February 26th, 2012

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Hello I am Orc. It's been so long since I've been on Livejournal.
It's not dead? According to my friend page it is. I remember when Livejournal was all there was, and having a Myspace was particularly uncool. Ahh the days before Facebook.

There's a community long dead but still there in spirit ms_paint. I got my start as an artist there. We had good times, from 2003 to I would say 2008. Until everyone seemed to move on. It was a place to post crude and offensive rudimentary ms paint drawings.

I've also had my share of friends, greatly admired, and even meeting three of them on adventure plane rides to other states multiple times. Livejournal you could say inspired within me a spirit of adventure that rewarded my risks in getting to intimately know people.

I hadn't thought about it before this post, but come to think about it, a huge chunk of my personality, and things I consider valuable within myself are a direct result of livejournal. Wow cool.

My real name is Ari. I'm 27. I'm a student, and artist, a traveler, a writer, a lover, a friend. Livejournal is not dead, that is proven to me by the activity in this community!

Friends I would value are ones that write long winded posts about nothing really, but find ways to write nothing beautifully. Anyone with humor. Artists. Photographers. and beautiful girls who don't pass a certain threshold of annoying.

here's 2 pictures of mew and some pics of my artwork




100 million points if you know what iscribble is and/or draw there

-insert witty comment here-

I posted on a few adding communities around last summer - including this one, I think - and met several lovely new people through that, but my F List is beginning to dry up a bit and it's always lovely to meet new people so I thought I may as well post again. :)

I'm fucking awful at this kind of thing, so please don't be put off by how pretentious/boring/annoying I sound. I promise I'm a nice person really!

Paragraphs about myself never turn out well, so I'm just going to list random points of 'interest' and hope for the best.
-clears throat awkwardly-

- I'm 17 years old.
- I live in Northwest England.
- I adore writing, reading and watching movies; anything that involves the exploration of different worlds and people.
- I'm fascinated by people in general (probably the main reason why I come on Livejournal).
- I'm unhealthily obsessed with Skins and, to some extent, Harry Potter.
- I'm currently studying Combined English, Psychology, Philosophy and Early Modern History at college.
- I'm sadly not even slightly artistic, but I do adore anything artistic (not just painting; photography, fashion, even baking...) so if your blog includes that kind of thing I'd love to see it!
- I want to be a writer. It's all I've ever seriously wanted to do, and it's always just seemed like such an inevitability that I don't know what I'll do if I don't end up being a writer of some kind (preferably fiction, but the idea of journalism seems increasingly appealing these days).
- I'm a climbing fanatic (though I don't do it nearly enough nowadays) and I love swimming and cycling.
- Kate Atkinson is my God. She's incredibly underrated, so if you've even read anything by her I automatically like you.
- I'm trying to get involved in charity work; I've done very little so far, but hopefully I'll keep on doing more and more and get seriously involved when I'm older. It's something that means a huge deal to me.
- I'm a vegetarian and an atheist (thought I may as well group these together as they're the two things about me that could potentially be considered ~controversial). I'm happy to discuss my opinions on meat eating and/or religion, but it's unlikely that you're going to change my mind on either issue.
- I'm a magazine addict.
- I'm honestly more interesting than these shitty little points make me out to be.

My journal consists largely of diary-style entries (lots of which, let's be honest, are quite whiny - I try not to be too much of a negative person, but I do have some ~personal issues that I have to write about alongside the fun stuff in order for my journal to be at all representative of who I am), with the occasional short story/extract from one of the longer stories I'm currently working on. I really don't mind if people have much/anything in common with me or not; provided you're friendly and not racist or homophobic or a mass murderer or anything, it's cool. Add me and I'll add you back. :)

Thankyou for sitting through this, and apologies for being so socially awkward that it transfers through a damn computer screen. ♥


Its one of my many rounds back here on LJ.

I'm a geography major with a year left of school. I have odd jobs and am consistently working or studying (if i'm not lurking on the internetz) as I put myself through school and life. With my area of study comes the territory of my loving the outdoors, which I will likely yap about if I get the chance.

I'm also very sensitive, and acute to emotions and expression. I don't care for poetry which is probably why I've used LJ to express myself. I love fine art and expression, photography, healthy food, exercise, tea, and such simple things of life. I'm also interested in philosophy, sci-fi, literature, environmental issues, computer science.

While I feel fussy pointing it out, I'm looking for friends with a variety of interests as well. Spelling and grammar ok, and I can't read cyrillic so for the Russian LJ comrades out there, English entries will suffice :-p
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