January 29th, 2012


Hello friend-type people!

My name is Amy and I'm 21 years old! I'm semi-new to LiveJournal. I left my old blog a few years ago, so I guess you could say I'm starting over. I'm at a happy point in my life right now, so I felt the need to start fresh and hopefully reach out to others!

So...here's a few basics.

My interests include: cats, anime, manga (particularly cheesy/girly shoujo i.e. Sailor Moon), tea & tea sets, fashion, make up art, crafts, watercolor painting, games such as Legend of Zelda and Portal.

I dabble in a great many things. I'm still trying to figure my life out. I'm a receptionist at an office currently, but this year I want to go back to school and pursue a degree in visual communication or some fancy term like that.

Add me if you care to!

Also I take crazy self-portrait photos while I'm trying to set up a modeling portfolio.

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Looking for caring people with similar interests

My name is Rebecca; I'm 31 years old and live in London, England. I am a warm friendly person with a keen interest in the world around me, and I love to share ideas and hear other peoples perspectives. I like talking about deep subjects and enjoy partaking in meaningful conversation but I am also humorous and playful, and like making others smile. And I've been told I make a very honest, supportive and loyal friend. :-)
In my daily life I enjoy talking long walks within natural surroundings and going to old cemeteries/churchyards because they are beautiful and poetic; I often take my camera as I’m a keen amateur photographer. 
I collect vintage teddy bears up to circa 1960 and I'm heavily into times gone by generally, I particularly love vintage portrait photography, old postcards, classic poetry, old black and white films. 
I love animals both wild and domestic; I have a number of animal friends myself. I'm a dog lover and prefer dogs to cats (but I can get on fine with cat people too!). I thought I'd mention this as I'm likely to get offended if you hate dogs. 
I am a forthright passionate person with a strong personal code of ethics but I’m polite and civil even in disagreement as I prefer to be a peace maker rather than breaker. I am not one of those people that demand life on my terms nor do I deem those with opposing views to my own as lesser people. In a debate, someone is more likely to win me over if they present their case reasonably, as I am very open minded and interested in hearing other perspectives, histrionics get nowhere with me as I dislike drama queens! 
My friends don’t have to come from similar roots, be of the same race, financial background or vote for the same political party as me. All I ask is people are not sexist, raciest, homophobic or religiously bigoted. Nowadays, I'd class myself as a humanist but I greatly admire Buddhism and as I love nature the wicca faith fascinate me... but I'm happy to be friends with anyone open minded, whatever faith. :-)
I have multiple and varied interests (see list below), and would love to meet people that share some of my interests.

I like to read:
-Psychological Dramas/Thrillers
-Secret Agent novels
-Detective Sleuth Stories/Novels
-Fiction set in WWII 
-Classic Children’s fiction from Alice in Wonderland to Paddington Bear and beyond. 
-Professional Psychiatry and Psychology books meant for those in the profession. 
-Criminal psychology books. 
-Books dealing with the history and psychology of war and dictators. 
-Numerous biographies from Oscar Wilde to Frederick Nietsche.

Favourite Kinds of Movies: 
(Most of my favourite films were made before 1980 but I do like some modem films)
-Psychological Thrillers 
-Psychological Horrors 
-Secret Agent 
-Warm funny classic comedy films from the 1940s – 60s (mostly British made films starring the likes of Kenneth Williams, Frankie Howard, Sid James, Norman Wisdom, Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise, but some American stuff too, such as Laurel and Hardy, Albert and Costello and random American movies from that era)

Favourite Actors and Actresses: Peter Cushing, Cary Grant, Richard Burton, Derek Jacobi, Vincent Price, Ralph Bates, Deborah Kerr. 


I like crime dramas such as 
-Sherlock Holmes (made by Grandra Television, starring Jeremy Brett) 
-Inspector Morse 
-Kavanagh QC 
-Dalziel and Pascoe 
-Miss Marple (made by the BBC, starring Joan Hickson) 
-The Murdoch Mysteries 
-Father Dowling Mysteries 
I like watching political and current affairs programs such as 
-Question Time (BBC1), This Week (BBC1), Sky News Press Review (at 11:30pm nightly), Prime Minsters Questions, Dispatches (Channel Four), Andrew Marr Show (BBC), Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman (BBC2)
I like documentaries on… 
-Criminals, and Crime Prevention Forces 
-Medieval History 
-Ancient Civilizations 
-Psychology and Sociology 
-Inventions and construction 

Music: Many kinds from classical to dark wave but I am repulsed by music with extremely superficial selfish or crude lyrics and no tone, notably R n’ B and Hip-hop (horrible!) 

People I’d like to meet, living or dead, in no particular order: Buddha, Oscar Wilde, Peter Cushing, Jeremy Brett, Dalai Lama, John Thaw, Leonard Cohen, Jesus, Kenneth Williams, Basil Rathbone, Ludwig II (King of Bavaria), David Suchet, Boudicca (powerful female figure from British history -  that's how women should be, I find very girly girls annoying!).

Favourite Domestic Animals: Dog, Horse, Mice, Fish (especially fantail goldfish and Corydoras/ Catfish).

Favourite Wild Animals: Deer, Harvest Mouse, Bats, Blackbird, British Sparrow, Wandering Albatross, Penguins (especially Jackass and Adélie), Beluga Whale 

Favourite plant life: Williow, Cedar and Oak trees.

Favourite temperature: Cool and breezy

I don’t update my journal daily nor do I read my friends journals every day (sometimes I’ll update one day and read my friends journals a day or two later, depending on time permitting), as I don’t like to be on the internet too much but I am genuinely interested in the people I choose to friend on LJ and look forward to forming positive journal based communications. :)
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Looking for a few more journals

I'm looking for a few more journals to read from. A little about me I'm 32 and currently enlisted in the US Navy. I interested in Anime and Manga. I don't write as often as I like because of my schedule, I do read when I have the time, I read more then I write.
Friendship is the best (Coupling)

the string around her finger was all she wore!

My name is Claire and I live in the Middle-ish of England. From my profile:

English Graduate. 20s. Writer. Nerd - not epic on any one subject, but more of a nerdy dabbler in several. Film Fan. Book Fan (isn't it unnatural NOT to be?). Linguaphile (Big words are sexy). I wish I could wear Vintage and pull it off. Independent shops are my Crack Cocaine (they make my bank cry).

I sell Manga and Anime at conventions around the UK with my business Manga Market. I also write reviews for Manga and Anime. I'm not a hardcore fan like I was at 14, but sometimes you need something that just doesn't exist in Western entertainment. That said, I'm also a massive fan of various mainstream entertainment, and a big defender of the British Film and Television Industry. We've got some good shit here, man.

More things:

- I apparently quite like folk music. This is a fairly recent discovery. (and if you know the lyric in my title, bonus points!)
- I am a Catholic, although less devout than perhaps I should be... But, y'know, there's a level of interpretation for everything.
- dinnerladies is one of my favourite TV shows ever. It's my feel-good show. "There's two ways to Ermston."

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