March 6th, 2012

La La La!!!

Well hello there :) im Val this is me....

U cant tell but my hair is a red'ish, purple'ish pink'ish color lol anywayz

Ill be 25 in April I dont believe it :( oh well lol
I love makeup and tattoos im kinda addicted to tatts at the moment lol 
Love anything scary and I listen to pretty mush anything when it comes to 
Music im really open minded and love to joke around I say fuck alot if u dont 
Like it to fucking bad :) I am who I am and im not changing for anyone I speak
My mind when I need to and I bitch alot if ur life was like mine u would bitch to lol

Im looking for some kool people to chat to and read about lol plus I like having a diary
that talks back when I write something its pretty kool lol so u should add me 
Cuz im really kool and ull love me :) 
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    Crash Ur Party_Karmin

college girl

my name is esi.

- i'm canadian
- i love the dallas cowboys, tampa bay lightning, and new york yankees
- i'm obsessed with nail polish and my hair
- i love hot yoga and the gym, i try to go to both everyday
- i'm studying engineering
- i'm 21
- i build houses in the summer with my dad
- i drive stick
- i love lululemon
- i haven't had a boyfriend since november
- i'm catholic
- i can knit and crochet
- i'm learning to skate
- i cannot swim or ride a bike
- i love movies and gossip girl

my journal is new and unlocked.
add me if i sound interesting.