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Bianca | 19 | Philippines

  I'm currently in my college, taking up BS Computer Science. I'm carefree, lazy and a little childish so don't expect me to be very serious even if the situation demands to.
  I'm a total anime and manga addict and I also love cartoons as much as I love anime. Drawing is my hobby although I'm not that much... I also love fashion designing and hoping to get into a designing school someday.
  I also write(fanfics and original works) but I tend to get very lazy and get long writer's block so...meh
  I'm a socially awkward penguin but I do talk a lot around my peers...but when it comes to the internet, I am a very noisy person XD
  I'm a fangirl...I love BL(Boy's Love to those who doesn't know) but I don't usually post anything yaoi-related(those stuffs goes to my tumblr XD) in my journal so it's safe XD...although I tend to squeal a lot but than can be usually ignored. >u<

My interest comprises of the following:
anime & manga
japanese music
fashion designing
computer science

My journal entries are composed of a lot of stuffs...
personal rantings
school activities
drawings and doodles
and more randomness

I'm currently enjoying being part of Genguken.
An organization in our university for anime manga and gaming enthusiasts. We are not just a bunch of otakus getting together and huddling in a corner mumbling. Our main aim is to promote our interests to other people. Not just anime, manga and games but the Japanese culture as well.
We conduct a lot of activities(cosplays, cafes, acquaintance parties, merchandise selling, film showing, org exhibits, collabs and the likes) to promote our org and I usually post them here in my journal ^u^

I would love to know more people and be friends with them. Feel free to add me... If we have the same interests, I'll definitely add you back.
[Paako] Cute smile

If I stop now, my xxxx will break!

Lemme keep this short and sweet. \o/

General interests:
BL / yaoi / anime / manga
Seiyuu (voiceactors in Japan)
Gintoki (gif top, and current icon)
Japanese (and other languages)
Translations (Japanese into Engrish, Chinese into Engrish)
Singing (though I sound very average)
Staying on the internetz

Specific fandoms:
Naruto (SasuNaru?)
Gintama (HijiGin <3)
Gyakuten Saiban (Phoenix Wright, MilesPhoenix <3)
Kalafina (music)
Junjou Romantica
Minazuki Akira's works
Naono Bohra's works

MONEY people willing to accommodate and be considerate for others <3
Egg tarts (I miss them)
Food (in general)
Light-hearted, cracky people

Kids (bratty ones)
Ppl hu typ lyk dis all de tiemz

What to expect at my journal:

Translations/scanlations release announcements + previews of BL stuffs
Random ramblings from rl, especially uni and Japan
Occasional depressing stuff. < very occasional
Food!pr0n photos ;D
Singing + insanity and lots of fandom

So, willing to party hard with me? ;D In case you're also interested, I have a twitter and tumblr around too. Basically, I am studying Japanese, and looking forward to my one-year exchange in Japan this year after summer. I don't ask for much, except that you could at least tell me you want to add me, and perhaps even list a few of your own fandoms. I have old fandoms, but I go back to them occasionally too! Pop by my profile to see even more. Or leave a comment here or in this entry and we can chat! :D

P.S. You can read through my entries roughly to get an idea of how much of a dork a person I am to you. And if our interests are in the same area, and if we can click. :D
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Here I go again!

Well hello all!  I can't recall the last time that I posted on here, but here I am again.

I'm a nearly 24-year-old girl living just outside of Houston, TX.  I'm working as a cashier right now, but I dream of working a boring desk job.  Or something.  Anything that will actually support me, really.  I moved from north Texas to the Houston area to be with my girlfriend.

I'm not some in-your-face lesbian who will push her views on you, so I really hope you will show me the same respect.  I have a wide variety of interests and hobbies.  I love writing, reading, watching TV series in a few-sitting marathon.  I do actually like being Susie Homemaker sometimes.  Call me a little old-fashioned, but I do really enjoy it.  

I had a bit of a break from my LJ, but not on purpose.  I hit a bit of a dramatic patch at my last house and had to move at the drop of a hat, and I started working a little bit more.  Sometimes, I can have a bit of an Internet addiction which I fill with hours of nothingness or earning points on SwagBucks or on Pinterest; where I tend to lose hours of my life with no recollection of time ever passing.

Definitely looking for some interesting people to add to my list.  

Hello Again!

Hello, everyone. I'm Emily, and I'm 16 years old. I'm currently a high school student living in California. I'm a junior, which means I'll be graduating a year early! Yay!

I haven't been on livejournal very long, but I do find it very fun and a great way to procrastinate. Stamping communities will do that to a person.

I'm an INTP(or INTJ, depends on the test), Analytical Thinker, and a Cautious Inventor - basically it means I'm a total egghead without a proper life to speak of.

Expect me to talk about history, literature, music, memes, and all sorts of odd things - things all over the place!

I'm also a writer - so expect me to post original work and fanfiction, as well as posting up story ideas, which you will be more than welcome to comment on and give help/constructive criticism on. :)

Also, I'm pretty bad at updating. So, please be patient with me! I haven't died!