March 21st, 2012

Ostrich head is coming out from the sand here

Hi hi,
I could use a few more nice friends here on LJ, I left Fb in Dec 2011 and what a relief that is! I am fairly liberal and care about woman's rights and keeping them.  I am open to all religions and belief systems, as long as no one tries to convert me.

I have a kind heart, and try to be accepting and not judge others. Mostly I post about the process of art and my dogs. Kind of boring I know, lol. I also love to write poetry and am trying to do more Haiku. I love to read and work part time as a gentle yoga teacher. And lets be kind and just say I am 50+ but certainly not as old as 60! I do have some young friends if I sound ancient to you. I like all kinds of people, as long as they try to be nice and not flame.

I will go friends only soon here...add me and I will add you back, (but message me about it please!)

in peace
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