January 6th, 2012

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Sherrie. 24 almost 25. Florida. Mommy & Wife.

I'm looking for open artsy friends like me.
I can't wait to move to Oregon, but I will for the sake of stability.
I'm spiritual not religious. (for good this time lol)
I'm a stay at home mom right now working on changing that possibly.

I like mature people, artistic and friendly.
I'd like to keep this simple because I figure, the people
who TRULY would like to see if they'd want to add me,
well...they will simply click on my username to find out more :)

I'm wanting to make possible REAL friends.
Not here to just add people for no reason!
Thank you! :D Another picture of me on my profile too!

2012 means new journal means new friends!

Have you ever met the ASIAN Audrey Hepburn?

Well, that would be me:

No no, but really, I'm a dork.

Name: Angela (But most of my closest friends call me Aja)
From: the Philippines, but currently studying an undergrad degree of European Studies and Spanish in London!
Age: 18
Sexual Preference: My boyfriend, Andrew
Religion: Roman Catholic, but very liberal and open-minded
Languages spoken: English, Filipino, Spanish, French, Italian

Top interests include travel, foooooood, music, fashion and anything old from vintage Hollywood stars to gangster films to jazz music...oh and anything cute and fluffy like pandas 
Hobbies include singing (I'm a classically trained amateur soprano), playing the piano, reading Neruda poetry and books by Latin American authors,speaking in different languages (with increased fluency as the drinks keep coming), beer tasting, going out, facebook stalking, having mini-raves on my iPod while commuting in the London tube, pretending to be so fly and so G by memorizing Kid Cudi songs and rapping all the way to the convenience store even if I know I'm a little Asian who could never pull that off, hanging with my bitchez and my boyfriend, sex, and eating. 

My first post on my journal is public and explains a little more about me. To check my music preferences (which can range from Avicii to Frank Sinatra to Claude Debussy) and film interests, there's my userinfo. 

Anyone with common interests or who would like to read about life as a uni freshman living in the slums of London add me up!
actor | norman reedus.

New year, new friends!

Since it's the new year, it's time for some new friends.

Ashleigh. Nineteen. Female. Canadian. Brunette. Hazel eyes. Born on Christmas Day. Wears geeky/nerdy glasses. Happily taken (even though she's having issues with love). Currently employed--working in retail. Wishes to pursue Criminology or becoming an Author. Avid reader. Dreams of having a library in her house. Enjoys writing. Loves Disney--especially Nightmare before Christmas. Also loves zombies. Tim Horton's addict. Enjoys hot chocolate and Arizona drinks. Supports all kinds of love--everyone deserves love.

Looking for new friends to communicate with. To have fun, get along, and become best friends. (Maybe even meet in person one day). I tend to update every other day--as well as commenting. I try to make my entries fun, and not so dramatic. I like to be there for my friends and cheer them up.

I'd prefer:
  • Over 18 years old. (It's not personal--it's just I post some stuff not suitable for viewers under 18. Seriously.)
  • I would like it if you communicated with me. It's fun getting to know each other. I don't expect you guys to comment on every entry. It's nice if you dropped a line, or if we communicated through other social sites. Just sayin'.
  • It'd be super nice if we had at least 3 things in common. I have more information on my profile/journal.
  • No robots. And, please, don't add me if you just want more friends. I actually want to make friends and get to know you.
There you have it--me! Please comment either here or on my 'Friends Only' entry at my journal if you wish to add me. I look forward to meeting new friends!
xena // screw it

friend me!

My name is Stacy. I'm a 30 year old Minnesotan. I am a stay at home mom of a 15 month old little boy. As such, I sometimes post multiple times a day, and those posts are sometimes about my kid. Sometimes about my cats and occasionally about random crap. I'm a tv junkie, a bibliophile and a foodie.

I love animals. Especially horses and when I'm not pregnant I horseback ride regularly.

I love tv shows like The Big Bang Theory, Once Upon A Time, Xena, Legend of the Seeker, The Mentalist, Bones and X-Files.

My favorite movie is Labyrinth. I listen to mostly country music.

I check lj a lot during the day. And love reading people's blogs. My friends list has grown quieter and quieter. I was hoping it would come back after the holidays but it hasnt yet. So I'm looking for more people to click with. I comment pretty regularly and while I don't have rules for my journal, I do appreciate actual interaction with my lj friends. If you think your interested, please check out my profile and interests in depth and friend me.
;) I look forward to meeting you.

New to LJ

Well I decided to make an account here and now I need some friends. Real friends that is so we can get to know each other. I'm 35 years old truck driver. I travel all 48 states though I try to keep away from the west coast. I have internet in the truck though there are times where I have no signal. I will be commenting as I do expect the same in return. The I'm a very straight forward person and speak my mind. With driving everyday for 10+ hours I have tons of time to think and I do listen to talk radio rush limbaugh and dr laura. My spelling isn't the greatest though I will try to use spell checker. I will be posting about my travels like where I have been/going accidents and people I run across as well as life in general. With that being said 18 and older please. I do play video games on my xbox 360 and I also play on pogo as well. I did the facebook thing and I had to quit because it was getting in the way of work. I listen to audio books as well so I guess you can say I read alot. I like criminal law sci fi and fantasy type stuff. I do listen to music at times which is normally a hits station from the city I'm in at the time. As far as movies I watch everything except westerns. My life is an open book so feel free to ask me anything. Looking forward to getting to know you.

scarlett; eating

Let's be FWIENDZ!

I promise I'm not that obnoxious in my journal.

I have had various Livejournals over many years, and this one I'm on right now is quite old; but I'm sticking with it anyway. I decided to get back into journaling recently, and thought I might try and make a few e-friends, as I have been short on those lately.

Anyway, here's some things you might like to know about me, and what you'll find in my journal.

My name is Nicole, and I'm twenty. I live in Virginia, and I moved here from New York a little over a year ago. I was in college for English, but I got fairly uprooted from that when I moved and am not currently in school right now, but have full intention to continue my education soon. I have my own apartment (my first ever!) and live with my boyfriend, and my cat. I promise not to ramble about my cat. I'm a pretty quiet person, and I love reading, writing, and movies - which a lot of people do, I know. I also love punk music, and cooking.

Now, for some lists! I know a few of you will just scan these lists of interests to see if we're compatible, and that's perfectly cool.

Books: Gone with the Wind, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, The Handmaid's Tale, Watchmen, Chuck Palahniuk novels, Poppy Z. Brite novels, Erin Hunter (don't judge me!), V.C. Andrews, etc.

Movies: Pride and Prejudice, The Skin I Live In, Another Earth, House of Flying Daggers, Atonement, Antichrist, Becoming Jane, Horrible Bosses, Juno, Kill Bill, Gone with the Wind, Pan's Labyrinth, Sweeney Todd, The Painted Veil, Role Models, and various other things.

Television: Supernatural, Law and Order: SVU, The Big Bang Theory, Chopped, Grey's Anatomy, The Walking Dead.

Music: AFI, Crystal Castles, VNV Nation, Op Ivy, Rancid, Filth, The Nerve Agents, Glassjaw, Cursive, Deadmau5, Skrillex, Jeffree Star, Blaqk Audio, Lady Gaga, Blatz, Bright Eyes, The Cure, Daft Punk, The Independents, Minor Threat, Redemption 87, Project X, Star Fucking Hipsters...I'm varied.

My journal may contain:

+ Ramblings from my daily life. Sorry about that.

+ Book reviews, recs, critiques, to-read lists. Bookish things in general.

+ Occasional recipes, and how well/terribly it went for me. Imagine me in the kitchen tear-soaked and covered in flour.

I would prefer you to be 18 or over, LGBTQ friendly, and open minded. It would also be lovely for you to actually communicate me via comments and such! I'd like to get to know you. Don't be shy! Also, please comment here and let me know if you're going to add me. If you don't I won't know who you are!

Anyway, if you have any interest whatsoever, do add me!

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Friends mean forever

                                              Huda || 15

I like a lot of things, small things, you may never even notice them, but they're there alright.
I can't even list it so I guess it doesn't really matter for now, I'm pretty sure we'll have something in common though.
Music, art...teddy bears...dancing in the rain...psychology...blood.. walking barefooted...whatever, you name it.

Some people think I'm bipolar but I guess it doesn't really matter. I'm sometimes very happy and giggly and cheerful, sometimes I'm too depressed to say a word for no reason, go for weeks without showering or brushing my hair, sometimes I cry, sometimes I bitch and it takes a word to switch between them all, But I guess...I dunno. I guess I have my problems, and if you can't handle them and will bail out on me when you realize that then please don't even bother.

And no, I don't see a doc and I won't be seeing any any time soon, so yeah, I dunno. The people that I already know just learn to live with it and you probably won't even realize anything different bout me unless we get close so yeah.

Anyway, I don't normally hate people. Unless they're mean to me or anyone else. Otherwise though, I have nothing against you. even though I might be closing up on you at first that doesn't mean I don't like you or anything I just cant really help it.. (Sorry bout that~)

And I actually like people and I like talking alot bout nothin in particular and sometimes I blabble too much and people say it's funny but it makes me blush and feel awkward so..yep

Also I'm obviously not English so I might need your help with explaining some things but that's rarely ever a problem, or so I'd like to think.

Anyhow, I get close to people, I get attached and I get hurt, so...
If you think you're up for it then add ahead.
Bet you don't have it in you.

Last but not least, I might take a while to add back or answer your comment because I have exams this week, sorry~


P.s: I'm obsessed with quotes, I love music and I'm in love with P!atd.
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