January 10th, 2012

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Hi. New Journal, so I thought I'd look for new friends. All my entries so far are public, so if you're curious, and think we could be friends, or  get along, then feel free to add me, and I'll do the same. I have a lot of interests that I haven't put on my profile, because I'm far too lazy to list them all. I will do my best to comment on your Journal, but if I read something and feel I have nothing to say, I won't post just to ramble on and say something that makes no sense. For those interested, I'm posting a pic.

Smitten Kitten

Greeting and salavations!

Me: Suzzanna, Zanna, Suki, Kitten, Mommy, Mama. Christian, recovering addict, seamstress, karaoke diva, movie buff, avid reader & domestic goddess. Lego architect, Littlest Pet Shop veterinarian & Meekah herder. Sushi loving, photograph junkie, patchouli-wearing nerd. Taurean, raven-haired, green-eyed girl from Ojai, transplanted to "the Valley of the Flowers" Lompoc.

Movies and Music:
Garden State, most Natalie Portman films, Scooby Doo & Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleased (special nod to Matthew Lillard for acting with a non-existant dog and doing it so well), Tegan and Sara, The 10th Kingdom, Alanis Morissette, Shaun of the Dead, Tim Brantley, Serenity, Blue October, most Simon Pegg/Nick Frost films, Sting, Madonna, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Juno, The Prestige, Novocaine, Due Date, The Hangover, The Twilight Saga, David Bowie, Modest Mouse, Nickleback, Seether, Yellowcard, Easy A, Mildred Pierce and many, many more!

Family: Ava Belle (7), apple of our eye, graceful and intelligent, top of her class and she knows it. Elijah (6), little man of the house, Lego expert and architect of some of the most amazing things ever seen. We are also owned by one frisky feline named Meekah. She came into our lives at about 4 weeks old in April of 2011 and just made herself right at home. For such a young thing she is a master manipulator and has us all wrapped around that paw of her's.

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Hi folks!

My name is Alison, I'm a bit of an LJ veteran (~8 years now) looking to make a few new friends. Over the past few years many of my friends here have been too busy to update their journals (it happens to us all) and the site has been a little lonely for me.

Anyway, about me/what I write about: I'm 24 years old, hoping to finish up my MSc. in Environmental Biology at the end of summer 2012. While graduate school supposedly is what I eat, breathe and dream of, I try not to let it take over my life and don't write about it that much. My extra-curricular activities are what I adore; I'm a competitive foil fencer, I enjoy travelling, I love the Toronto Maple Leafs, do a wee bit of photography (particularly of animals) and I play the violin and alto sax in 2 different groups. I'm passionate about nature and the environment but I have a separate politically-inclined blog to express those feelings. Basically, I write about myself, my feelings and my life, which is why it's friends-only.

I appreciate other LJers who are proficient in English spelling and grammar. I'm not so much into reading about fanfiction, but don't mind the occasional discussion of a favourite TV show, book or movie. I respect the views of others and I expect people to act the same towards me - liberal/democratic or conservative/republican, we all have our own reasons for political inclinations and I'm not here to argue about them (hence having separate political blog). With that, I think it goes without saying, but I do not tolerate hate towards others (maybe a particular individual, but groups, NO).

If you have any questions, shoot away :) I also won't be offended if you friend and then de-friend later. It happens.
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Hello. My name is Jessica. I live in WI with my husband and our three cats. I work as a veterinary assistant while going to school for veterinary science.
I've had my journal since my high school days.
I'm super easy going and love meeting new people. I try to post as much as I can which sometimes is everyday. I post a lot of pictures as I am super into photography. I also love to read, write, knit and cook.
I am looking for more people to get to know. :)
If you add me just leave me a comment here or on my friends only post so I know to add you back!

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Hello there! I need to start using my LJ again, and I want to make new friends as well :D

Bunny. 21. Short. Senior in college, majoring in digital animation, minor in art and Japanese at MTSU. What I really want to do with my life is get my comics published. Lazy. Coffee addict. Tumblr addict. ParaPara addict.

Usually I just write about whatever's going on in my life ._. Nothing too exciting, right? Maybe a little, haha.

Some of the things I love; Doctor Who, Shibuya-kei music (especially capsule), The Sims, Sailor Moon, old shoujo anime or manga, Kamen Rider and Super Sentai, cute things, cosplay, ParaPara, lolita, Muppets, writing, drawing...

I'm actually quite bad at describing myself, so if you want to pop over to my journal and see for yourself, go ahead! Most of my entries are unlocked. Let's be friends, okay!
freya mavor ► skins ► animated

Hello, hello.

Well, firstly my name is Jess and I'm nearing 21 years old. This journal is new but I've been on livejournal since I was about 13, and recently was active here for about 6 years until my previous journal was hacked and eventually purged. I think we're all judgmental in certain ways but if you're overly judgmental, don't bother adding me. Really I prefer not seeing someone bitch constantly about mediocre things in life or carry on about certain preferences others have ("OMG, you watch Glee? Don't talk to me!1!" "You write fanfics? Creep!" "Oh ew, you ship so and so? Go away!") so basically, the bottom line of that is immaturity and inability to accept others likes = a big no no once adding me.

Currently I am obsessing over random novels, Lana Del Rey and Florence + the Machine (of course with the addition of my ever-present-love of television and fashion) but my interests vary and tend to change as frequently as my hair colour. My posts mostly consist of my icons, weekly reviews of televisions series/novels/whatever it is I'm doing that week, and the occasional drabble. I do suppose I'm a bit hypocritical since I "ship" (I call it like) certain couples and read fanfiction from time to time.

I'm pretty mellow but I have a sarcastic, bitchy sense of humor from time to time in which I lack my sensitivity chip and will say something ignorant. But, I'm pretty understanding and am told I listen/help people with their problems pretty easily.

As for television I mostly watch Misfits, Skins, The Vampire Diaries, Glee, Doctor Who, Pretty Little Liars, Revenge, The Lying Game and Once Upon a Time.

I really would prefer it if you are over the age of 18 when adding me, and you let me know you are adding me. Well, if you add me obviously.



Hi! My name is Amanda. I'm 29 and have lived in Kentucky all my life. This is the love of my life in the pic with me. We have been together a year and a half.

I am an only child. I have a dog. He is a West Highland White Terrier (aka Westie).

I currently work two jobs. I have been a preschool teacher since 2005. I have worked at Kohl's (a department store in case you don't have one where you live) for a little over a year now.

I love: Nascar, especially Jimmie Johnson (but I haven't watched much this past season), butterflies, photography, tattoos, reading, writing, tv shows and music. I have two tattoos: one is of a treble clef on my ankle and the other is 3 butterflies and some swirls on my upper thigh.

I love to eat (obviously). I love Mexican and Italian and a good steak if it is cooked to my liking (meaning practically no pink). I love icecream and would eat it daily, most of the time I do.

Some of my favorite bands are : Saliva, Seether, Puddle of Mudd, Nickelback, Sheryl Crow, Paramore, Tegan and Sara, and Evanescence just to name a few.

Some of my favorite movies: The Girl Next Door, Disney's animated version of Alice in Wonderland, The Burbs and Oh Brother Where Art Thou.

Favorite TV Shows: Roseanne, Buffy, Girlmore Girls, True Blood, Supernatural, Grey's Anatomy and my new addiction is Sister Wives.

I love to travel! My parents and I are always on the road somewhere is seems. The farthest away I have been is to Hawaii a couple times with my parents and we took a Disney cruise to the Bahamas in 2001. I have flown to California a couple times to visit my best friend.

Ok, so that is just a little bit about me. Feel free to ask any questions.

Looking forward to making new friends!
ben wright, jack.into the woods

Errr... Hello

Hiya guys, my name is Livvie! I'm a thirteen year old American student, I adore theatre. I speak English, but I currently have a year and a half of Latin under my belt. I am obessed with Stephen Sondheim, if you haven't heard of him, I suggest checking his music out! 

I'm really looking for someone to listen to my weirdness. I like to laugh. I'm super sarcastic, but it doesn't translate well to the internet. I like Reddit, tumblr, Cracked.com, Tv Tropes and Broadway World.

I can't think of anything else to say, so BYE!
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Hello Everyone
My name is Tista Sen gupta.I am a 20 year old girl.Ilive in Shimla which is the capital of Himachal Pradesh in India.It is a hilly city nestled deep in the himalayas.I live with my parents and my grandparents and timothy my german sepherd.I am a college student having a major in economics and minors in maths and political science  this is my final year in college.I have a variety of interests .So here are the four major facts about me.

(ps please do not read the first two entries of my journal i was just  trying my hand on writting a book)

heyy guise

So I've done this Livejournal thing before but I decided to make a new profile and start fresh seeing as I haven't been on in about a year and a half
To tell you a bit about myself: I'm 17, I'm a junior in high school. I'm in the jazz band and marching bands at my school; I play the vibes and clarinet. I used to be a huge softball jock but that era of my life has come to pass; I'm still into fitness and health though and work a gym that I also workout at pretty much everyday. This past year I've met my faith and come to realize how small I really am and inferior all my "problems" are too. It's pretty tough to piss me off and because of that I believe it's easier to make friends; my biggest advice to anyone is to just chill the fuck out.
As I said I play instruments and am pretty into music. In addition to vibes and clarinet which I play at school, I play piano and sometimes still pull out my violin (like softball that era of my life has passed but that doesn't mean it's not still a part of who I am). Some of my favorite bands are Green Day, U2, Weezer, Blink 182, You Me and Everyone We Know, Breathe Electric, Good Charlotte, Wilco... The list goes on. I love talking music with people and I'll listen to anything if someone gives me a testimonial saying it's good. I love going to record stores and just looking through the albums; there's so much good music out there and it's another thing that makes me feel small, just knowing how many amazing people there are out there that have the ability to play instruments and write music that's so different, I wish I could meet every artist.
For a lot of my life I always wanted to grow up and write music and become famous. But being in high school and reality checking myself I've discovered the importance of knowing the difference between a hobby and a career. So I looked into careers involving chemistry which was my favorite class last year and realized I may very well have a passion for pharmacology. I've spent a lot of time the past 17 months in the chemistry room in my school just exploring this new found fascination and I don't know if there's anything I'd rather do for the rest of my life.
So that's the basics of myself, like I said I just started this new journal the other day so there's not much in it but there will be a lot of posts talking about my life and about music so if that sounds interesting to you at all by all means please add me!! I love everyone :)
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Hi, I'm Jessica.

I'm Jessica, call me what you want.
I'm 20.
I live in Connecticut, U.S.A. 
I have a twisted sarcastic sense of humor. 
I go to college for nursing.
I've just started training for a 5k.
I love decorating cupcakes, if you'd like to see them I have a facebook page for them. 
I like camping, swimming, painting, and I LOVE animals. 
I have a blind cat, 2 ferrets, and a rabbit.
I'm a realist. I consider myself to be pretty logical and ignorance annoys me.
I'm an atheist. Religion only annoys me when people shove it in my face. I may say some things that might offend someone who is really religious from time to time (however I would never attack religion and I expect the same respect), so take that into consideration.

I'd love to make some new livejournal friends. Be interactive with me and I'll do the same.
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A Little about me :)

I had a LJ that I used to post to to relieve stress but mainly kept things private so that only I could see. Now i'm more open to sharing what I have on my mind without worrying about what others think about it. I stopped posting because I got too busy but began to stress so much because I had no outlet- so now im back to post feelings/thoughts and im hoping it helps me not stress so much! being a grad student and other activities that I have joined have put a lot on my plate but staying organized and motivated will only push me towards success!

Music: everything! 
Books: chicken soup for the soul, Hunger Games book series, crime stories
TV shows: The Big Bang Theory, Dexter, Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth, Criminal Minds

Dislikes: I am a very open-minded person but the one thing that I dislike most is when people try to force their opinion upon others without taking any other perspective into consideration. Ignorance is not bliss. 


I am using my LJ as an outlet and to learn new perspectives about topics from new LJ friends so add me if you'd like :)

A New Person

Hello, just found this community on the lj homepage and thought I'd join it. I like making friends, and I like helping people with their problems. I'm a writer, a musician, a university student, and a friendly person. I'm weird, morbid, fun loving, helpful, and generally happy.

So if anyone feels like being my friend, and reading my crazy entries, please drop by my journal and add me!

The Cemetery Lady

Also, if you're interested in reading my writing, you can periodically check out my writing journal at::
The Cemetery Lady's Funhouse
(M&D) oh god im gonna die alone
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Hi, Hello, I am val.

I am 16. I've been on LJ for about 4 years now, and I really just want friends that I can make good lasting bonds with, whatever.
And I don't want this to sound like an eHarmony commercial so basically.
If you're interested head here and comment. 


Alrighty. I was into my journal pretty hardcore then ignored it for about 2 years and now I'm back. I'm assuming a lot of past friends aren't around anymore and so therefore I need new ones. This is where you come in. :D Soo, about me and what to expect from being my friend!
  • Over the past 2 years I've lost about 130 pounds so I'll talk about this a lot. It has changed my life and I'm still learning how to live with the changes.
  • I'm a full time nanny and act as if the children are my own. I'm also in school to be a social worker. Lovelove kids. <3
  • I love taking photos and will probably add a lot of them into my posts.
  • I'm 23, single and know how to party. Am I an alcoholic? No. But I do go out and I throw the best themed parties! So, if youre one of those people who looks down upon it (which ironically seems to be a lot of people on here) you probably shouldn't add me. haha.
  • Music, books, video games and my TV shows take up what time I have left after work, school and friends. I'm truly a nerd at heart and I can never get enough of any of them. Some favorites are A Day To Remember, Andrew Belle, Jason Aldean, Harry Potter, anything Sarah Dessen, historical romances, Gears of War, Left4Dead, One Tree Hill, The Vampire Diaries, and Bones.
  • I have a puppy who is 8 months old and she is my baby. I rescued her and couldn't begin to tell you what she is. She looks like a tiger. I'll be sure to post a picture in my journal soon. 
  • I'm addicted to Pinterest. Like, seriously waste hours of my life there. However, I love to cook and love DIY crafts so at least I'm productive with my obsession. I'm sure I'll post a lot about everything I make/cook.
That's about it. I'm generally a laid-back, carefree person who is just honestly learning how to enjoy life as it comes at me.

Oh, yeah. This is me. At my Tacky Christmas Sweater Party. (Did I mention I love themed parties?)
Flower Suga
  • livvyxo

pandas are cool

My name is Livvy. I live in Leeds, England. I am twenty years old. 
  • I'm currently waiting to hear back from universities, I've applied to learn Japanese.
  • I'm into K-pop music mainly! (ask to know more)
  • I have stupid hair most of the time, it's purple right now.
  • I have a bunny rabbit called Bailey, he's my little furry world.
  • I'm very into Japan/Korea and Politics.
  • I am a buddhist and a pescatarian.
  • I work for Krispy Kreme, making doughnuts through the night.

I like pixels and making my blog entries interesting with pixels and pictures of my day.
I've been using LJ for nearly 5 years, however I've privatized all of my previous entries in order to make a fresh start for the new year :)
I like to meet different people of different cultures, but some LJ friends from England would be nice too!
I comment, I read, LJ is my home, let's be friends :)


Hey everyone!

My name is Jamika but you guys can call me Mika, Jammy, or any other nickname you can find for me. I had a livejournal account years ago when I was twelve or thirteen, I don't use that one anymore. I'm from New York. I'm eighteen years old and in college, Because of financial reasons, I am a commuter. I'm pursuing a degree in forensic science with a concentration in toxicology. Hopefully I can go to grad school in the future for either pharmacology or toxicology. I'm also a big fan of writing stories and poetry. But I am a bigger fan of reading them. I'm up for story recommendations, 

Political views? Technically I'm more of a liberal than anything really. I'm also not a very religious person. I do consider myself a deist, but organized religion isn't the best for me. However, I do respect everyone's point of view and if we do disagree, I don't mind friendly debate. I love dessert foods, and I'm pretty upset that I can't bake. I LOVE food in general. I also consider myself a chemistry lover. Perhaps a math liker.

I suck at describing myself. If you guys want to add me, comment! 


Add me?

Greetings from the sunshine state! ^.^

I have been on this site since I was in the 9th grade, and been through literally 10 LiveJournal accounts, but most of them were private. None of my friends use LiveJournal anymore, and I sure do miss having online friends on here, so I've decided to make a 'Friends Only' account tonight. Sounds lame (the different accounts part), I know. >.<

Now let me give you some information about myself! I'm 23-years-old, gosh I feel old every time I say that! I am currently living in Citrus Springs, Florida, with my roommate, Lauryn. I am a swing manager at McDonald's. My major passion is photography, and this year I am going to try to go to school and get a degree. I also enjoy writing, reading, going to the movies, or anything else I can get my hands on!

I enjoy meeting new friends, and hope to meet some new friends on here, even photographers out there! I'm not shy at all, I am very outgoing, so feel free to add me and I will add you back!

tv → merlin → arthur &amp; merlin

Looking for some new friends since my f-list is sort of dead.

Name: Laney
Age: 28
Time on LJ: 10+ years
Looking for: New friends that have things in common with me and post somewhat regularly

Interests: Tv, Movies, Books, Soccer (LA Galaxy), Video games (World of Warcraft, Skyrim, Terraria), Cats, Working out and weight lifting, Comics, Music, Hot celebrities

TV: Battlestar Galactica, Chuck, Once Upon a Time, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Merlin, Firefly, True Blood, Ringer, Revenge, Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Roswell, White Collar, Psych, Castle, Bones, Glee

Movies: Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, Harry Potter, Robin Hood, Tangled, Wanted, Atonement, Thor, Captain America, Tron, Pride and Prejudice, Pirates of the Caribbean, High School Musical

Journal contents: I usually update about aspects of my life, including, but not limited to, teaching, friends, working out/weight lifting, video games, the LA Galaxy, movies I love, books I've read, my dating life. I really just post whatever I feel like posting.

My journal is Friends Only, so you'll need to let me know if you want to be friends so I can add you. :)
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New friends?

I had a journal for about 4 years but I didn't use it for long periods of time so I never got to know anybody. This year I'm using this new journal to hopefully post more frequently and keep up to date with communities. 
Some new LJ friends would be nice, to comment on each others' entries and such.

So, about me - my 18th birthday is next month. I like books, music and movies (for specifics you can check out my user profile if you want to) and I post (or will be posting) mainly about my life and interests, which may get boring but I will comment back on your entries if you add me as a friend - but I will only add people if we have something in common. Sharing fan things is the main foundation of friendships.

My journal is friends only so if you do add me from this community, comment on this first to let me know. :)

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laughter is man&#39;s greatest weapon

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I'm 18. My name is Savanna but I go by Anna sometimes, mainly when I'm feeling 'artsy' which is something I'm embarrassed to admit. I believe in God but I choose not to worship him for a variety of reasons, half of which I'm still going over. Nonetheless, I've done a shitload of things for 'religious reasons' and I contemplated going to a Christian college (Thank God-how ironic-I never did that. The whole "virgin until marriage" is not a Savanna thing.) I'm a writer and by that I don't mean that I'm an aspiring novelist or a poet or this or that. A writer is someone who writes. Writing comes in all shapes and sizes and, as a writer, I want to experiment with all mediums. I want to be a novelist, a poet, a screenwriter because I love writing and it's what I want to do with my life. I've been told that I can be 'professor-y' and go on and on about things like Otto von Bismarck and linguistics-things I find interesting but others find (WHY?) boring. I'm going to college to be a nurse, something that is ironic because, at fifteen, I swore I'd never be a nurse and, at thirteen, I swore I'd never be like my mother-two things that I have become. I love fashion but really, I love everything aesthetically pleasing. I love food, I love culture, I love you. I have a habit of quoting my best friend Tanatswa (Zimbabwean, if you were wondering.) from a time when she still wore a weave and told me that I was "into anything and everything", which is true to this day. I'll watch and read anything and, usually, I already have. I can be a hipster snob about music and books and movies and things but this is something I'm aware of and trying to fix. I suffer from clinical depression and I can be crazy and sniveling and ranty but I usually know how to refrain from showing this or at least I only post my snivel-y and ranty posts on my other LJ account, worthamass. Barry Manilow is the showman of our time and yes, I do think this because of Jessica Darling and Marcus Flutie. I am addicted to House Hunters International and, if given the option, I'm fairly certain that I could run my own HGTV show because, given the amount of hours I've watched that channel, I think I know everything about HGTV. 

And if you've gotten through that unseemly paragraph without vomiting, setting yourself on fire, or yelling "Egad!", and still, somehow, find me remotely attractive as an LJ friend, well, besides commending you and telling you that you, sir or madam, have made a good choice (vain, I know but I never claimed to be perfect), either comment here or on this page where you will find the original version of this text that I have just copied and pasted. ♥

Opening the door...just a crack...

Hm...let's try this out.

I'm 23 and probably the most paranoid girl you'll ever meet. In fact, I'm so paranoid that I'd rather not disclose my name...so, you can just call me Vai. For years upon years, I've wanted to make a public (or at least Friends Only) journal, but I always freak out and lock everything down on private. And god forbid I actually have any friends on it, save for one or two. I've always been too paranoid to let anyone else in.

I've gone through LiveJournal, Xanga, Blogger, Blogspot, Wordpress, and more...and I have several accounts on every server. And every single one of the damn things starts off with "I'm going to finally make a change and post in this stupid thing and actually let people read it"...and then I give up and start over with a new account, a new name, a blank slate. So, I might as make an effort this time around.

I usually post when I'm upset and have no one else to talk to. I'm trying to change that, though. Writing shouldn't only be about rage and depression. So, I try to squeeze in some happy posts every once in a while. But, most of the time, I just don't have many happy things to post about.

Well, if anyone would like to delve into madness with me, add me and try not to regret it. ^.^
the quantum cat

Plays Well with Others

Hi, folks! My name is Clarissa. I'm a twenty-something student at UMSL, where I'm about to receive my BA in English. After that, I plan to apply for grad school with the ultimate goal of becoming a comp/rhet specialist, which is the professional field of writing research and instruction, particularly at a college level. I know ... that sounds totally exciting, right?

If I'm not posting about my personal life (or what I refer to as my racing thoughts), then I'm usually posting about my academic endeavors. I'm a serious student, but beyond that I don't take myself, or anything else for that matter, very seriously. And if it sounds like I do in my journal, please let me know because I'd hate to give anyone that kind of impression. I'm also known to be straight-forward and a little abrasive as far as my personality is concerned. I'm also fond of strong language and adult subject matter, so you've been warned.

I'm a prolific reader and writer, so you can expect plenty of comments and updates from me should you choose to become my new friend. My journal is currently Friends Only, but that's just because I like to know who's reading what. So, if you're interested in Literature, Language and Writing, or just life, the universe and everything else in general, feel free to friend away!
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How funny I was only thinking the other day I would like more journal friends but how to go about it!

Nickname is Sasha, 25 , living in the middle of England UK.
Not a grammar or spelling Nazi due to my lack of skills in that department. I studied Media (Specialising is Film and Television) though I now run and own my own Sweet Shop. I'd love travel more and meeting people from other countries online is good =D
Single straight female rants to be expected occasionally and silly stuff always!

Metal Music, Sweets, Gothic Couture and Subculture, Japanese Street Fashions and Influences, Paranormal, Fantasy, Cute and Childish Stuff, Finland, Many fandoms, Mangas, Harry Potter, Tim Burton Productions, other cultures, animals... user profile

over inflated egos, selfish people, people who expect me to comment and read everything on their journal, r&r, hip-hop, dubstep, hollywood-hill wannabes , pure fanfic journals, promiscuity in depth details, pushers of their own political or religious views upon others. hate towards other humans and creatures. spelling and grammar nazi's I'm from the generation that had grammar removed from education.
Twilight, Glee.

Homosexuality, Bi-Sexuality does not bother me. Those suffering from medical problems or mental health are also welcome and happy to give support/sympathy.
16 + please unless your nice =)

*My Journal is on Friends Lock sorry

  • chacals

Looking for guy friends.

Must like: 
  • RPG videogames
  • Anime & Manga
  • Rock, Metal, Indie and/or Alternative music
  • My Chemical Romance & Florence + the Machine
  • Texting
  • Book (preferably YA literature)
  • Horror shows and movies
  • Cars (optional)
  • School and/or learning shit in general
  • Preferably male (since that is what the title of this entry implies)

Comment to add. ♥

Hello, all :3

Hello! I'm Phyre. So... I'm new to Livejournal. Not, like, obnoxious n00b new, just... New. It was suggested heavily by a real life friend that I should join LJ because I write fanfiction often, but, because fanfiction.net is cruel, I didn't get feedback. Like, at all. So.... Here I am! And I'm having trouble finding time to get everything running, so it'll be a while before I'm fully up and functional. I like doing these types of things correctly, so I want everything to be pretty and polished once I start posting my writing.

In the meantime, I'd like to get some friends!!! Of course, I'll friend in return. But if you're going to be getting my journal entries in your feed, you really need to know what you're getting into. I write for Harry Potter, Meet the Robinsons, Peter Pan, Teen Titans... I can't really foresee what'll be up there in my future, really XD But I do a lot of sad posting on both FB and tumblr, so that's something else that might be a deal breaker, I suppose :/ I got dumped on the last day of 2011, so the sea's a bit rough now.

I'm seventeen right now and a senior in high school. I'm planning on double majoring for BFAs in Photography and Film Production. My first plan was to be a photographer. Ideally, if I go down that path I want to attend Drexel University, intern with Kai Z Feng, and become a fashion/celebrity photographer. However, I also really want to become a director, and I'm working on my first script already!!! :D

I'm also into music... A lot. The trombone is my primary instrument, but I've learned cello, bass guitar, piano, trumpet, and clarinet also. I'm in my school's jazz band, orchestra, marching band, wind ensemble, and brass ensemble, and for a number of years I've been in various honor bands. I'll be playing the first trombone part of Cabaret on stage as part of the band in the spring, also. Besides music, film production, and photography, I'm into acting, and around the same time as Cabaret I'll be portraying Elizabeth in The Crucible. Besides that, I rp a lot, though I don't as much think that's something I'll be bringing onto LJ.

Uhmm... That's about all I can think of right now. Add me if you want :D
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I am Kamerer220 and I have been on livejournal  for two years now. I try and post at least once a week. I don't usually talk about my life on it unless its important. Mainly it is a place for me to write. Trying to be more disciplined about that. I am looking for constructive criticism and inspiration. I would like people who would be willing to comment on my writing with constructive criticism as well as giving suggestions / requests on what to write. I am british lit and kpop addict so these are my main sources of inspiration. I also write poetry. Friend me and I will write you something. Thanks!
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Well....... My name is Miya people usally ask if im from japan becuase of my name but im not. You can call me Honey
I get shy when im in large groups.
This is my First time on Live Journal I'm hoping to make friends.
The other websites I've been to diddn't work out well with me I kept restarting.
Well I think I can have a clean slate here.
I talk about Random stuff that has happen > mainly when my dog acts silly< lol
But yea .....Oh yea.. Im ok at drawing manga..
I play online : MMORPG Games Currently playing: Iris Online, Pangya, -Legend of edda shut down for a couple of months-  
Well im done..

Uh........ er.... ....
Nice Meeting..........
Add me if you like :3 

P.S! (I love this picture) If you add me you should expect this picture in every entry -><3Um.. my journal is friends only so.. feel free to add me.

olympic village, zombies, vancouver

An introduction

Hello add_me,

It seems like I’ve posted here, or in other “add me” communities yearly for the past several years, occasionally with very good results. I’ve also just noticed that none of my friends has updated in the last three days. So I’m back.

I’m Michael, male, 32, single, without kids – although I do occasionally post entries about computer hardware that might sound as though I was talking about a small child. My politics are generally pragmatic but default to left-of-centre, although because of my employer I try not to put comments about politics in writing. I’ve had a journal for about eight years, and have posted in it regularly but not frequently for that entire period. I tend to post once or twice a week, and my posts tend to be mostly walls of text. I also use my journal as a stress-relief outlet, so I post about my life, and my posts tend not to be terribly perky, even if I’m actually feeling pretty good. I comment sporadically, but I do generally read. I don’t expect comments, and I’ve never deleted someone for not commenting, but if you add me, I would like to interact with you. (I’ve made a few face-to-face friends who I’ve initially met on LJ).

If you add me, you’re sensible enough not to pick fights with me or in my journal – which means you’re allowed to disagree, but doesn’t mean you’re allowed to be mean-spirited about it. Your posts are more than memes or YouTube clips, and preferably aren’t Twitter feeds. I won’t stipulate what you need to think or say about religion, sex, or politics, as long as you’ve put some thought into why you feel that way, and you respect that I might feel differently. I don’t care where you live, or whether you can speak English, but I’d prefer you be able to write in it fluently, effectively, and without using excessive formatting, capitalization, l33t-speak, or inter-capping.

All that said, I can’t think of any reason why I’d outright refuse to add someone. So if you think you’d like me, and you think I’d like you, leave a comment and we’ll get to know each other.
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