March 5th, 2012

i told you so

Aristaeus gave humans the gift of cheese

Hello fellow LJ users! I come to you in Peace!

I am spoon_polisher A.K.A Sylvia! I have had my live journal for about 6 years or so. I went on hiatus for a while but I have been back in full swing for the last year or so. I have added people before from a similar community and met some really cool people! At the moment my journal consists of mostly rantings about my recent move to Perth, Australia. I am 23 years old. I live with my boyfriend Herschel, another couple and a NZ guy. We are a pretty relaxed bunch. We also share the house with 6 hens and a pretty boisterous but loveable tom cat called Curtis. My own calico cat, Ducky has been momentarily adopted by my parents whilst I wait to start my Certificate III in track riding. I just completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree with a major in Drawing and split minor is Sculpture and Glass Blowing. I am really anxious but also looking forward to starting my live-in position at the racing job.

Other things about me are I am first born Australian from my Polish family. I speak, read and write fluent Polish and am proud to have kept my language. This also means I love to travel, and have been to many places! The most recent include Vietnam and Malaysia, but I have also been to Poland (heaps), Czech Republic, Bali, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Thailand and Singapore to name a few. I recently promised to post much more of my artwork but my camera died that same day so I will have to wait to get it replaced. I swear like a sailor, I have mental health issues, I have self harm issues, I love cooking like no ones business. It is my passion and also my downfall, since I have put on so much weight recently!!!

I have worked jobs which range from butchering, shop assistant, kitchen hand to an agent for a famous chef in my hometown. At the moment I rock and roll on the dole but that is all ending in April. It is hard to define what my journal is about, but I love to rant and fantasize about my next holiday. I think I whinge a lot about being broke, jogging, my boyfriend and my anxiety but I think I bring a fair amount of knowledge, understanding and compassion to the table. Also, I can be a serial drunk poster but I am working on that. HAHA. I also LOVE TV series. I can NOT watch movies for some reason, I mean I have, but usually I get really bored and confused with the characters. My current favourites, some of which I am constantly re-watching are, Black Books, Mighty Boosh, The L word, X- Files, Twin Peaks, That 80's Show, United States of Tara, Community, Modern Family along with Wife Swap, Hoarders, The Big Bang Theory and other good shows on Foxtel. My taste in music is huge and varied but at the moment I am almost exclusively listening to Japanese Nu Jazz. I go through phases...

I update really regularly and lately I have been posting a few times a day. I am also looking for people who post regularly. Doesn't have to be everyday but once a fortnight I guess is my minimum. If we have some or any common interests add away! Tell me what interests / baffles you and I will certainly add you back :P I no longer add people who do it without saying a peep! I just re-read this and its all a bit long and serious and official. So whoops! I don't really know when to shut the fuck up, but I think that is pretty comprehensive introduction. But I hope to make lots of new friends so don't be shy! My friends page needs you!

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Resurrecting after a year away

(if you'd like to add me after reading, please leave a comment so I can know to friend you back! :D)

After a year break from LJ as I made a huge transition in my life (marriage and moving to full time work), I returned last week to LJ. My blog is straight forward - I journal my life. I talk about my job, my marriage, my friends & my family (who are back home in the Midwest), my struggle being an introvert, my hobbies (below), questions I have, and random thoughts. What can you expect from me as a friend? I check in daily, I read as many posts as possible, and I comment with my advice/thoughts/etc here and there to make sure you know I am here. I like to converse in comments when the situation arises and I like to keep my friends list update with people I find interesting and those who seem to enjoy my babbling.

If you wanna know more, I've included the "bio" from my page:

24 male, married in Sept 2010, work full-time in IT for a global company, live in Massachusetts - USA, passionate about my sports teams, love to play golf, darts, soccer, and basketball, I'm out of shape - but working to get in shape & lose weight (use to be very athletic, arg!), I enjoy movies - funny, serious, adventurous, and criminal, I get addicted to TV shows (thank you Netflix), I love video games and play them when I have time, enjoy rock: classic, alternative, and modern, my wife has somehow gotten me to listen to country music, reading is fulfilling, I've been places all over the world and have so many more places to see, growing passion for cooking, adore technology and continual learning, go through spurts of desire to try new hobbies