March 8th, 2012

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Sometimes my friend list just gets really repetitive because I don't have any new blood in it. So! I've decided to change that!

Key Information

+ Robyn, but really, everyone calls me Rob--from South Louisiana--24
+ Married...really recently, like, last night recently
+ My husband is a fishaholic...and I'm okay with that
+ My cats are my daughters. End of story.
+ I love to read and crochet and watch trashy TV shows
+ Associates = Computer Information Technology
+ Working Bachelors in Secondary English Education (middle/high school English teacher)
+ I really don't like (small) children. Teenagers are fine, though.
+ I don't work, but I try to be the best damn full time student/housewife EVER
+ I have more liberal than conservative views but I don't like to classify myself on either side
+ I am 100% pro-gay marriage
+ I am also pro-choice
+ I don't do religion, but I do believe in God--or an equal type of higher power
+ I am incredibly superstitious
+ I am EXTREMELY active on LJ, I love to keep up with all of my friend's lives on here
+ I have no patience for liars, cheaters, or poor life managers

ENOUGH! Just add me if you think we'll get along!


♥ My name is Merry and I'm 21. I'm going to be true here this time: I am disabled, and a very confused person. I guess you saw my earlier entry(which is now deleted) by another username. I'm sorry for the confusion. Like I said, I get confused very easy. :( I don't know who I am or what I like, so I'm just going to go with this. 

♥ I sometimes enjoy:
Victoriana, girly things, tumblr, pinterest, thank-you notes, indie music, decorating, white on white decorating, Audrey Hepburn, cross-stitch, crocheting, Victoria magazine(along with Country Living and Southern Living, oh, and Southern Lady), candles that smell like home, and anything else that comes to my mind.

♥ And at other times I enjoy: 
Science, Jpop/Jrock, Japanese stuff, video games of all sorts, fantasy and sci-fi, anime, manga, Gamecube(vintage like woah! :P ), Alice in Wonderland(I like this one all the time), and Scientific American magazine(and Wired) especially.

♥Things I enjoy always
Computers, reading, writing stories/musings/poems, weather, posting pictures/GIFs with my entries, and whatnot. 

I am autistic and such, and I guess you noticed how the other mental stuff goes, but please don't add me because of that. And please don't add me if you're a guy; girls only! I know that's odd, but I don't really like guys on my flist because I never know what to say. :/

If you have any questions about myself, please ask! ^_^ And feel free to comment and add me. :)
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  1. My name is Lisa.
  2. I'm 33 but 16 at heart.
  3. I live in Maryland, USA.
  4. I'm Pansexual (gender-blind) but lean towards lesbian.
  5. I have an amazing boyfriend.
  6. I have social anxiety, depression, OCD.
  7. I'm super shy but friendly.
  8. I have many LJs but I get a new one every so often to start fresh.
  9. I'm currently obsessing "Buffy" (Glory & Willow are my faves).
  10. I love Beyonce's dance moves.
  11. I've been into Tori Amos and Madonna recently (always liked them).
  12. I'm silly/goofy and like similar types of people who aren't afraid to show it.
  13. I can be depressing, opinionated, ranty & sexual in my posts.
  14. I post about what goes on in my life.
  15. I post graphics that I make.
  16. I'm a vegetarian & animal lover.
  17. I have a Mohawk.
  18. I live with my parents because of my anxiety.
  19. Being teased badly in school left me with very low self-esteem & confidence.
  20. I was born in Michigan.
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Hello! I call myself Ghost because my other name has made me quite unhappy as of late. I have just (re)joined lj after an extremely long hiatus and now seek new comrades! I am a college student studying pre-med, because I enjoy the subject, though not the mental torture. Other than contending with that I enjoy partaking in any art form that I can think of, reading, hiking this beautiful mountain I now live on, playing the video games, or observing my fellow humans and pondering life. Anything else I'm sure you can garner from my profile. So, comment on my journal for an add, if you wish for that wandering online friend to randomly care about your life.