October 10th, 2011

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Hello there!
I'm completely rubbish at introducing myself, but I will try my best to capture your attention!
I'm Sheilly-- pronounced Shell-y. I'm a sophomore in college, majoring in biology and minoring in bioengineering and German.
Most people who meet me, would describe me as a person who has completely embraced their inner five year old. I'm a bit immature, but I know when to be mature. I'm also known as Smiley, since I have an unusually cheery disposition.
I love music, and reading. I do watch a bit of television, but I only ever fangirl about Doctor Who and Psych. Most of my entries are about school and classes that I'm taking. I do complain about people, but only when I'm really ticked off about something--- which isn't very often. I love recommending music and I usually post about tv shows that I love and movies that I deem "AWESOME." I love shopping, so I do post a lot about stuff that I want to buy or have already bought. And I do write about my life quite a bit.
I'm really trying to get back into livejournal, because I remember it being such a great way to connect to people. It seems that a lot of the people that used to be here either moved on to tumblr or just disappeared off the site. And writing to yourself is kind of boring... so...
If I haven't scared you off, then feel free to comment below, or go to my friend's only post!
Thanks for reading!
Hermione Hush
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Hey there

My name is Karena, I am a California native, 23 years old, newly married and currently pursing a BS degree in Dietetics. I love to read historical fiction and slightly embarrassing tween/teen series books (Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, etc). I am attempting to become a decent runner in my spare time. I ironically work at a pizza parlor despite having a life goal of improving the nation's nutrition. My pets are my babies... We have a dumpy orange/white cat named Butters and a beast of a yellow lab/german shepherd mix named Hurley. We are going to be getting a couple backyard egg-laying hens soon. 

My posts are probably mostly going to be about school, work, my husband and any little adventures we get into. I'd love to befriend other newlyweds & college students. I comment only when I have something worthwhile to say and I would expect any of my friends to be the same way. :)

In need of new friends.

Been an LJ user for years now, but haven't been into it for the past couple. I'd like to get started again posting/commenting but a majority of my old LJ friends are inactive now.

* I'm a party girl & part-time stoner.
* Down to earth, non-judemental, FUN 21 year old.
* I'm terrible at describing myself, but I get along with most people ~ so add me :)

Go to my page & comment my "friends only" entry. If you think we have some things in common. If you're stuck-up, rude, & close minded don't bother. I only like FRIENDLY people :). Will post & comment when I have time, which is a lot. ♥

Uhm Hello?

Gosh I hate doing this. Every time I have to talk about myself my mind just becomes a completely blank space. Anyway  let's get moving shall we?

Here's something you should know about me: 

  1.  I'm Cristina but my friends call me "Assbut" (long story) 
  2. I live in Canada but I was born in Romania so my English isn't perfect. (sadly)
  3. I'm in  my last year of High school ( I know I'm young *sighs*) 
  4. I hope to become a teacher someday. 
  5. I love languages and history. 
  6. (You can visit my page for more info) 

Now, about my blog: 
  1. It's a personal blog but I will post about my obsessions (quite a lot actually)
  2. It will mainly be about Supernatural (TV show), my teacher crush *coughs awkwardly* or just about how my day went. 
  3. I will post daily or at lest I will try to. 
  4. Despite this being a personal blog, sometimes I'll post more about supernatural things (ghost stories etc) 
This is all I think. I'm new here so all I'm looking for is to make new friends. I'm pretty shy but once you get to know me you'll beg me to shut up ;) Hope to be hearing from you soon! 


autumn fae

shameless self promoting.

i whore around in these communities all the time, it's whatever i have no shame ;D

my name is samantha jo, i go by sam unless i'm in trouble.
i'm twenty years old & was born, raised, moved away from, then back to waynesboro, tennessee.
i'm unofficially engaged to my boyfriend of two years, he's basically perfect for me, but we're in no rush to get married.
i'm the only girl my age i know that does not have a child.
i smoke marijuana, a lot.
if this will cause issues, don't add me. it's not worth it.
i pretty much never capitalize anything on the internet, unless i'm feeling proper.

hello kitty, world of warcraft, magic the gathering, cooking, gardening, decorating everything, coloring books, anything crayola, dubstep, trance, house, techno, industrial, having robot ears, my bff kriax & my fiance caleb, animals, kids, day dreaming, reading, tea, umm...games. old ps,ps2,gamecube,sega, xbox, xbox360, whatever, love em.

disney stars turned instant pop sensation singers, same with nick stars, harry potter/and all that jazz, christians that always assume they're right because 'the bible says so', people that lie, friends that betray, most people in my hometown.

i don't write fan fiction, and i don't overly obsess over anything in my journal. sometimes i do surveys when i'm bored, but most of the time my journal is daily ramblings about my real life. that's the kind of journals i'm interested in reading.

comment here or on the FRIENDS ONLY entry with a few things about yourself. and creepers please don't add me without saying so. because it kindof weirds me out. kthx bye :D

Hello World, How Are Things?

My name is Cool Caro, but you can call me Doctor Caro or Secret Agent Caro, its alright with me. And if you're feeling saucy, Catalina will do as well. I still have the word teen at the end of my age, so lets leave it all that. I'm singleeee like a slice of cheese. I'm a Pisces (where are my Piscean brothers and sisters at?) I love writing. It's what I do best. I write about all kinds of weird things. I also love junk food. Like a lot. I have at least seven cavities. Food is guuuud. I enjoy the telly, with shows like Arrested Development (DID YOU GUYS HERE ABOUT THE NEW SEASON? GASP) Strangers With Candy (Stephen Colbert... unf) Misfits, Family Guy, you know, same old ish. I also enjoy Vampire Diaries, trying to get in The Secret Circle, but ehhhhhhh.... we'll see. I like lots of music, I like some Britney Spears with a little Kanye in it, I also enjoy some Paramore with a splash of Garbage in it. Movies are cool. Great way to kill time. My fav  movies are.... Clueless (Alicia Silverstone at her prime, you guys) Scream (Neve Campbell, such a babe) Scary Movie 1 (That movie can never get old) Lords of Dogtown (Jay and I would have so much fun together) Guilty Pleasure Time: Jennifer's Body (can't lie, Megan Fox looked damn good in it) Honorable mentions: Requiem for a Dream, A Clockwork Orange, The Hangover, and Idle Hands (Seth Green used to be hot). Ummm what else? I'm pretty indifferent to a lot of things, some may say extremely apathetic, but I probably just hate them. My default emotion is boredom, and I'm an avid supporter for anarchy with occasion communism (or the other way around, whatever works). This whole president, and capitalism thing is going waaaaay too far if you ask me. Unfortunately, money = food, so I HAVE to contribute to the economy by getting a job. I think I'll be a dentist. Pretty sweet, huh? So yep, that's me. I'm exactly what makes the sauce so awesomeeeee (no, not really).
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I'd love some more friends. I spend a lot of time on the internet, so it's always nice to have lots to read :)

I'm friendly, honest, slightly mad, a bit ditzy, easily distracted and crap at commenting but always read my friends pages.

I'm interested in mental health issues. I suffer with a few issues, and I’m a service user of a local mental health charity.

Some things I post about are, my granddaughter, the odd survey, videos, occasional photo, my day, my thoughts and my struggles.
Music | nature | spring and autumn | gnarly trees | barn owls | reading | quiet walks | clean beaches | woodland | thunderstorms | arts and crafts | watching movies | Xbox 360 | Starry nights | autumn leaves | warm sunshine | cool breezes | otters | friends | poetry | sleeping | ornate boxes | rats | photography | arts and crafts | roast dinners | steam punk | sleep | the paranormal |
Liver | ignorance | bigotry | jelly | early mornings | politics |  insensitivity | heights | closed mindedness | phonies | control freaks |  stupidity |

True Blood | Merlin | Eastenders | X Factor | Casualty | Holby City | Big Bang Theory | Supernatural | The Vampire Diaries | Hospital documentaries | Doctor Who | cookery programmes | Big Brother | Strictly Come Dancing | QI |  Ghost Adventures |

Enemy at the Gates | Saw | Wrong Turn | Pirates of the Caribbean | Harry Potter | Spirited Away | The Bone Collector | Sleepy Hollow | Good Will Hunting | Resident Evil |The Collector | The Midnight Meat Train | Avatar | Star Wars | Flushed Away | Labyrinth | Super 8 | The Spiderwick Chronicles | Shutter Island | Doloris Clayborne | The Secret Life of Bees

Un Lun Dun - China Mieville | The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman | His Dark Materials – Philip Pullman |The Vampire Diaries – L J Smith | Harry Potter – J K Rowling | Combe’s Wood – Lisa Hinsley | Trylle Trilogy – Amanda Hocking | Sookie Stackhouse series – Charlaine Harris

Adele | Ane Brun | Cat Power | Eliza Doolittle | Elliott Smith | Florence and the Machine | Gorillaz | Gnarls Barkley | Imogen Heap | Joan Osborne | Joss Stone | Katy Perry | Lily Allen | Marcy Playground | Moby | Mumford and Sons | Pink Floyd | Pink | Radiohead | Waldec | Cee Lo Green


Le Fabuleux Destin De...Who Cares?


I'm Jeanette and I'm 22 years old. I'm a BA student of English and American Studies. Actually I'm German (well, half German, half Polish), but right now I live in France because of my semester abroad. Due to this semester abroad I suck at commenting at the moment, but I thought that a couple of new friends might change that and that's why I'm looking for new friends. So...here are some facts about me:

#I live close to Paris at the moment --> my life feels like a movie at the moment (right now I'm part of a Parisian The Hangover Story)
#even though I live in France my French sucks
#I LOVE TV shows; at the moment I'm totally in love with Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Glee, Gossip Girl and How I Met Your Mother
#I love books (Harry Potter, Twilight, Rage, The Beach, Into The Wild)
#I love Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean --> Yes, Orlando Bloom is to blame
#I love going to the movies
#concerts are awesome and I can't live without music; I love Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift, Rooney, Scanners, Coldplay, Parachute ad Bruce Springsteen
#I'm sort of a wannabe writer; NaNo, I love you!
#I write about fandom stuff, my life in Paris and therefore, about my friends and my roomie...and about my mum; I'm a real life Gilmore Girl
#my love life is...frustrating

So...who wants to be friends with me?
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