my favourite band. It may not be the most interesting presentation, but I'm just being honest. Well, I don't know what to say more. I have a bunch of other interests like any other people. And I like to laugh. And I think that's all. Thanks for your attention.