March 11th, 2012


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Hello I am a 32 old single mother of a 11 year old.. Trying to get my life on track ... Just started taking anti depressents ... Starting to learn I dont need a man to make me happy but I do get lonely at night :(

I like reading , excecising , watching movies , bowling , dancing , camping :)
my job blows

Fresh Meat

- Name: Megan
- Age: 23 (3/3/1989)
- Status: I have a boyfriend.
- Location: Indiana, USA

I've been on LJ before but we lost our internet for awhile and now I'm back. I had some really great friends on here but we seem to have lost touch and I'd love to meet even more great people this time around. My boyfriend Dustin and I are expecting our first child together in late March / early April. They keep changing the date on me. I can't stand most doctors and nurses. We are having a girl and naming her Lilly. Dustin has a 4 year old daughter from a previous relationship. I'm glad I get along with her even though I can't stand her mother. Lol I'm currently attending Cosmetology school part time and I enjoy it but I want to get it done so I can get my state license and actually be able to start my career. I love doing hair and makeup. I also sell AVON on the side and I enjoy it as well but it's hard work. Dustin and I live with my mom for the time being. I have 3 half brothers and a half sister. That's a story for another time. Lol If you'd like to add me, please feel free to do so but also leave me a comment on here so I know which community you're from. Thanks so much!
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I've been on LJ for a while, though I took a hiatus for a few years. Now I'm back!

My name is Melanie, almost 29, from NB Canada. I'm an only child, living with my mom and my boyfriend. I love listening to music, reading, shopping, going for walks, drinking coffee/tea, etc. I have been diagnosed with a few health issues throughout my life, which sucks. Because of that, I don't work and I don't go to school, so I'll for sure update my LJ. :) Hm. What else? Oh, I have a cat named Sprinkles, he's my baby boy. <3 I have a lot of favorite tv shows, but right now, the one that has my attention the most is Bones. I also like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Glee, Simpsons, Family Guy, etc. I don't really have a favorite movie. Well, I kinda do, but that always seem to change each time I watch a new one, lol.

That's all I can think of, I suck at making introduction posts, lol. There is, however, a post in my LJ with facts and such about me you can check out, if I decide to add you back. Speaking of, PLEASE PLEASE do comment on my friends only entry to be added.

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Hey there :) My name is Michelle, and im 18, will be serving in the army in a year or a little bit more from now.

I live in Israel, I was born here even though my parents are actually Russian while I don't look neither Israeli nor Russian. People usually say I look latin...

Im a straight A student, Just saying cause' it sounds like Im smart :)
I love writing, drawing, communicating, dancing and running...Im also very interested in politics, news and poetry.
As every other girls, I also love fashion very much :P

I guess I have a great sense of humor, I just like to be myself and enjoy everything I can, as much as I can.
I would LOVE to get to know new people, even from other countries, I think my English is fine enough for that :)

So... I think that's it for now...
Hope I'll get to know you if you're reading this :)


looking for friends!

Hi all,

I've been active on LJ since 2003, but it seems that all my old LJ friends are disappearing. That said, I am looking to meet some new people to be friends with, who will update somewhat regularly (as opposed to never!) I am not looking to just bulk up the number of friends that I have, but am looking for people to form an actual online-friendship with. I'm a fairly private person and am always wary to just add people who I don't know very well, so if your LJ is locked and you don't have much written about yourself in your bio, chances are I won't feel comfortable adding you back. So tell me a bit about yourself? :)

My name is Sarah. I'm 25, Canadian, living at home, dedicated to my family, and going through a bit of a rough patch right now. I'm a friendly person who posts a healthy mix of nonsense entries, happy entries, and the occasional mopey/angsty one (but I usually keep those to myself). How much I update seems to fluctuate yearly. I'm currently updating at least four times a week. I post a lot of videos of myself, either just telling a story or, more often than not, singing and playing my ukulele. I have a great love for TV, and hope to someday make my career in it. I don't talk about TV a lot, but I do rant about various shows every now and then. Currently I'm re-watching all four seasons of Mad Men in anticipation for the fifth. I'm open minded and accepting, and don't particularly care for labels as they immediately turn a switch in peoples' brains.

Anyway, I guess that's it. Check out my profile for my interests, etc. If you have any questions before adding me, go for it. Here's an example of the nonsense I post at my LJ: