March 18th, 2012


Need a friend? I do. <3

Hello there, lovelies.
My name is Jess, I'm 25 & I'm from a little town in New Hampshire.
I'm an animal lover, bleeding heart Liberal, & Atheist {though I have many friends who believe in God & I love them all the same!}
I own my own Pet Bakery & spend most of my days baking in the kitchen.
I own 2 Boston Terriers, & 3 kitties who are my life.
I have a boyfriend of 2 years. Before he came along I only had dated girls. 
I am a huge Gay Rights activist & think everyone has the right to love, & marry whoever they damn well please.
I am an avid couponer & am always on the hunt for a good deal.

Here I am with my adorable Niece. She's my favorite little kid in the whole wide world. <3

I hope someone here wants to be my friend!
I have been a slacker at updating my Journal, but I'm on a mission to get better! :)
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Hello there, fellow set of pixels on a screen. :) Now, you're probably wondering what I can tell you about me, since this is the nature of the community and all. ;) So, without further ado..

About me:
- I'm 26 years old.
- Female, in case it's not obvious (it's probably obvious).
- Single, and that's probably never going to change.
- I like reading, especially fantasy, horror, and crime novels.

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Guess why I'm here?

   That's right, I'm looking for new friends. I'm Hanni, I'm a happily single woman with no children, I live in Finland and I just turned 32. I've only been on LJ since October last, but I write every day if possible. Things I'm interested in: languages, knitting, reading, history, psychology, astrology, movies and playing the keyboard. You can find more in my profile. You don't need to share my interests, provided I don't need to share yours. I write about my days as a freelance/unemployed translator, about the books I read, the movies I watch, and random stuff I stumble upon on the internet and elsewhere. I'm into a couple of memes, but I ramble and rant, too. I'm an Orthodox Christian, and I'm not going to convert you, or even try to, but I do write about spirituality occasionally. My political views are probably liberally conservative, but they don't play a large part in my blog. I don't require anything from you, but I welcome comments and will comment myself. Friends?