November 4th, 2011



Hello everyone!

I am LeAnn, and I am 27 years old, a wife, and a mother.

I have one son, he is 4.

I have been with my husband for 10 years (this month).

Here are some more facts about me.

* I have been on LJ for years! My last name was mama_jones but when I returned to LJ after a year of being away, I wanted a fresh start.

* I love to journal! However I have been vloging more than journaling, and I think that is because I do not have many friends on this new journal.

* I talk about my child A LOT, so if you do not like children, please do not reply or add me.

* I am RANDOM.. seriously..

* I would like friends that type in English (n0t lyke diz becuz it hurtz mii brainz seriouzly!~)

* I love gLee, well. I LOVE Music!

If you want to take a chance with friendship, reply or add me!



Real people.

So I need more journals to read.

I much prefer the kind of journals where people talk about things of substance, as in struggles they are having in their life, not just their ever so happy day-to-day activities.

My journal is a mess of things, full of drunken rants, lolcatz, music videos, webcam updates but the main "subjects" that I write about are my struggles with therapy, alcohol, college, s.i., and other things. 

As long as I feel I have something relevant to say I will comment on your entries. And the better I get to know you the more comfortable I will become with you and so the more I will comment. 

And you're damn right to assume that I bitch, it's my journal I can bitch about the same fucking thing day in and day out if I want. Just as you have the right to do the same in your own journal. 

Comment here or on my F/O post and I'll more than likely add you back. 

Edit: I do have one more request, if you're just going to be an asshole I'd rather you not add me. I have enough cruel people surrounding me in the real world. I don't need more. 

YA-HOO!!! ^^

hi everyone, my name's Vera ^^ I'm 23 years old and I live in Hungary... well, I don't really know what to write about myself, so I'll write my favourites and likes and hobbies or so ^^
well, I love Japan, manga, anime, dorama and everything with these themes ^^ that's why I joined on LiveJournal, so I could ask the mangalovers when I didn't remember a title or a mangaka ^^ my memory is not so good ^^'
for my hobbies I'm a photographer, I love to take pics from the little beauties and wonders of the nature and of the world around me ^^ I also like to write stories... well, I'm trying to write stories, but all my friends say, that I'm good... and they must know ^^~ I love reading too ^^ now I'm totally into Inkheart and I hope that I can read Inkspell and Inkdeath in the future too ^^ but my absolute favourite is a hungarian authoress, Vavyan Fable - I love all her works ^^ I'm playing on keyboard since I was 4, and I'm learning guitar and harmonica on my own and I started to do beadart two years ago ^^
for music I love japanese, irish traditional songs, blues /for exapmle Eric Clapton/, country /Tim McGraw/, old rock /The Foreigners, Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers, Creedance Clearwater Revival/, and disco songs from the 80's and the 90's ^^ but my all favourites are Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield and a hungarian band, named Irigy Hónaljmirigy ^^
well, for movies I like action, comedy, action-comedy, adventure the best ^^ some of my favourites are Dances With Wolves, the Indiana Jones trilogy, Harry Potter, The Lord Of The Rings, Ace Ventura ^^ now I'm trying to find all my favourites from when I was little, from 1990 to 1999 ^^
I also like esoteric, mystic and paranormal things ^^ well most of time /and when I have time/ I live in my fantasies too ^^ I love legends, mytical creatures /I'm a dragon in chinese horoscope, so I'm one too XD/ and I love all the thing that can live in peoples fantasies like fairies, dragons, goblins and so ^^
for my motto's, one is from a book of Vavyan Fable, Fairydance: 'I think the complete life is, when it's half are dreams and fantasies.'
the another is from a bokk, Skeleton from Heaven, Vavyan Fable too: 'Youth isn't dependent on age. You're young as long as you don't take yourself seriously.'
and one from the song Blue from Mai Yamane /Cowboy BeBop/: 'Everything is clearer now/ Life is just a dream you know/ That's never ending./ I'm ascending.'
well I don't know what to write about me more, so that's all ^^ if you want to chat, just write ^^