March 9th, 2012

BOB: Speirs--[Sexy]

Looking for new LJ freinds

Hello everyone! I'm Tara and I'm looking for new LJ friends :p

A little about me:

-US Army Soldier
-Likes to rant about a lot of things happening in my life.
-Loves Anime.
-Loves Yaoi.
-Also going to College.
-Wants to do something in the Medical field after the Military.
-Enjoys video games A LOT!

I tend to write a lot about my life and what's going on. Usually Army stuff, but I do enjoy talking about other things as well.

There is a full info about me on my profile page if you wanna look at it.

So if you don't like me bitching about some things that are peeving off, well, you can look away.

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