February 5th, 2012

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Return to LJ

Hey all.

Like several other 20-somethings, I'm making my return to LiveJournal after having a journal here in my teens. As of yet I haven't even made an entry on my new account, so we'll see how this goes. Lucky you if you decide to friend me! :)

I'm 22 and married with a dog named Bagel. I work as a newspaper reporter and my husband is currently deployed with the Air Force in an "undisclosed location in southwest Asia." Or Qatar, if you're good with geography.

I'm not particularly "geeky," artistic or into fandoms. I'm pretty happy with my life too, so there's not much to write about in regards to those types of things. I'm primarily interested in just writing about myself, reading about your life and connecting somewhere in the middle.

I do like some things like Disney and video games (including my new found excitement: Star Wars TOR) although I'm not crazy about them and probably won't talk about them unless someone else does. My favorite TV shows are things like Breaking Bad and Mad Men, and other guilty pleasures like Teen Mom and Top Chef. If you looked on my iPod you'd find classic rock and good female vocalists. I'll read almost anything, so that's not even worth trying to make a list. My husband and I like to travel. When he gets back from his deployment we're going to try to make our first international trip together to Europe.

If you're interested then friend me! I'd love to learn more about you.
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Hi there! My name's Alannah, nice to meet you! :)

I'm returning after a while away from LJ (why school whyyy), so I thought it'd be a good idea to make some new friends. So here I am today!

Stuff about me:
-I'm an 18 year old girl, living in Ontario, Canada.
-I'm hoping to get into college for culinary arts. I love to cook!
-I also love drawing, writing, dancing, and singing (although I'm terrible at all four)
-Travelling is my passion. I've been to France, Italy, and Switzerland, and to Washington DC, all on class trips. I love learning about other cultures and what life is like in other places.
-I like all kinds of music, but I recently developed a soft spot for 80s and 90s pop. Yes.
-Favourite tv shows are The Big Bang Theory, House, and M*A*S*H, although I don't have control of the remote, so I don't get to watch them very much, orz
-A few anime series I like are Baccano! Puella Magi Madoka Magical, and Hetalia.

Feel free to friend me and follow me on my journey of daily life and self discovery (or something like that, anyway)

I'm Back For More Friends

Hey, I'm looking for new friends on LJ :D

Name: Angela
Age: 18

Abit about me:
I write about anything that is on my mind and when I'm ready to share somethings I write about my past with being a drug abuser. I was born in Australia but I have now been living in Cambodia for a year with distant relatives and my older sister. With me living with my sister I write about her alot to. My spelling and grammar is horrible but I HaTe It WhEn PeOpLe tYpE LiKe ThIs or L1K3 TH15. Its just confusing.

People I would like to befriend:
I don't really have rules. I'm interested people of all ages, all different parts of the world and have all sorts of different personalities. I like to see other peoples view on things and such. Everyone is so interesting and different and I like different. :) But as much as everyone is different I am not really interested about how your cat is doing in every single post or how much your in love with your boyfriend. One or two post is alright but ALL the time I would get bored of reading your posts.

So if your interested add me :)
Mana vs Raptor

Wanna be my friend :3

To sum myself up in a few points:
- I love and wear elegant gothic lolita fashion
- I like animals, but only when they're alive
- my favorite animal is the velociraptor
- but I'm glad they're dead

My name is Lauren and I'll be 18 in about 2 weeks :3 My hair color changes monthly, and I have a bit of a problem following rules.... >_> Every week when my parents force me to go to church, I'm in the back playing sudoku on my iPod, until some random old person tells me off! xD I was raised Christian, but of course rebelled and am now looking into pagan. Also, I've been questioning my sexuality for a while.... I still dunno what I am ^^;; I'm kinda nerdy.... that is, if you count playing WoW, MTG, LoL, stalking memebase religiously, and going to anime cons as "nerdy" xD My favorite music is k-pop and metal :P I am an animal lover. I am lacto-vegetarian (no eggs, meat, but I occasionally have dairy Dx ), and have no respect for people who hunt for sport. I love to try new foods, I make penpals all over the world to exchange foreign candy with, haha :P I dress a little odd, but not for attention. I've always dreamed of being something more than human, and wearing elegant gothic clothing makes me to feel special <3

Looking for interesting people :)

Hello, I'm Samantha
Like many other I'm returning to LJ after I found it in 2006  [toxic_angel_7.]
I'm 24, married and we have a 2 year old little girl.
Sometimes I still feel like I haven't found myself.
I love talking to people about anything,
I like some anime, I love reading mostly fantasy books like Harry Potter, or books by Sherrilyn Kenyon.
I love to cook..sometimes lol
I feel caught between being a mature adult and stuck being 17 still.
I'm emotional and empathetic, but generally I'm happy. :)
I love animals, photogrpahy, video games, I watch a lot of TV shows when I have the time too, music I generally listen to rock but I do liek some techno, and pop..this dubstep stuff is alright. lol
I've recently started taking ballet classes after years of putting it off. I'm trying to push myself to do everything I've wanted to do and try new things.

So that's some of me, I'd love to meet you :D
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