March 7th, 2012

Scott Pilgrim // Ramona Sledgehammer

Want to be my friend?

I just came back from an unexpected hiatus and it looks like I lost quite a few friends in my absence. So I am looking for some new journals to read and hopefully make some real friends along the way! So onto a little about me!

- I am a 26 year old female named Rose

- I am married with no children, and it is no where in my near future.

- I am a graphic designer for a software company.

- I used to work for Walt Disney World, the happiest place on earth, which I learned was a subjective statement. It comes up often.

- I am still very much so a child at heart.

- Oh yes and I have the most HORRIBLE luck in the entire world, so my journal tends to be interesting!

Like everyone else I enjoy certain music, and movies, and television shows. However, As I don't write a whole lot about those things I don't find them relevant, though if you want to know it is all listed on my user info :D.

So if you are interested just leave me a comment here or at my journal I would be so happy to have some new active users to be friends with!


(no subject)

  • jennah
  • 23 years old
  • mom to a 4 year old superbeast, roman
  • fresh out of alooongggg assssss relationship with my kid's dad and high school bff, sean
  • in an incredible new relationship with the sickest high school teacher ever, morgan
  • about to start on a BFA in interior design
  • stay at home mom since my kid was born
  • just south of tampa flawduhh
  • prican/dominican/black
  • punk rock and hip hop flows through my veins
  • nerd extroardinare
  • ocd as fuck

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