January 5th, 2012


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my name's katie. i'm canadian.
i'll be 24 this month. :( i feel old.

i've been on lj since i was 12. most folks on my friendslist routinely fall off the face of the earth, so i find myself in these communities every now and then. :)

+ i live with my hippie drummer boyfriend of five years, a hippie guitarist, three koreans on visa, three cats, and several freshwater fish. we all love animals.
+ i'm a psychology student at the university of ottawa.
+ i quit working this year to focus on school. best thing i've ever done for myself.
+ i'm a cook by trade. i've met lots of amazing people, the money is decent, and i'm pretty good at it, but just hate the work.
+ i've recently started making plans to move to halifax for grad school (a year or two away).
+ i teach karate in my spare time, and like to try all other sorts of martial arts for fun (and to retain my sanity) - currently also doing kickboxing and kung-fu.
+ i really love scuba diving, but just can't afford it at this point in my life! so instead, in the summer i visit my parents on vancouver island and go surfing in tofino. which is also amazing.
+ i have itchy feet. i've never been out of canada and it makes me nuts. one day i'll travel the world.
+ i get emotional but i come around.
+ i speak english, japanese, and bad canadian french.

i'm interested in meeting open-minded, optimistic folks who post about their lives and not just fandoms or being high. i want to get to know you as a person! (you're way more interesting than your interests!)

i don't believe a blog should be thought of as a chore. as such, i'm not going to promise to comment on every entry, nor do i expect that of anyone, but i will do my best to read and comment when i have something meaningful to contribute. i would be happy if you felt the same way!

i post every day or every other day about what i'm up to or plans for the future.
sometimes i do survey memes. sometimes i post pictures of pets.
that's about it.

add me, friends. <3
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Hi Everyone!

So, ever since I made a livejournal, my entries have been private, but it's a new year so I'd like to change that. I thought starting here would be a nice start.

Without further ado...
Hi everyone, my name is Angel.

*I live in Ontario, Canada.
*I'm petite (under 5ft) to be exact and I'm 19. To make matters worse, I've been told I have a baby face.
*Yes, I have heard every pick-up line that involves my name. I give points to guys who use pick-up lines and manage a giggle out of me. It's so cheesy, I can't help but giggle.
*Awkward moments make me laugh and just talk a shitload more.
*I swear way too much.
*If I could marry chocolate, I would, in a heartbeat.
*Love the colour pink, but I barely own any article of clothing that's pink.
*Have a love/hate relationship with makeup.
*You can follow me on twitter twitter.com/xx_angelica... just make sure you tell me who you are so I can follow back :)
*I'm a grammar nazi and commas are awesome.
*Don't believe in best friends, in fact, I really do not like the words, bff/bffl/biffe and all that sort
*I'm filipino with some chinese and spanish, but people always think I'm viet/chinese/korean/japanese or european.
*Can speak english, french, filipino and slowly learning spanish. I love learning languages.
*Love, love, love art. Drawing, music, theatre, you name it.
*I play the guitar and piano.
*I play video (mostly xbox) and computer games. I blame the males for that.
*Loud and obnoxious.
*I giggle. A lot.
*I can pretty much talk about anything, I have no line as to what people say to me because I love to talk as much as I love to listen. I'm open-minded.
*"That's what she said" will be heard from me. A lot.
*I listen to any sort of music... from dubstep to jpop.
*People say I talk pretty fast... my childhood nickname used to be "motormouth".
*When I get my degree, I want to work for a magazine company.

*If you do add me and we start talking, please note that I can be very random. My blog consists of very different things and vary in length, but I write what I want.

With that said and done, because I don't know what else to say, feel free to add me!

EDIT: Adding a picture because I just found out how to.
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I guess since I made a journal I should start looking for some LiveJournal friends! Feel free to add me if you want! Some things about me.

Name: Angel
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Marital status: Happily Married for 3 years
Children: None
Interests: Video games, books, computers, gadgets, clothes and friends

Hmmm things that people can relate too lemme seee

*Video game lover
*Horror movie buff
*severe Night terros (PTSD related)
*severe nyctophobia
*Atkins lover 
*All kinds of music

So if you want to be my friend add me I post often and I love to post comments to others :D!

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